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Konoha hospital

Kurenai watched her student lay unconscious in her bed with a sad look on her beautiful face. "I'm just glad the doctors managed to get you in time" the red eyed Jounin caressed Hinata and tucked in her hair.

She just left her other student who also was unconscious, his mom and sister, were checking up on him every now and then. They were truly surprised at what happened. Kurenai couldn't blame them, if she was told her son got beaten so easily and ruthlessly by the dropout. She would be very surprised as well.

While she was in deep thought a nurse came in the room and stood behind her "excuse me. Miss Yuhi but I need to do a check up on lady Hyuuga" Kurenai nodded "okay I come later" the nurse didn't mind her staying but Kurenai looked exhausted. Kurenai looked at her surrogate little sister with sympathy and then left intending to come later.

Leaving she saw Kakashi who left Sasuke's room.

"How is he" she asked Kakashi looked at her nodding "he's fine, will be up and ready by tomorrow"

"Don't you mean you'll get him out and so he can have training" Kurenai correcting

"I know what I'm doing Kurenai" Kakashi didn't want to explain things "besides concentrate on your team"

"My team" Kurenai's eyes narrowed "one of them went to battle ill informed, he faced an opponent who played his cards right and dismantled him" Kurenai went to him now looking straight into Kakashi.

She carried on "and to make things more interesting his teacher didn't even know of his own development. Hatake Kakashi compared to you I may have not been a jounin for long but I know all my students strengths and weaknesses and build to improve as a team" she hissed the last part "you have a student who is 16 years old I might add and didn't bother to assess his strength level"

"I did and it wasn't that good" Kakashi answered her not relenting

Kurenai chuckled "look underneath the underneath. Isnt that a phrase you love to spout" she then scowled at him this man was stupid Kurenai tried to control her anger but couldn't

"We are ninja you fool deception is key" Kakashi now was surprised she sensed it. She truly wondered what was wrong with him. it seemed that people like Kakashi who is known in battle are truly not good enough in teaching.

"A 16 year old, three time dropout. Uzumaki Naruto is either truly stupid or he is a genius" Kurenai sized the man up "because he managed to fool even the copy ninja. Now excuse me I have a student to train for the exam. Good luck training your protégé Kakashi, I hope he doesn't fail you because it seems you put all your eggs in one basket."

Kurenai left a frozen Kakashi, she intended to get Shino ready.

Kakashi now had to do something, he intended to speak with Naruto and bring in a teacher for him. Now with what Kurenai said made him change his mind.

Now with a serious expression Kakashi left. He intended to see the Hokage.

Naruto's apartment.

Uzumaki Naruto was not pleased when he went home last night. He was met with a messy apartment

"Damn it!" Naruto yelled as he was in his apartment. It was a mess as he was in the process of cleaning up.

"There's ramen everywhere" he looked raiding his fridge "the milk is out of date, and there food for dinner. Damn it, I lived like a barbarian." Closing the fridge he got up.

Going to his kitchen table he picked up his pencil and wrote on a piece of paper "okay food is must." He looked at his checklist.

Food (a must have!)

Clean the house (done!)

Speak to neighbours who were very nice people (Done!)

Clothes ….

"Clothes" Naruto groaned "that is a must have" he said to himself writing it down.

"At least I'm fit for training" Naruto spoke "stamina's great, physique and strength is good…"

"That's because of my chakra boy" Kyuubi suddenly spoke

"Kyuubi" Naruto spoke a bit surprised "you now speak out of all times"

"It matters not and don't speak so loud" Kyuubi dismissed, Naruto nodded he will speak with his mind "You were malnourished when you were younger but as you aged eating those packaged stuff…."

"You used your chakra to make my body healthier and strong" Naruto sighed "So eating foods like vegetables or drinking milk"

"My chakra increases your body rate" Kyuubi said "you at least lived a normal life"

"Minus the ridicule, the glares, the hindrance" Naruto scowled "and you know whats funny, I was too stupid and ignorant to notice that I was being held back" he growled "give me answers Kyuubi because I've had it with being ignorant!"

"Interesting" Kyuubi thought. The brat wasn't a brat after all.

