The Night of the MODE Apocalypse

Betty has a bad feeling...

The writing style will be different here. Italics is narration and actions, and character dialogue is made more obvious. Trying something new for this story. I have the story mostly written out. I just have to type it up, so I will try to type and upload as quick as I can.

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Chapter 1

Today was one of those days that couldn't get any worse. It had been raining cats and dogs, pouring non-stop since the morning. The streets were jammed, however half-way through the day it was strangely empty. The computers kept going down, the power went out, it was dark and cold and gloomy and MODE was the last place Betty wanted to be right now. She got this bad, creepy vibe every time she walked around the MODE floor.

A few hours ago...

There were disgruntled people gathered in the conference room talking up a storm (No pun intended) about how they were stuck at MODE because of this unending rain. Betty was sitting next to Marc and Amanda hearing them complain about how their plans were ruined like everyone else in there. She placed her head on the table and sighed. Wilhelmina and Daniel walked in after a few minutes.

Daniel: Hello everybody, thank you all for coming to this brief meeting. Unfortunately, with this storm getting worse it seems that we will all be here for a while.

The whole room was filled with frustrated sighs.

Wilhelmina: Yes, yes, as much as I want to leave like you all do, since we're stuck here we will use the time to work. There's a lot to do for this next issue, so we might as well get a head start. Now, get to work!

Betty stood up.

Betty: Uh Wilhelmina, not trying to be rude, but how are we supposed to do anything when the power keeps going out and the computers keep shutting down?

Daniel: Good point, Betty. Well, we'll all just have to find some way of being productive. Save every time you do something. Just keep busy. No use in losing this time.

Wilhelmina: (interrupts) just find something to do! Now go!

Everyone got up and headed to their respective spaces cursing and mumbling upset that not only were they all stuck there, but now they actually had to work. Betty and Daniel walked out together headed toward his office. Betty let out a frustrated sigh. She had this strange feeling all day, and now it just felt worse. Daniel looked at her as they walked.

Daniel: You ok? (He asked concerned)

(She looked at him) Betty: uh...I don't know. I feel weird.

Daniel: Is there something I can do? Are you sick?

Betty: It's fine, Daniel. I'll be ok. (She looked at him and sent him a reassuring smile)

Daniel: Ok. Just let me know if you need anything, okay?

Betty nodded; Daniel smiled and walked in his office. Betty sat at her desk. After a few minutes she got that weird feeling again. She didn't really know how to describe it. It was the feeling you get when something bad was going to happen, and your body knew it before you did.

Wilhelmina was sitting at her desk wanting to leave MODE. Today she wanted to be anywhere but MODE. She looked up to suddenly see Charlotte, Kathy and Dean in her office. Their clothes were slightly tattered, their skin pale and pasty, Charlotte's hair a total mess.

Wilhelmina: Good God, you all look awful. For heavens' sake this is a fashion magazine. Dare I say it, Betty looks better than you! (She stood up looking at them). Well, what do you want? (She asked annoyed) They walked over to her, Charlotte touching her arm. What on earth are you doing? Don't touch me! (She pushed her hand away, as they came closer). What are you doing? Get out of my office!

They started crowding around her and leaning against her breathing heavily.

Wilhelmina: Get off me! Have you all lost your mind? I said get back!

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