My name is Shinobi… No my parents didn't choose that name I just used that name because that is what I am. A Shinobi a defender of the night!

I moved silently around New York to put an end to a criminal that has been causing chaos all around the city it took a few tries at subduing and interrogating a criminal (You don't want to know what I did!) But I finally got the information that I needed.

The bastard was sitting at his desk arrogantly like he dared for someone to kill him… I shall take that dare!

I threw a Ninja Star but then he grabbed it out of thin air, "The hell?" I whispered before he dissolved into thin air

"I was wondering if you would find me Shinobi!" I turned to see the man that I was trying to kill right behind me so I reached for my Kunai's, "There won't be a need for any of that!" He pushed my chest literally sending me back five feet causing me to drop my Kunai's.

I stood up, "The hell are you?" I kept my eyes looking all around just in case he wasn't alone

"I am called many things, murderer, snake, cutthroat but you may call me master!"

I snarled, "LIKE HELL I WILL!" I lunged at him but he held out his hands and stopped me in midair

"Think Shinobi I can kill you with a wave of my hand!" To prove his point he waved his hand and a building blew up killing the people inside of it

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" I shouted in anger

He smirked, "Because it is fun! Do you honestly think that your world is the only one I cause chaos in?"

I froze, "My world?"

He laughed, "Why yes Shinobi! There are countless worlds with countless people that are fiction in your world! Yet out of all of them you interest me the most! You're what 13?"

I didn't say anything so he continued, "Anyways there are forces that could rival mine in other worlds and I would like you to eliminate them!"

"Oh so you can continue your reign of chaos? Go to He-!" He closed his hand and an enormous amount of pressure washed over me

"Watch your mouth Shinobi! I will send you to countless worlds for you to fight these evil beings and IF you are successful then I will leave your world alone forever!" That got my attention, "Yes I will stop the chaos in your world maybe even bring back your family?" He suggested

"M-My family?" I asked barely breathing

"Yes your family! They were killed when you were four giving you the desire to kill for revenge is that right?" I nodded without realizing it, "Good then we are in agreement I will send you to the first world but here!"

He tossed me my Kunai Knives except they were rusty, "THE HELL?"

"You have to work for your best Kunai's! You can't expect to get the best weapon on where I'm sending you first!" With that he waved his hand and all I could see was darkness

To Be Continued…