"You already know the answer" Kyuubi said

"If you mean the voices then you're speaking to the wrong person. I don't even have a clue Kuruma"

"Don't call me by that name brat!" Kyuubi growled leaking killer intent. Naruto froze but then shook it off "alright Kyuubi"

Kyuubi was displeased but nevertheless was glad the boy didn't know the meaning of knowing its name meant. For now the fox will answer his questions.

"I was sealed in you in order for your puny body to handle. My chakra was split into two" Kyuubi explained

"So by being complete you mean your other half has returned" Naruto asked

"Correct" Kyuubi commended the boy was smart, the fox was a bit glad he had a smart container it would do no good if his container was still retarded.

"What did your predicament got to do with me" Naruto asked again for a brief second he thought he heard the fox chuckle.

"Because as I already told I wasn't affected." Kyuubi spoke "because half of me was sealed into you. It caused a chain reaction thus only half…"

"Of me was sealed" Naruto finished "so this feeling I keep having"

"Is your spirit getting accustomed to itself, the world and life around you." Kyuubi finished "now before I leave and you never disturb me again. I want to know what you intend to do"

"I plan to train for this month"

"How" Kyuubi asked it sounded more like a demand.

"That's my main aim. Finding how I will train will be up to me" Naruto sighed considering who he is it will be difficult. Heck his instructor didn't want to teach him and that says a lot.

"What about the voices" Kyuubi asked

"I will concentrate on that later" Naruto answered "for now I will deal with whats in front of me and that's training and beating Neji"

Kyuubi smirked it seemed his container was a type he could tolerate.

"I don't not need a weak container now train and begone" Kyuubi dismissed Naruto who sighed. He knew the fox would not speak even if he tried to kill himself. Damn annoying fox.

"It's sunny outside" Naruto looked at his window "so black T shirt and orange trousers is fine" he looked at his attire. inside his closest was full of orange clothes and only his pyjamas.

Suddenly Naruto looked to his door when someone knocked "someone's here" he went to his door and opened it only to see an Anbu.

"Yes" he said a bit wary.

"Hokage-Sama wants to see you" the Anbu said

"Alright, I will see him when I'm done" the Anbu persisted "I was ordered to take you know"

"I see" Naruto nodded putting on his sandals. Once he went outside the Anbu took him using Shunshin.

Hokage's office.

The Hokage Sarutobi knew what happened in the preliminary stages. He heard whats happened with young Inuzuka Kiba and saw Naruto's skills. He was amazed and proud the boy trained to fight so well.

But he also knew what it will cause. What the Hokage didn't predict was what stood before him.

"Are you sure you want to do this" the third Hokage had a serious expression.

Hatake Kakashi stood before him "yes Hokage-Sama"

"You do know that if you'll wrong the consequences it will bring. I will have to follow the laws of our village" Hiruzen's eyes narrowed.

"Yes" Kakashi was truly serious

"Alright" Hiruzen said now taking his pipe out of his mouth "ninja registration…"

" 009720" Kakashi answered his leader

"Name" Hiruzen carried on

"Hatake Kakashi"


"Jounin" Hiruzen nodded "registration on the subject at hand"

"012607" Kakashi nodded with a grave expression

"Name" Hiruzen eyed the man critically

"Uzumaki Naruto"


"Genin" Kakashi said, the third leaned back on his chair. He pressed for his secretary "Send an Anbu to get Uzumaki Naruto."

"Yes sir" the secretary obeyed. Turning off the call the third looked at Kakashi "Once this is over Kakashi Naruto will we told of his options"

"I know of the law Hokage-Sama, he has a tough opponent" Kakashi answered his teacher.

"And look what has happened to young Kiba" Kakashi flinched a bit at his leader's stern gaze.

"You better hope Naruto-kun doesn't make any surprises and becomes Chunin Kakashi." The third warned

Kakashi heeded the warning "Hokage-Sama I have a trainer for Naruto"

"You are the Jounin teacher" the third wasn't amused "I will notify Naruto myself." Kakashi nodded.

"Hokage-Sama the Naruto is here to see you" the secretary spoke

The third got up "let's see how this turns out shall we"

Kakashi nodded they left as Naruto was outside waiting.

Outside the Hokage's office

Naruto was outside the office with the Anbu, he looked at the ninja who had purple hair.

"Do you know why I am here" he asked

"No I do not" the Anbu responded it was a female voice.

