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Chapter 1


I groggily opened my eyes and waited till my vision came into focus. White ceiling. White lights.

"Hmph…" I groaned. I tried to remember where was I. Oh yeah, hospital.

I tried to turn over to my side. Bad idea. An excruciating pain shot up my left arm and forced a gasp of pain from me. My arm was swathed in bandages, not to mention most of the other parts of my anatomy. I didn't know I was injured that badly. Still, the physical injury was no math for the pain I felt when I thought about her…

Fuuko… I groaned again. Every time I thought of her, all I could see was the look on her face when I told her I had to fight her.


"Why did you choose this path, Fuuko?"

"Enough!! Even though I know we are enemies, you have always been helping me!! I don't want to fight you, Raiha!! I DON'T!!!"

"I am Kurei-sama's ninja… I will kill whoever gets in his way, be it Mori Kouran…" I paused. Could I continue what I had to say? "… Or you", I finally got the last bit out of my mouth. I put on my emotionless mask.

Shock, horror, disappointment, hurt… all these emotions were evident in those large green eyes of hers. All I wanted to do then was run up to her and hug her, to comfort her. Instead, I swung my katana, giving her a cut on her shoulder just to emphasize what I'd just said.

I'm sorry Fuuko… I'm so, so very sorry.

Your Prince will not be saving you this time.

End Flashback

I blinked in surprise. Slowly, I reached up to wipe my eyes. It has been a long time since I've cried.

Pulling the blanket closer to me, I squeezed my eyes tightly. I miss you, Fuuko… But will you ever forgive me?

* * * * * *


I sprinted as fast as my legs could carry me, and did an admirable job of eating while running. I never cease to amaze myself. For yet another time, I wistfully thought of my Fuujin. At least when I was late in the past, I could always count on my Fuujin to give me a small extra boost. Damn.

Oh well… it's been three months already… enough for me to mourn the loss of it.

Three months since I last saw him.

A wave of sadness washed through me and I slowed down. Freakin Raiha, why am I thinking of that idiot now?

I was suddenly jolted from my beautiful stupor at the realization that I was going to be late as hell if I don't get my ass blazing straight to school. Spewing colourful expletives, I ran off to school, not even bothering to beat the crap out of those jerks whistling at the view I was giving, thanks to my short skirt.

"Just shut up, assholes, coz you're soooo gonna get it later!" I threatened.


My heart started beating faster and faster when I heard a VERY familiar voice shouting. Cursing was more like it, actually. Without thinking, I ran out of the café in excitement. I was elated just to hear that voice again.

"FUUKO-SAN!!!" I shouted happily, waving my arms goofily. I knew how totally ridiculous I looked but this was the Raiha I wanted Fuuko to see… comical and happy. Just like all the times I have met her…all except one.

"I am Kurei-sama's ninja… I will kill whoever gets in his way, be it Mori Kouran… or you."


I skidded to a halt and looked around wildly. Raiha?? Overwhelming joy rushed through me and my eyes widened with excitement. Where? I spotted a tall, lean figure wildly flapping his arms and screaming idiotically. I couldn't help but smile. That silly idiot… always acting in that manner.

I longed to shout "Raiha-kun!!" but I was inexplicably gripped by the memory of my encounter with him in SODOM. My smile faded and my initial joy at seeing him turned into hurt… then anger. I'm good at getting angry.

I glared at him then turned around and continued running, I was already late enough. You deserve this, Raiha, you really do.


Funny, instead of feeling liberated or smug… I could feel a lump forming in my throat. Damn damn damn damn. Why the hell did I do that anyway? Why did I just run away? Why why why do I feel so guilty about ignoring Raiha? Why do I even care? So many questions, yet no answers.