Silence of the Lambs Fanfiction

Eyes of Maroon Just like you

A/N Disclaimer: I do not own anything Silence of the Lambs but I do own Luna Morgan and the plot. R&R please. And for all of the other stories I have going at the moment… I'm working on them so please be patient. The time frame is off with the technology I know but I watched the movie on TV last night and now Dr. Lector won't leave me alone until I write it out and post this plot idea! So work with me.

Summary: Luna Morgan is a young girl who is all alone now in the world and no one knows why or how. All they can seem to see are those horrible maroon eyes of hers. No one can get her to speak, her only way to communicate is through the music on her iPod and portable speaker that she uses to display her emotions and give encrypted messages to anyone who tries to talk with her. So far no one can unravel what this 6 year old is trying to say. That is until she meets a man who shares her eyes and his human Lamb. The only question is, can this man and his lamb, silence the screams for Luna? Or will she remain in silence forever?

((Inside Dr. Chilton's office.))

"Her father has gone missing and has most likely been murdered, there was so much blood all over the home where we found her there is no way any one could have survived that kind of blood loss. But there was no body to be found. The girl was curled up in to a ball in the cabinet under the kitchen sink and sobbing. She was terrified of everyone and everything. We don't know what is wrong with her Doctor Chilton. No one can get her to speak; she is the only witness to this…. We figured since you have experience with others like her…"

"What do you mean others like her officer?" Dr. Chilton asked the portly police officer from Chicago who had brought him this rather strange case. Reporters were all around them in his office just above where the most dangerous insane criminals, including the infamous Dr. Lector were kept in the insane asylum. Reporters scribbled down notes or held out recorders as others snapped pictures all around them.

"Well, I mean you have dealt with Lector…" The heavy set police officer stuttered.

"What does Hannible Lector have to do with a little girl who won't speak?" Dr. Chilton snapped getting very agitated with the heavy man.

"She has those maroon eyes Doctor… she is stronger than she looks, she broke a nurses wrist with her bare hand when she tried to take her IPod away. She growls like some wild animal and bites off the flesh of any one that gets too close if she gets cornered. The psychologist that last tried to evaluate her ran out screaming at us to lock her up, to get her in to the nearest Asylum as soon as possible. That the girl was insane, that she'd be the next lector if we didn't lock her away now…." The officer wiped the sweat off his brow with a handkerchief and explained.

"Doctor, the other officers and myself, including the chief of Chicago can't bear to just ship the poor girl off to some loony bin… she's just a baby, only six years old. If she isn't insane now she will be if we put her in there. So, the other officers and I have pulled together just enough money to get her to see you, if you'll help her... I…" The officer was cut short by the Doctor holding up his hand as the wheels in his head turned and he smiled.

This would for sure put him in the history books and at the very top of his field! He would play the compassionate and generous Doctor who helped a poor little girl whom the world had given up on and get her to speak for the entire world to see. And if the girl turned out to be just like Lector, all the better, he would then have a mini Lector mind to study at his own will! He could just see all the articles and awards with his name on them now. Yes, this was perfect!

"No, officer, I will accept no money from you or the city of Chicago. I will help this poor little girl to find her voice again and we will get to the bottom of this horrible tragedy, and I will do so at no charge."

Dr. Chilton inwardly grinned as the reporters ate it up as he played the part of a caring and sensitive psychologist whose only wish was to help this child in her time of need. He was a showman if nothing else. He gave the public exactly what they wanted as he continued. His outward expression was one of pure compassion as he played his role perfectly for the cameras.

"I do this not for money, but to help the lost and broken souls in this world. This poor little girl clearly needs help; she is screaming for it and praying that someone will hear her, even in her silence. And who am I to ignore a poor child's desperate plea for help? I will get her to speak, and I will prove that she is perfectly sane, not some monster that some half-witted quack has demonized her to be, but merely a frightened little girl who needs to see that she is safe now, and with her knowledge of this truly horrific crime, we will bring those responsible to justice!"