"Okay" Naruto nodded when the third came out now with Kakashi which got his attention.

"Yugao you may leave" the third dismissed his Anbu who bowed "Hai!" and disappeared.

"Now Naruto-kun can you follow me" the Hokage smiled.

Naruto nodded as they walked Kakashi was behind the two.

"What is this about Hokage-sama" the third raised his eyebrow and Naruto smiled "what, you're the leader I cant disrespect you" the old man smiled softly at that.

"It is about your development" he answered "we're going to ask you a few questions"

Naruto was surprised "but why, I haven't done anything wrong"

"I know" the third nodded "then everything will be fine"

Naruto looked at Kakashi who looked back at him. The Uzumaki knew he was involved and told the old man some shit.

He had nothing to hide anyway and that was the truth.

The three walked inside a room where a black haired man sat on a table.

The man had two scars on the right side of his face which are probably his most noticeable features, his hair was tied up into a spiky ponytail, the man also had dark eyes as well as a goatee. His ears were also the man wore a meshed shirt underneath his flak jacket, a deer skin coat over that and hand guards.

Closing the door the third spoke "have a seat Naruto-kun" Naruto nodded while Kakashi and Sarutobi stood at both his sides.

The third nodded at the black haired man who nodded back.

He looked at Naruto smiled "hello Naruto my name is Nara Shikaku"

"You're Shikamaru's dad" Shikaku nodded "yes you know my son well then"

"Quite" Naruto answered making Shikamaru's dad nod "okay Naruto you don't want to be here long since you want to train for the finals. I will go straight to the point."

Naruto nodded seeing the man now serious he did the same.

Shikaku looked at his leader than at Kakashi.

"I will ask you three questions. I want a yes or no answer in all three. Then I want you to give me an explanation" Naruto nodded as the man put his pen on his paper.

"Okay question 1. Did you or did you not hide your skill level from your team and instructor"

"I did not" Naruto quickly answered Shikaku nodded and wrote on the paper.

"Question 2, are you hiding anymore skills, techniques or training you have learned" he asked

"No" Naruto answered it swiftly. The way he was answering without hesitation got the Hokage's attention he briefly looked at Kakashi who stood tall.

"Final question" Shikaku looked Naruto in the eye "do plan to disobey or disrespect your teacher"

"No" Naruto didn't look away not once "I only say the truth"

Shikaku analysed Naruto delving into his eyes and then wrote on the paper. Minutes felt like hours until he finished.

"Okay Naruto-kun I would like to hear what you have to say" Shikaku said "say what you feel"

Naruto looked at the man,

"Stick to your statement" Kyuubi spoke out of nowhere one of its eyes was open while the fox slept. Naruto planned to do just that.

"I never hid anything from anyone. The fight against Kiba was purely instinct. As you both have seen Hokage-Sama, Kakashi-Sensei" he felt sick of saying that but didn't show it "I rushed at Kiba in a form of a last ditch attempt. If it didn't worked then…"

"You would have been defeated" the third said nodding "I have seen"

"And to add" Naruto looked at Shikaku "going back to question 1. Could you ask Kakashi-Sensei that question about Uchiha Sasuke's capabilities?"

Silence ensued as everyone's eyes were on the Jounin.

Kakashi's expression was grave but he was silent.

"We understand Naruto-kun" the Hokage smiled "you have answered your questions. Meet me in my office"

Naruto wanted to stay but he had to obey his leader. Getting up he nodded at the old man and left.

Once the coast was clear the third looked at Kakashi. Shikaku knew his leader was not pleased.

"Ibiki, Inoichi" suddenly both men appeared.

"Shikaku" Shikaku nodded "the verdict…" he looked at Ibiki and Inoichi who nodded.

"Hokage-Sama. This was a simulation that I myself created. It was a success for so many years" the third nodded while Kakashi listened with anticipation.

"Never did I see someone…." Shikaku's expression was grave now as he gave his verdict "pass…Uzumaki Naruto was telling the truth there was no hint of a lie not once" Kakashi's eye went wide, he felt stomach churn.

The third's hat covered his face.

"Thank you. I wish to speak with Kakashi alone" the integration squad nodded "Hai Hokage-Sama"

They left when everything was just silent.

"Hokage-Sama I…" Kakashi tried to explain.

