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Full Summary:

Yugi and Heba's town was attacked in a raid when they were 10, their parents were murdered and the town was destroyed. They were turned into slaves and when they were 17 they were taken to the palace to become pleasure slaves. But because they were the grandsons of Shimon the Palace adviser they were released. Being tormented throughout the years though had made them traumatized to the point where they don't know anything but how to obey and be a slave. Can prince Yami and Prince Atemu save them from their dark abyss? Disclaimers: I do not own Yugioh.

~*~ Free Us! ~*~

Chapter 1

Two small twin boys ran through their town. Their tri-colored gravity defying hair radiating in the light. The boys were twins but one was pale skinned where the other was tan. One preferred to laugh and joke around where the other was serious and stuck to the rules.
The two five year olds were looking for their grandfather Shimon. He was supposed to visit today. When they reached the edge of town they saw Shimon but with four people they had never met before.

The pale six year old looked to his grandfather and tilted his head to one side. "Jii-Chan? Who are they?"

The elder looked at his grandson sharply. "Yugi! You must know the Royal family!"

Yugi turned back to them and immediately understood. He bowed his head and started mumbling apologies. The tan twin just stood there and bowed his head quickly before straightening himself.

Amem giggled at the two boys. She was of medium height with long black hair and blond highlights. She was fair skinned and seemed very fragile but she carried herself with dignity. She was also woman with a flexible personality. One minute she could be all giggles and fun and within a blink of an eye she could be serious, one quality that made her a great queen.

"Be at ease boys, all is well." She said and Yugi stood up. He looked at the kids with her. They stood slightly behind her and looked bored. One was pale like Yugi and the other was Tan like Heba. Yugi instantly knew the Tan one was the crown prince Atemu and the pale one was the second crown prince Yami.

Yugi bowed to them again and whispered. "Hello, I am Yugi Moto."

Amem nodded to him and he stood back up. She looked to Heba who bowed his head and answered with courage. "And I am Heba Moto."

She nodded and he raised his head.

The Pharaoh then looked to Shimon and smiled. He was a tall man with hair just like the twins. He was strong in build and had an aura of power around him. He was a kind but strong man who in the blink of an eye would not hesitate to kill you. "You have a lovely family Shimon, we cannot wait to meet the others."

Shimon nodded to him and then looked back to his grandchildren. "Where are Yuki and Sora?"

Yugi thought for a moment. "The last time I saw papa he was getting water, mama was in the kitchen cooking dinner and sent us to retrieve you."

Shimon nodded to this and began to the house. Yugi and Heba followed behind quietly. At some point on the journey back to the house the princes looked at the twins and slowed down there pace to they were next to them.

Yami looked to Yugi and smiled. "Hi! I am Yami Sennen! I'm six years old!"

Yugi smiled to him and nodded. "He-hello pr-"

He shook his head and Yugi instantly clamed up. "Don't be like the others and call me by my title. Please use my name."

Yugi was confused, weren't princes supposed to be stuck up and complete jerks?

He nodded to Yami and swallowed a lump in his throat. "Hi, Ya-Yami. I am Yugi."

Yami smiled at him and then looked to Heba. Heba nodded his head to him and turned to Atemu who had begun to talk to him.

"I am the crown prince, Atemu Sennen. I am six years old as well, but a few seconds older then my brother." He had a slight air of arrogance around him Heba was damn determined to knock out of him.

"Hello Atemu, I am Heba Moto." He said with an equal air of arrogance.

Atemu smirked at this and they began a heated discussion. Both debating who had more work they had to do, Heba winning most of the time.

Yugi sighed at his brother the same time Yami did, they looked to each other and broke into laughter.

Amem and Aknamkanon smiled at this. There real reason for coming was to meet the people Shimon goes to see every Monday and to see if there kids would get along with his grandsons. He really wanted them to get along and so far, it was working. The kids had a lot in common and Heba was teaching Atemu that even if he was the crown prince there were a lot of people out there did a lot more work than him right now.

Heba and Yugi at only the age of 5, have to help in every way possible. They help fetch water, clean the horses, cook, and clean the house and more. Atemu and Yami had to attend pharaoh classes, magic lessons, proper edict classes as well as math, English and social studies.

They reached the house and everyone went in to greet Yugi and Heba's parents. The boys just headed to their room. They had done their job and they wanted to get some things to go play outside with.

