Amy Rose Burping

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, I actually wanted to flesh this out, but just in case, I made this as a test run to see if it would work. Meloetta was the only other character I gave a burping fetish. Since Amy Rose obviously has that cute model of being for anything, I figured that I give her something. After all, there's no doubt that Google will have Amy Rose burping as a response. I still slightly prefer farting over burping. But ah well, that's for another time, another place. So yeah. That pretty much sums it up nicely, me thinks. Enough of me yapping away. Enjoy!

Amy Rose was having a nice day in Seaside Hill. You know, that's one thing I always notice. All these stories somehow start in Seaside Hill. Why is that? Is it because it's beautiful? Because it's by the seaside?

"Ahhh! Man, is it great to be out here!" Amy exclaimed as she stretched her skinny arms. "I'm glad I'm hanging out at the beach! It's so nice and refreshing!"

Amy Rose's stomach growled loudly, prompting Amy to gasp as she placed both of her hands on her stomach, looking down as she slightly blushed.

"But oh my gosh, am I sure hungry!" Amy commented as she blinked several times, "I guess I better go find something for my rumbling tummy!"

Amy headed eastward, to find a bunch of bananas and oranges laying around on the white sand. She squealed with delight as she held her hands together, gobbling up all the food. Five minutes later, Amy cleared the whole area, her stomach stuffed but still looking normal.

"Boy, that sure was yummy," Amy quirped as she patted her stomach lightly with her right hand, "All that fruity goodness will keep me full for the whole day!"

Amy burped loudly, causing her to gasp as she covered her mouth with both of her hands. "Golly, was that me?" Amy asked, burping again.

Sonic came trailing by, stopping by as he heard Amy belch. He turned his head to her, smirking as he placed his right hand on his hip. "Oh hai, Ames. Having finished lunch, I see?"

Amy giggled as she wrapped her arms around the back of her head. "Oh, I just had some bananas and oranges, Sonic. Nothing to worry about!" Amy Rose burped again, causing Sonic to chuckle.

"I guess your stomach couldn't hold all of that fruit down!" Sonic stated as he rubbed his nose with his left hand. "Must be embarrassing to be burping like that."

Amy sighed as she closed her eyes briefly. "I know the food was worth it, but the burping sure isn't." Amy let out a long, loud belch, causing Sonic's quills to blow back.

Sonic blinked in astonishment for several seconds, then he laughed as he approached Amy, wrapping his left arm around her. "Well, don't worry. We aren't perfect, after all."

Amy smiled, feeling better as she hugged Sonic. "Oh, thank you Sonic-kun!" She let out a high pitched burp, giggling as Sonic laughed.

THE END... or is it...?