"I want the compensations" he said his tone was stern Kakashi knew he was angry.

"H…Hai" Kakashi nodded "I will go get it as soon as possible"

"No Kakashi I want something else" the third said with a dangerous expression "a fine is not needed"

"What is it that you may need Hokage-Sama" the third eyed him as Kakashi sweated.

"I am displeased especially what Naruto-kun was saying…however" he said when he smiled a bit "lets prove him wrong…shall we"

Kakashi just sweated. He was unnerved of the smile his leader was sprouting.

Outside the Hokage's office

Uzumaki Naruto sat in front of the door to the Hokage's office for approximately 2 hours.

It didn't matter to the blond as he sat frozen in his chair.

Someone walked to him stopping in front of the boy who had his head down. Naruto saw shadow loom over him and looked up.

He saw the Hokage smiling down at him "come inside Naruto-Kun" Naruto just looked as they soon entered.

The old Hokage situated himself behind his table and sat on his chair.

"Have a seat Naruto-kun" he said to the boy standing before him.

"I have been sitting all day" he said softly the Third knew he was angry.

"Old man" Naruto spoke after a moment of silence. He had his head down away from his leader's gaze.

"Yes my boy" Naruto clenched his fist "Why is this keep happening to me"

The third only had a soft expression.

"I…I just tried my best. Worked really hard" Naruto shook the third knew it was hurting him he too was hurting after all.

"Instead of being appreciated, I get this" Naruto gritted his teeth as tears started to appear but he refused to let it out and show it to the old man.

"Naruto-kun" the third was greatly saddened "I'm sorry"

"I'm sorry" Naruto repeated.

"Why do people hate me old man, why!" Young Naruto cried

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, it will be better" the third hugged the child who cried in his arms.

"THAT'S WHAT YOU ALWAYS SAY TO ME!" Naruto roared suddenly.

He was huffing now "Jus…just stop saying that" his voice was breaking.

"Alright" the third could only say.

"But I have something to tell you" He spoke again. Naruto gave no response he couldn't be bothered anymore.

"Can I just go, I have to train" he just said

"To be a Chunin correct" Hiruzen put his hat on the table.

"Isnt that obvious" Naruto responded he just wanted to leave.

"Naruto my boy, what did I tell you when you always were in trouble" the old man asked leaning forward.

"That actions have consequences" Naruto answered

"Yes actions have consequences" he smiled "so was there any consequences today"

"Yeah, I was interrogated for no reason" the third for a brief second was greatly hurt you could see it in his eyes.

"No…you wish to be Hokage right" Hiruzen asked

"Isnt it obvious have been screaming that for years" The old man chuckled.

"Yes…well to be Hokage you must know all the laws" Naruto just nodded.

"So today one law came into effect do you know what its called" Naruto shook his head at the old man.

"Anti-discrimination act" the third said "look it up when you have the time. To be exact it is a law that comes into effect when a Genin is being unlawfully treated by his instructor. It works when an instructor tries to get his or her student tried for insubordination and fails"

Naruto's eyes went wide as he felt great dread.

He gritted his teeth and now felt great rage.

"Are you saying that bastard tried to kick me out of the program!" Naruto hissed.

"I'm afraid so…if he won" the third was saddened, truly Kakashi was a fool.

Naruto was close to losing his breathing, his was so angry.

This…this bastard to kick him out.

Seeing that Naruto was close to exploding the Third repeated "if he won Naruto-kun"

Naruto caught what he said "what do you mean"

The Hokage nodded "you were telling the truth"

"I know why would I lie!" The third sighed anyone would lie but since Naruto was found innocent he didn't lie.

"So now that you won you have to be compensated" Hiruzen explained

"I don't need money old man especially from him!" Naruto hissed he remembered the voices, even if he didn't he wont as hell take the bastard's money.

"Naruto let me explain…please" Naruto nodded and sat down.

Hiruzen smiled now "yes but the law Kakashi enacted means that when you are Chunin you are entitled to leave Team 7 forever"

"Leave team 7" Naruto's eyes went wide "can that be possible"

"You want to leave your team" The old man asked

"Old man, I never learned anything, nothing at all expect Chakra control" Naruto said

"I see" the third sighed this was troublesome and didn't help Kakashi or his case at all.