Yugi looked to Heba and held up his fishing rod. "Want to go fish? We have half an hour before dinner."

Heba nodded and grabbed his and then turned to the door where the princes were standing,

Yami looked to his feet apprehensively and then up to Yugi. "Can we come?"

Yugi nodded to him and ran over to him; he grabbed his hand and started to pull Yami along to the river.

Atemu and Heba walked next to each other following behind Yugi and Yami quietly. When they reached the pond Yugi led Yami to the edge and turned to him. "Know how to fish?"

Yami shook and Yugi began to show him how it was done. Heba did the same to Atemu and the duo learned fast.

They joked and played along for a while until it was time to return home for dinner.

They gathered around the table, getting along perfectly regardless of the fact they were dinning with royalty.
Amem and Yuki were in a heated discussion about clothing.

Aknamkanon , Shimon and Sora were discussing politics.

Heba, Atemu, Yugi and Yami were discussing their fishing game.

"So you can actually eat the fish you catch?" Atemu asked and Heba sweat dropped.

"Yes, that's how you get fish. You catch it, gut it, cook it and then eat it."

Atemu considered this and Yugi turned to Yami. "Are we going to see you guys again?"

Yami thought and turned to their father for an answer.

Aknamkanon thought and then nodded his head. "We will try to get out here whenever we can."

He then turned to Shimon and smiled. "But you are more then welcome to bring your family to the palace Shimon."

The four kids beamed at this and started to discuss what they would do if they were at the palace.

The parents laughed at their kids and when back to their own discussions.

~4 Years Latter, 9 Years Old~

Yugi and Heba were ecstatic. They were going to the palace to see Yami and Atemu today.

They ran over to their parents and started the journey to the palace.

They reached the gate and the guard nodded his head to them, having been told they were allowed in at any time and having seen them before on previous visits.

Once within the walls the two boys took off in search of Atemu and Yami. They rounded a corner and ran, quite literally, into Mana and Mahado.

Mahado and Mana are friends of Yami and Atemu's. They are studying magic, Mana is one year older than Yami and Atemu and Mahado is two years older than them.

Yugi fell on the ground and looked up. He smiled at the two people and Mahado helped him up. "Hi Mana! Mahado!"

Mana beamed and glomped Heba, who was still on the ground.

Mahado smiled to Yugi and gave him a hug. "It's good to see you again Yugi, Heba."

Yugi hugged Mahado back and when he let go was dragged into a hug by Mana.

Heba got up and brushed himself off, he looked to Mahado and nodded his head to him. "Good to see you again."

Mahado nodded and Mana let Yugi go to breath. "Atemu and Yami are still in lessons-"

"Which we are also still in the middle of."

"-But they should be done soon."

Mana finished sending a glare to Mahado.

Yugi and Heba nodded and started to walk away so they could get back to practicing Magic. They made their way to the garden and sat under a tree. It was such a nice day that they closed their eyes and drifted to sleep.

~Hour Latter~

"Yugi? Heba?" Two voices called.

The twins were still in a deep sleep and didn't register they were being called.

"There they are Atemu! Looks like they fell asleep."

Yami walked over to knelt down in front of the sleeping twins. He gently shook Yugi. "Yugi, wake up."

Atemu knelt down in front of Heba and did the same. "Come on Heba, were done with lessons."

Yugi and Heba groaned and opened there eyes. They smiled at their friends and hugged them.

"Hi Yami, Atemu!" Yugi said and let go if Yami who in turn helped him stand up.

Atemu smiled to Heba who returned to and help him stand. Heba then pulled Atemu into a hug, who returned the embrace.

They parted and looked to each other. "Hey guys, how were the lessons?" Heba asked.

Atemu groaned and Yami sighed. "We failed the Magic lesson and in the Pharaoh lessons Atemu got a lecture."

Heba laughed and Yugi patted his back in sympathy.

"Oh, we ran into Mahado and Mana earlier. Why don't we do find them and we can all hang out!" Yugi suggested and the others nodded in agreement.

Yugi and Heba ran off and Atemu and Yami sighed.

"Damn, I was wishing we could just hang out." Atemu cursed and Yami nodded in agreement.

The small ten year olds didn't fully realize it but they had developed a crush on their small friends.

They ran off to find their friends and hang out before they had to head home.

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