The women reporters partially swooned as several clapped at the end of his speech as more cameras flashed and the officer shook his hand thanking him repeatedly.

"Now officer, where is the poor child, I should start as soon as possible, if we are to help her." Dr. Chilton smiled as he thought of how many ways he could use this to skyrocket himself to the top of his field.

In the other part of the hospital, on one of the small white beds sat a six year old girl surrounded by police officers. In her hand she held an IPod and a small portable speaker and a pair of headphones around her neck. Her ebony hair was cut just below her shoulders and her skin was ghostly pail. Her large maroon eyes were framed by thick, long eye lashes and a blank expression on her face. Her name was Luna Morgan.

She wore a pair of jeans and white T shirt with gym shoes and a black jacket over her. She pushed a stand of her hair behind her ear, to reveal they had been pierced with studs, purple rhinestones to be exact as she looked up to see an unfamiliar officer approach her.

The little girl tensed as she jumped down from the white hospital bed with her belongings and watched him with uncertain eyes as the large man smiled at her and crouched down on his knees to be at her eye level. She studied the man, he was an officer like the others, but she could smell no fear coming from him as he made eye contact. Her eyes didn't seem to bother him at all. She liked that and found it to be polite and pleasant. She liked this officer already. He was not rude and scared of her like the ones who had brought her here. Yes, he could be her friend.

"Hello Miss Morgan, my name is Barney. I'm pleased to meet you." The officer named Barney held out his hand to her in an old fashioned way, not to shake her hand as she gave her smaller one to him, but to bow slightly over it and press his lips to her knuckles like a gentleman would do. Luna grinned at Officer Barney and mouthed a "Hello" and did a small curtsy in kind and smiled softly at him.

"Miss Morgan, I'm here to take you to see Dr. Chilton. He is a psychologist and he's going to help you talk again. May I escort you to his office?" Barney waited for her response and held out his hand. Barney's old way of speaking and greeting had become a habit now since he was one of the only two people who interacted with Dr. Lector. Barney had learned to be as polite as possible around Dr. Lector and they had formed a strange and yet solid friendship over the years. And since he had been warned by the other officers about how similar Luna Morgan was to the Doctor, Barney had decided to try the same method of greeting and speaking with the young girl to see if he would get a better response then the other officers had before him. And as it turned out, he had been right. Luna had responded very well to it.

Luna smiled up at Officer Barney, he was very polite and kind, he could be her friend as long as he didn't start being rude like the other officers. Luna nodded at him and grabbed her IPod and speaker before placing her hand in to Barney's larger one and nodded once to tell him she was ready to go.

Barney smiled at the little girl and smirked at the other officers from Chicago as they gapped at him in shock. Clearly none of them had thought to try using their manners to get a response from the girl.

Luna plugged in her IPod and found the song she wanted to use to communicate with Officer Barney, she found it and tugged gently on the officer's shirt sleeve.

"Yes, Miss Morgan?" Barney responed as they walked to Doctor Chilton's office as the other officers cleared the room of the reporters and cameras as Barney took a different route up to the Doctor's office to avoid the noise and media.

Luna hit the play button and the song Smile by Uncle Kracker came out of the speaker as she smiled up at him. Barney listened to the song until Luna stopped it and looked up to him for his response.

"Hmm, well, I'm no expert on this but, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that you want to tell me that you like me, and the maybe we can be friends. Is that correct?"

Luna beamed and nodded excitedly.

Finally, someone who understands!

Barney laughed softly, "Well Miss Morgan, I like you too, and I would very much like to be your friend."

The little girl shook her head at her name and mouthed "Luna" to Officer Barney. "Ok, I will call you Luna then. And if you want you can call me Barney." Barney smiled at Luna who nodded and mouthed "Barney" as she squeezed his hand gently and smiled up at her new friend.