"Yes you can leave and also" the third now looked at Naruto "your fight against Kiba, I must say that was amazing"

"Really" Naruto blushed a bit at the praise "well what can I say, I want to become Hokage after all"

"Hokage" the third smiled Naruto nodded "it's the strongest of the village right. When I become Hokage that will show everyone who held me back and hurt me. That all their stupid plans were futile and I rose to the occasion" Naruto said his eyes glowed with determination.

Sarutobi Hiruzen was surprised, he was enveloped by Naruto's determination.

"The will of fire grows bright in you Naruto-kun" he thought.

He then smiled, "well then" the Hokage went into his robes he brought out 5 medium sized scrolls and 1 small bag on the table.

"You will need this" he smiled "the 5 scrolls contain three ninjutsu of all the respective elements.

"Ninjutsu" Naruto muttered.

"My Naruto don't be a fussy eater…eat a lot and grow up to be a big boy. Go to bed early and sleep well, take your bath everyday." The voice coughed she sounded to be in pain "make friends, it doesn't matter how many. Just make sure they're real friends…people you can trust even a few is enough. And study your ninjutsu…I was never good at it, maybe you will be"

Naruto nodded furiously it was like he was agreeing with someone in the Hokage's perspective.

"Yes…now before that I want you to first channel chakra into this" Sarutobi went inside the tiny bag and brought out a paper. He gave it to Naruto.

Naruto nodded and began channeling his chakra into the paper. He watched as the paper glow blue for a brief second before splitting down the middle while the two halves, one became soaking wet the other wrinkled to bits. Sarutobi went wide eyed at seeing Naruto have three affinities.

"Amazing" the third whispered. He was attuned to three elements. He smiled softly, it seemed fate smiled at the boy.

"Well it seems you have three elemental affinities Naruto-kun. That's very impressive for someone at your age. You seem to have high affinities in wind, water and lightning." He said taking three scrolls out of the five "Now these three scrolls here have three jutsu for each elements." He put them out for him to take.

"Three elements…Jutsu" Naruto was greatly surprised.

"Take it my boy" the third smiled.

"Th…thank you" Naruto bowed a bit.

"Its what you deserve Naruto-kun. Train and get stronger" the old man smiled as Naruto put them in his pouch,

"I will I promise. Old man I won't let you down" Naruto promised

"I know you will" the third smiled that boy never did.

Naruto got up "thanks again" he bowed a bit and was about to leave when the Hokage spoke

"Wait one second Naruto-kun" the Hokage stopped him and went to him.

Sarutobi got up and exited the office for a couple moments before returning with a two scrolls.

Standing before the blond he gave it to him "here take this scroll its two more jutsus that I'm sure you'll like very much" he smiled

"Old man" Naruto was touched, "I…" the third touched his shoulder "this is from me, consider it a present for hurting you" Naruto just nodded, he didn't trust his emotions at the moment.

"And this…" Hiruzen now gave him a blue scroll "is a special present" Naruto took this scroll and inspected it, it was much different than all the scrolls.

"Naruto-kun promise me you will learn all of these, especially that last one" the Hokage now had a serious expression.

"I will old man you can count on it" Naruto said when he suddenly hugged him.

Hiruzen was surprised but responded hugging him back.

"Thanks…for putting up with me" Naruto said softly.

The third softened "nonsense…now go the day seems to be over" it should be him thanking the boy of putting up with an old fool like him.

Naruto smiled, parting he left "thanks old man I'll train very hard"

"I know you will" he said smiling as the boy nodded "before you leave come here tomorrow I want you to meet your trainer" Naruto nodded and left.

Once he left the Hokage was alone in his office.

"You're different…Naruto-kun" he said to himself "its like you are a new person" he smiled. The third walked to fourth Hokage's picture.

"He has the same aura as you…Yondaime" he smiled fondly at the picture.

"I wonder…will he be like your counterpart. Does he carry that lineage?" the old man looked at Shodaime's picture.

"You'll be a great ninja Naruto-kun, its time you showed it" he said remembering the conversation the had with Kakashi.

"Wh…what Hokage-Sama" Kakashi was shocked to the core.

"I expect 3 ninjutsu of your respective elements Kakashi" Hiruzen ordered "pay it or I have to abide by the law" Kakashi's eyes went wide.

