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Once Katherine had returned home, she unbound Elena's wrists and told her to take a nice, long shower. "What will you be doing?" Elena asked curiously. Katherine smiled and said, "I need to feed and I'm not ready to drink your blood just yet. But don't worry, I will soon enough." Elena shivered with a mixture of fear and desire. "Don't even think about leaving," Katherine said calmly. "I know where to find you and if you leave..." she paused, a devious smile forming on her lips, "Well, I'll make it that much more painful for you." Elena nodded her head and said nothing, knowing that deep down, she didn't want to leave at all.

Katherine left Elena alone again, to search for another innocent soul that she could drink to unconsciousness. Pleasuring Elena hadn't quenched her desire for blood, given that Katherine didn't want to drain the poor girl until the right time came along.

Elena found herself pacing back and forth, anxiously awaiting Katherine's return from her hunt. Her mind was racing with thoughts of what Katherine had in store for her. She finally calmed herself enough and she entered the bathroom, locking the door behind her

After her shower, Elena returned to the bedroom wrapped in only a white cotton towel. Impatient and bored, she started looking around at the contents of Katherine's room. She ran her fingers across the antique dresser, admiring the intricate patterns carved into the dark wood.

It was then that she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. She spotted a gift box wrapped in plain brown paper, standing out against the table it was set on, beside the dresser.

She advanced toward the table and tore open the package. Laying inside, settled on a cushion of white tissue paper, was a strapless red lace bra with a front clasp, and red panties to match. Laying just underneath the lingerie was a small piece of cardstock with a simple message. Wear me.

It was as if Katherine was right beside her, ordering her to change into the red panties and bra. Elena quickly shed her clothes, kicking them aside. She slipped one leg into the panties and then the other, enjoying the way it made her feel like a vixen; like Katherine. She then pulled the bra around her body and hooked the clasp just underneath her bust, staring at herself in the mirror. She couldn't help but smile when she saw how beautiful she looked; how desirable she felt.

After what seemed like an eternity, Katherine returned to find Elena lying on her side on the bed, one toned leg on top of the other, propping herself up on one elbow. If Katherine's heart had been beating, she was sure Elena would have been able to hear it pounding through her chest. Katherine gazed lustfully at Elena's body, admiring every inch of her.

Elena stood up and sauntered over to Katherine, who couldn't take her eyes off the brunette in front of her. "Like what you see?" she asked playfully. Katherine swallowed and flicked her gaze up to Elena, "I knew you'd look sexy in red." Elena leaned closer to her and whispered huskily into her ear, "Now it's your turn." Katherine shivered with anticipation and, though she would never admit it out loud, could not wait for Elena to touch her.

Elena reached for Katherine's jacket, removing it very slowly. She tossed it onto the floor and removed Katherine's blouse, stopping to stare at her breasts.

"Take off your pants," she ordered quickly, licking her lips in anticipation. Katherine was startled by Elena's sudden firmness but she quickly decided that she liked the way it made her feel. She pulled off her black jeans, leaving her in only her bra and underwear.

Elena placed her hands on Katherine's hips and kissed her, sweetly at first, and soon the kiss grew heated. Katherine ran her long, narrow fingers through Elena's brown hair as they battled for dominance, tongues intertwining and breaths mingling.

Elena pushed her down onto the bed with great force and climbed on top of Katherine's thighs, holding her hips in place. She unhooked her bra and then Katherine's, tossing them onto the floor with the rest of their clothes.

Katherine took in the luscious curve of Elena's breasts, her small waist and full hips. She truly was beautiful in every sense of the word.

Katherine reached out to touch Elena's soft breasts but Elena smacked her hand away. "No touching!" she said sternly. Katherine was visibly upset by this new rule but she played along anyway, wondering just when Elena had built up the courage to become so controlling.

Elena captured Katherine's wrists in both her hands and pinned her to the bed as she kissed the vulnerable flesh on the vampire's neck. She bit down hard enough that it would have left a mark, if Katherine had been human. Katherine let out a soft moan of pleasure, making Elena grin widely against her skin.

Katherine hated not being in control, in any situation. She was always the one that decided what happened and when. With Elena, however, she was so incredibly aroused that she didn't care who was in charge as long as the touching didn't stop.

Elena kissed her once again and pressed her hot center into Katherine's, grinding over her again and again until a wave of pleasure overtook her.

She bit down hard on one of Katherine's stiff peaks, following the harsh treatment by gently sucking on it. Katherine moaned in delight. Elena did the same to the other breast, relishing in the way she had Katherine so aroused.

Elena reached down and took off her panties, tossing them to the floor. Soon after, she removed Katherine's, sliding them down her long, tanned legs with ease.

She repositioned herself so she was lying in between Katherine's legs. Elena roughly spread them apart, running her hands up from Katherine's ankles to her knees and hesitating over her inner thighs, relishing in how soft and smooth Katherine's skin was.

Elena leaned forward and teased Katherine's sensitive bundle of nerves with her flat tongue, applying just enough pressure to make her mewl in delight.

Elena pulled back, and started tracing her finger up and down Katherine's slick folds before she slipped it inside her opening. Katherine moaned and Elena quickly added two more fingers, pumping them slowly into Katherine's warm center. Katherine groaned at the sudden intrusion but slid her legs apart even further, nodding her approval when Elena looked up at her.

Elena continued to pump her fingers into Katherine's core, and she continued teasing the vampire's tiny clit with her mouth, gently nipping at it. Katherine moaned loudly; her muscles starting to tighten around Elena's fingers.

It only encouraged Elena to pump harder and as she took Katherine's clit into her mouth, she finally came. She moaned Elena's name along with a few other incoherent words.

Elena lapped at Katherine's wetness, tasting somewhat sweet and salty to her. As Katherine came down from her ecstasy high, Elena crawled up her body to kiss her, letting Katherine taste herself on Elena's tongue.

"Who knew you would be so good at this?" Katherine asked breathlessly, pulling away from their gentle kiss. Elena glared playfully at her and said, "I'm capable of a lot more than you give me credit for."

Katherine smiled deviously, "I'll have to test that theory, Miss Gilbert."