Eyes of Maroon, Just like you

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Hannibal felt his eyelids droop and he maneuvered himself in to a more comfortable position to sleep in, careful not to wake Luna. What a clever little lamb she was! He smirked as he thought back to how she had used that portly psychologist from the board to be her pawn and distraction so she could slip in to his cell and see him and had even managed to safe guard her plan for 24 hours. How very clever indeed. Softly he held her tighter to his chest, and buried his nose in to her hair and pressed his lips to her forehead. He knew then without a doubt, if he ever left this place, he would be taking her with him. Damn the consequences.

Hannibal woke up to Luna fussing behind him at the sink, it was at the perfect level for him but it was far too high for a little girl. Hannibal smiled and got up from his bed and without a word, picked her up from behind and helped her reach the sink. Luna smiled up at him. Even in their silence they could have extensive conversations, two like minds that connected effortlessly.

Luna washed her hands and dried them on the towel and clung to Hannibal's shirt, seeking the comfort and warmth that it held. He smiled down at the child; he did miss the human contact, more so intelligent human contact. Hannibal walked back over to his bed as he held her, so odd he would be so used to her company after such a short time, but he was, and he was sure to make it last.

"Did you sleep well my little lamb?" Hannibal spoke up softly; it was still very early, Barney had most likely woken up some time earlier to return home to change and shower most likely. Clarice had probably done the same or had gone upstairs to eat or make a phone call. Luna nodded up at him before pointing to the tray of food Barney had left them.

"How very thoughtful of Barney, I shall have to thank him when he returns." Hannibal drawled softly as he stood to grab the try and sit upon his bed with it. Luna watched him with curious eyes and in silence as he expected her to. Hannibal ate some of the fruit that Barney had so kindly left while Luna nibbled on it with him. He looked at the small girl with interest; most people were so intimidated by him. Even before he committed his crimes it was as if they had known he was a killer even before he became one.

But Luna didn't seem frightened at all, she didn't flinch, she seemed perfectly at ease with him. It was very strange and most fascinating. But at least now that he was alone with her for a little while, he could finally get to work with her.

"Luna, I would like for you to tell me a few things, to make things fair we will do it in turns. Quid pro quo. I tell you things, you tell me things. Not about the case conserning your father though. About yourself. Quid pro quo. Yes or no?" Hannibal stated softly as he studied Luna's reaction. The girl looked at him oddly and placed her hands on her throat, as if asking if he wanted her to speak.

"No, no, there is no need for you to use your voice. I can read sign language very well, and I do not wish to cause your throat any damage. Your throat must be very sore from its inactivity and then all the use it's been through in such a short time. Yes?"

Luna nodded, her throat was a tad sore and scratchy she still couldn't speak fully from that alone, even if her psyche was cooperating with her which it still wasn't. Hannibal smiled and returned the now empty tray to the table for it to be collected later. "So what shall it be Luna, yes or no?"

Luna thought about it for a minute or two before she nodded her head in an affirmative to the deal between them. "Okie-Dokie then, shall we?" Hannibal sighed softly as he sat back down upon the bed and faced Luna.

"So tell me Luna, why did you bite the Doctor's arm? Not the one at the hospital I know why you did that, I mean the one here. You broke his arm and bit him, I can see doing it once as a distraction to get in to my cell, but you did not stop… And that concerns me. Have you ever had dreams, fantasies, or thoughts about biting other people who upset you? About eating their flesh… I assure you it is nothing to be frightened or ashamed of…"

Luna held up her hands as if to sign, then paused thinking hard on what to say before she started to sign her response.

"No Dr. Lecter, I have not had such dreams or thoughts. I had no plans on biting or harming him at first, but when he came up behind me, I was frightened. I do not like it when people approach me like that. I broke his arm because I became scared; I bit him because I was angry at him for calling you a monster and a wild animal. I continued to bite him because he was experiencing schadenfreude while you were being strapped to the dolly with that…thing on your face. However… when I heard him scream in pain… I too experienced the same concept."

Hannibal nodded and smirked slightly, he too knew the effects of that rather fitting German word schadenfreude. It roughly translated in to meaning, to gain pleasure or amusement from another's misfortune or pain. It also interested him of how Luna could manage to be so innocent and child-like, from being scared of a strange man grabbing her and not liking how he was making fun of her friend, to the advanced knowledge and understanding of human nature and being able to experience it herself and not only know it but understand exactly what she was experiencing as well.

"I see. I too understand what you mean by that. It is human nature to feel such a thing when the situation is just. But it also must be controlled. But more on that another time. It is your turn now, little lamb, what is it you would like to ask me?"

Luna thought for a moment and started to sign. "I have read your case file Dr. Lecter and you crimes are rather gruesome but I understand why you did so… All of them your motive made sense on some level, except your 4th victim, Mr. Mason Verger. You gave him something called a "popper"? And then proceeded to make him cut off his face and other limbs with a piece of broken mirror glass… and then feed it to his dogs… All your other victims you killed and ate. But not him… why is that? And what is a popper?"

Hannibal chuckled softly, of course she would manage to find and then read his case file, and yes she would pick Mason to question him on, and yes the popper too. He smiled softly and sighed.

"A popper is a drug that was used at the time… to enhance… certain very adult and intimate experiences…." Hannibal paused as Luna started to sign again.

"I am not a naive child, Dr. Lecter. I know what sex is and how babies are made. Please do not try and sugar coat it. It is most unbecoming of a man of your intelligence."

Hannibal laughed, if a slightly taken a back a little by the barb in her words and nodded before continuing. Perhaps this child was not as innocent as he had first thought… "I chose Mason as a victim because of his final actions towards me. You see, you were born because your mommy and daddy loved and were sexually attracted to each other. That type of sexuality is called heterosexual."

Luna nodded politely as her father had explained this to her early on when he had first started to use her to help him speak to his patience. Most abused spouses and children were sexually abused as well as physically abused. So her father had been forced to explain it to her.

Hannibal continued in a softer and very calm voice. "Mason is homosexual, homo meaning the same, and well, you understand the rest. Manson acted very inappropriately towards me as his doctor. That and I am NOT a homosexual, in any way shape or form. So, I provided him a popper, and used it to teach him a lesson, that one should never make such advances towards a professional guest. I allowed him to live because even though he upset me, he did not deserve to die. That and I think it was a far better punishment to have him to look in a mirror every day for the rest of his life and be reminded of his wrong doing. And I wasn't hungry at the time either."

Hannibal winked slyly at Luna who burst in to a fit of giggles at his joke. "Now it is my turn again…" Hannibal paused as both he and Luna looked up, hearing the door at the end of the hall that led to his cell open and a set of footsets approach... They were no longer alone.

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