Eyes of Maroon, Just like you

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Hannibal feigned sleep until he knew Clarice, Luna and Barney had all fallen in to a deep slumber. He opened his eyes and glanced at Luna. She had at some point, managed to crawl over on to the other side of him, so now he had his back to the wall. Which was fine by him as he could now easily watch Clarice sleep, and it was a very nice view. Before he had laid down upon his cot he had removed the outer top layer of his prison suit, now only wearing the blue bottoms and a white short sleeved T shirt, exposing his muscular arms, that when flexed looked like small bowling balls wrapped in steel cords and outlining his equally fit chest and torso. Hannibal was a somewhat vain man and he knew this. He knew he looked good for a man his age and he took great pride in that.

Clarice slept on her side, facing the glass, curled up slightly in to a ball and one hand tucked under her chin like a small child. It fit her personality very well. Barney snorted and snored once in his sleep, causing Hannibal to look his way and smirk at the sleeping man. Barney was on his back spread eagle, his mouth wide open and drooling slightly. He snored loudly again and Luna stirred with a complaining groan, but remained asleep.

"Barney, if you would be so kind as to roll over as it would cease your snoring, I would be most thankful. You are waking up Luna, and she does need her rest." Hannibal spoke softly, and to his amusement Barney grunted, still sound asleep and rolled over on to his side, his back now facing the Doctor and his snoring quieted. Hannibal smirked slightly, it amused him to see that even in their sleep he could control others actions with ease. "Thank you, Barney."

Hannibal wondered idly if he could do the same with Clarice. A part of him was sorely tempted to test his theory but, alas he could not. It would be most rude, and Luna was still present. If she was indeed the same as he was, then she would wake up after hearing his voice and easily see what he was doing with Miss Starling. And if he was going to be honest with himself, he did NOT want to discuss the "way of nature" with a six year old. Vast intelligence or not, there would still be very awkward and difficult to answer while still trying to keep her as innocent as possible. No, his desire would have to wait for another time. Hannibal propped up one of the extra pillows so that he could comfortably sit up and watch Clarice sleep. He was vaguely aware of how long he had done so before he felt Luna stir at his side.

She was awake to a point, still half asleep but her eyes were open and she was moving. Hannibal only watched in a slightly confused and fascinated state as Luna crawled up on top of him with her blanket and snuggle in to the warmth of his own body.

How very interesting that this child who had suffered such a recent and horrific trauma should find comfort and complete trust in a man who she had only met once before today. And already she had opened up to him as she had refused to do so with others. It was then that Luna's first reaction towards him when they had first met. She had touched her eyes; she had noted with great astonishment that she had the same irises as he. Perhaps that was it, a very simple answer to a rather odd question. She saw him as a like, as someone similar enough to her that she deemed worthy of her trust and friendship and had created a small but strong bond with him.

Hannibal now knew why Chilton had introduced them in the first place. Chilton had come to the same conclusion. But Chilton had most likely also thought that if Luna saw him interacting with the "good" Doctor that she would do the same, monkey see monkey do…. As it were. In this case Chilton would be gravely mistaken. There was a factor that Chilton had completely failed to factor in. Luna was not of the average intelligence as an everyday 6 year old. She was far more advanced and would not be tricked or fooled in to something she did not want to do.

No, Chilton was in for a rather rude awakening if he thought such a half-witted plan to get Luna to speak to him would work. Chilton was probably fuming that he a psychopath had gotten her to laugh and to talk in a matter of minutes when Chilton couldn't even get her to acknowledge him. But that was incidental, Hannibal never the less was enjoying the company as he smiled softly down at Luna's tiny sleeping form as he gently held her to him; his massive hands almost completely covering her entire back as she snuggled in to his embrace, clinging to his T shirt.

Idly he rubbed his thumb up and down against his little lambs back and breathed softly as he continued to watch Clarice as she slept. He had noted her tears when Luna had told her story, it had interested him but, he would not reveal that to Clarice… Not yet anyway.

At the present time, she appeared to be dreaming. What could she be dreaming of that had such a light and joyous smile on her rather attractive lips? Whatever it was, she was enjoying it. Arrogantly he wondered if he was in her dream. Hannibal chuckled softly at the thought. A dream involving him that made soon to be Special Agent Starling smile? Hmmm, now what kind of dream would that entail? Was it a peaceful one? Or better yet, a rather naughty and sexual one? That would surely stroke his vanity if that indeed was the case.

His question was somewhat answered as Clarice still asleep, smiled more and shifted slightly and from her lips she sighed a name… "Hannibal…." Even he had to strain a little to her the soft utterance of his name as Clarice smiled wider and shifted once more in to her pillow and nestled down in to a deeper sleep. A deep breath revealed to him that he could smell a slight hint of her…. Oh my, dare he say, arousal?

Oh my Clarice, dreaming of the infamous Dr. Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter? Those dreams that make you sigh and smile… What kind of dream would that be little Starling? Is it a naughty one? A rather sexual dream, I wonder? Are you envisioning of what it would be like to have me touch you intimately? To fuck you until you screamed? I would very much like to show you what it would really be like, to take it beyond your dreams.

But I do not think Chilton or your friends at the FBI… Oh and certainly not ol' Jackie boy would like that. But I would like that, very much so…. And apparently, you would like that too. Oh such a naughty girl Clarice…. But ever so fascinating, we will have to discuss your dream on a later date. In detail mind you, I would very much like to see how you would picture it. But not now, not while little Luna is around. But one day while we will discuss them and then… maybe I'll show you just how it would be… And ol' Jacky boy will not be able to do a thing about it. Because then little Starling, you will be mine.

Hannibal mused, yes; Agent Starling was a very attractive young woman. He liked her, and she seemed to like him too. And yes he found her very attractive himself, true he was much older but, he was rather tempted by her, to envision scenarios, exchanges…. Fucking her…. Hmm, yes, but now was not the time for such thoughts. Hannibal looked down at Luna. Clarice seemed to rather like how he was with Luna. Did she one day envision having children of her own? If so, with whom would she want to create those children with?

The thought that it might be someone like old Jackie boy or worse the fool Chilton made his blood boil with a rather strange jealousy. He realized he want to be that man. For reasons he was not quite sure he wanted to indulge in just yet. But, Clarice deserved a highly intelligent, protective and loyal man. Who would treat her properly, as she deserved to be treated. Who else better but him? Hannibal mused, though he knew they would never let him out of this cell while he was alive. He looked down at Luna, she deserved a mother and father too. And once again, he found he would want himself in that father role, Clarice in the mothering one too. Hmm, odd, he had never desired a family before. He had always been content with his solitary life style. But now, he saw it would be nice, maybe even desirable to have more. But again, this cell was a problem…. Hannibal smirked in a manner most unpleasant. Well, he could change that now couldn't he? With Clarice's Buffalo Bill case…oh yes, he could easily find a way to… shall we say, find an out. If everything went right, he could in fact, make it work for him.

Hannibal felt his eyelids droop and he maneuvered himself in to a more comfortable position to sleep in, careful not to wake Luna. What a clever little lamb she was! He smirked as he thought back to how she had used that portly psychologist from the board to be her pawn and distraction so she could slip in to his cell and see him and had even managed to safe guard her plan for 24 hours. How very clever indeed. Softly he held her tighter to his chest, and buried his nose in to her hair and pressed his lips to her forehead. He knew then without a doubt, if he ever left this place, he would be taking her with him. Damn the consequences.

That is how he feel asleep, with a cheshire cat grin on his face and his little Lamb nesteled in his arms.