Chapter 11


"Mi-chan, do you think I have too much pride?" Fuuko asked out of the blue.

"Huh?" I managed to muster as I looked up from my laptop. Living with Fuuko has made me expect the unexpected but this girl is just too damn unpredictable!

"Hmm… Well…" I begun, not knowing if I should tell the truth. But good grief, since when have I ever cared about being tactful?

"Pride eh? You're asking me if I think you have too much pride? What do you think? You refuse to give in; you're stubborn as hell… And you wonder if you have too much pride?" I finally retorted. It's been about a week since she had that little blow up with Raiha and apparently, she's still brooding over it.

She sighed as she planted herself on the side of my desk.

"That bad? I just did this quiz in the magazine. My results said that I have such a domineering personality that people would be afraid to touch me with a ten foot pole. Ah crap," she said resignedly before tearing the quiz out of the magazine and scrunching it up. "What a stupid quiz," she sniffed as she tossed it nonchalantly into the waste bin.

I rolled my eyes. She just refuses to face the reality that it's all because of her pride that she and Raiha had a tiff. She could have just calmly explained to him everything but noooo, she had to be all strong and tough and say something mean in return. But then again. Fuuko is a fighter and so is Raiha. And all fighters have their pride. Sadly, it even spills over into their relationship. Not me. I don't need relationships at all. And thank God for that.


After countless personality quizzes, the sad conclusion is that a) I have too much pride. b) I'm aggressive (but we all know that!). And finally, c) my unrelenting nature makes it difficult for me to be in a relationship.

All these things weren't new to me. I know that I'm all that, probably worse. I just feel so… weird… if I have to always give in to Raiha and all that. To me, it's a sign of weakness. Much like crying, and I've already cried too much over Raiha. I just hate having to admit that I'm partly at fault and I hate apologising even more.

But after giving it some thought, I realised something – I like Raiha. A lot. And I guess for the person you like, anything is worth it.


I opened my door, only to be greeted by two pairs of familiar wide green eyes.

"Fuuko?" I muttered, feeling surprised. It's been about a week I suppose. A week without seeing those amazing eyes and hearing her chirpy voice.

"Urhm… Raiha… I… uhhh…" she stammered. Finally, she frowned and huffed "Look, I'm sorry!"

I stifled a smile. What was that song again? About sorry being the hardest word? Fuuko was living proof of that. It looked like she would choke on the word if it were possible.

I cocked my head at her. I knew I was being cruel but I wanted to hear more. Heck, I deserved it!

"Ok, I know that I'm hot-tempered and stubborn and aggressive and… well you get the picture. And I know that I haven't been the most fantastic girlfriend in the world. I seldom spend time with you and oh yeah, about me and Mi-chan? We're just friends. But I guess by keeping my distance, I just made you feel even more suspicious," she said sincerely.

"But still, YOU," she said, jabbing her finger at me, "shouldn't be so bloody jealous all the time! Do you really think I'll go running off with another man?" She glared at me. But suddenly, her face softened. "Why should I? When I have someone like you," she said as she gently stroked my face.

"Raiha, I miss you. Let's stop being angry with each other, ok?"

Once again, the "Fuuko effect" took over me. My heart started to beat quicker and I felt at a loss for what to say. All that filled my head were those lovely, wistful eyes and the soft touch of her hand. I felt tingly inside.

I suddenly regretted getting so jealous and for not having more trust in her. I regretted saying all the hurtful things to her and for not giving her a chance to explain.

"I'm sorry too, Fuuko, for over-reacting. I know it's not me to get so heated up but you mean so much to me. I'm sorry. I should have had more faith in you," I said as I pulled her into an embrace.

She hugged me even tighter and I could feel a slight warm wetness on my shoulder.

"I love you," she said, barely audible between her sniffles.

I kissed the top of her head lightly. "I love you too."


As I hugged Raiha, I felt so relieved. Everything's ok now!

"Do you wanna come in?" he asked. I nodded. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with Raiha now, just to make up for all the time we've lost. After all, every moment counts.


The next thing I knew, we were making out passionately on my head. The entire week of not seeing each other was evident now. I wanted her so badly. I missed everything about her. Her laughter, her smile, even her beatings! And of course, I missed the feel of her skin and the scent of her fluffy brown hair. I pulled her even closer and took a big whiff. She giggled and pushed me playfully away.

"Oh, so you want to play rough huh?" I teased as I pinned her to the bed.

She wrinkled her nose and tried to struggle free, but even her warrior strength was no might for mine. I looked at her with her hair all messed up and her tank top tousled enough to reveal a generous expose of midriff. I felt a surge of longing fill me as I bent over to kiss her once more. Fuuko seemed to sense it and she wrapped her legs around my waist to bring me in closer. Her fingers ran lightly over the top of my neck, sending shivers of pleasure down me. I stroked her taut, smooth tummy and moved me way up and up until…

"PEVERT!!!" she yelled as she whacked me head.

"Ow!" I complained. "But I'm your boyfriend!"

"I know," she said as she rubbed my sore head tenderly. "Still, that doesn't mean you're gonna have things so easy from me!" She grinned mischievously and gave me a peck on my cheek. "Patience, my dear. We still have a long way to go!"


"Yes?" I inquired as Fuuko plonked her big head in front of me with a wide Cheshire grin on her face. She always had to choose to disturb me when I'm busy doing work. She continued to smile that happy, cheesy smile of hers.

"Look, if all you're going to do is smile like the monkey you are, I'd appreciate it if you plant yourself somewhere else to do it," I grumbled.

"Raiha and I made up!" she said, blatantly ignoring my insult.

"Hmm…" I said, squinting at her neck. "You mean 'made out' don't you?"

She looked surprised till I pointed to her neck. "Hickey," I informed her.

"A what?" she asked in puzzlement as she started to feel her neck.

"Oh my goodness. You can't really be such an ignorant little ape! You have a huge, red love bite on your neck."

As realisation dawned upon her, her eyes sparked with anger.

"That dumbass! I told him not to do that!" she fumed, but beneath all that, I could see a trace of a smile.

"Well, good for you," I informed her. "Now go away. I'm busy"

"Geez Mi-chan. You're grouchy today. And I thought you were becoming a nicer person! Tsk tsk, but I'm too happy right now! See ya then, you old grouch!" she chirped, giving me a friendly punch across my back.

I sighed and went back to my work. I felt strange again. I was happy that everything's fine and dandy for the two lovebirds. It meant less scary female mood swings around the house. But I felt something else. Was it a tinge of envy? I thought about what Fuuko had said, about me becoming a nicer person. It was mainly because of her. There was something about her – her energy, her enthusiasm and her feistiness. She wasn't like any other girl I knew. And I truly was beginning to feel comfortable with her hanging around the house. But we're just friends after all… and I use that word haltingly. Tokiya Mikagami is after all, a loner. Or at least that's what I'm supposed to be.

I massaged my suddenly throbbing temples. Something very strange is happening to me, and it has everything to do with that bubbly little monkey living here with me.

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