"B…but sir, he's a genin"

"Naruto-kun is a 16 years old boy who was neglected by his instructor" Kakashi flinched as Hiruzen's eyes narrowed "I want it right away"

"H…Hai" Kakashi bowed.

"You may teach Uchiha Sasuke, Kakashi" the third was stern "I will turn a blind eye of your actions. Who knows what repercussion this may occur"

"Th…thank you Hokage-Sama" Kakashi sighed in relief as such actions could seriously get him to trouble.

"I want the scrolls as soon as possible. In one hour to be exact dismissed" Kakashi nodded "right away Hokage-Sama" he then shunshined.

The third sighed, "I believe I should also get to it" he left.

"You will feel like a fool one day Kakashi, that is a punishment enough." He said but now thinking of something else.

"My son Asuma is a wind User…" he thought closing the door behind him.

The Sandaime smiled looking at his window. He watched his people that he vowed to protect in peaceful silence.

Konoha - shopping district

As the sun was setting, Naruto ran through the shopping district.

He was happy, the Uzumaki couldn't wait till he got home and read all the scroll. This would seriously give him a power up.

"Old man's the greatest!" he said while he ran. Naruto owed the old man. The old man was kind to him all his life, even when he was hated, he was there for him. Naruto sometimes wondered if the Hokage didn't care about him. He was the Hokage and could stop it. He now knew the reason. Poltics was a bitch. Still the Hokage was a nice old guy.

While he ran he bumped into someone. Almost falling Naruto on alert saw a blond haired woman who was familiar lose her footing. Quickly he grabbed her hand and made sure she didn't fall. He now recognised her.

It was Sabaku no Temari.

"Temari-San" he let go of her as she recognised him.

"You're Naruto right" Naruto nodded it seemed she was shopping for groceries considering the grocery bag was an indication.

"That's right" he smiled at her "how's Konoha" he asked her trying to start a conversation.

"I prefer Suna" she admitted

"I see what you mean, its hard to adapt" she nodded "you been training"

"Will begin tomorrow probably" he responded "today was a free day"

"Same here" she smiled

Naruto wanted to ask her a question "that fan you always carry it looks very heavy"

Temari raised her eyebrow "it is, actually its very heavy"

She his surprise and Naruto was very surprised "are you serious, you make it look like it's a tiny fan" Temari smirked at his praise "well it did the job"

"Yeah Tenten didn't stand a chance" Naruto nodded

"A shinobi must be ready for everything" Temari said "you don't like her very much do you"

"It's not that, I just say what I see"

"I see" Temari nodded.

"Well I seem to be holding you" Naruto smiled "your brothers must be starved"

"Indeed" Temari smiled back

"Have a nice month Temari-san" Naruto said

"You too I shall see me in the finals. Naruto-san" Temari raised her head arrogantly which made Naruto smile a bit.

"Call me Naruto, suffix to my name doesn't suit me" Temari smiled "I will if you drop the san as well" Naruto nodded "deal good luck in the exams Temari" the oldest sibling of the Sabaku family nodded "you too Naruto-Kun" the two then smiled at each other then went their separate ways, into the crowd.

He stopped and shook his head, she added another suffix to his name.

Naruto's apartment - balcony.

The sun was setting as Naruto leaned on the balcony enjoying the breeze.

"It seems you can train now" Kyuubi now spoke

"Awake from your deep sleep snow white" Naruto said enjoying the scenery

"I let that jibe go brat!" Kyuubi hissed Naruto chuckled.

"Anyway, yeah but…"

"That teachers of yours" Kyuubi interjected "keep moving forward brat, leave anyone behind if you must"

"I will show them my greatness, I will be a great ninja" Naruto said in space as the wind now bellowed.

"It will be interesting if you do become Hokage" Kyuubi smirked

"You make it sound like I will reject the offer" Naruto raised smiled softly enjoying the breeze.

"Will you…you aren't who were before" Kyuubi said

"We shall see when the time comes" Naruto said making Kyuubi smirk as the brat didn't give his answer. This showed that he left his options open.



"Who is Minato" Naruto asked suddenly

Enter sountrack Akeboshi – Wind (Naruto – ending 1)

Kyuubi gave no response until he finally answered.

"Yondaime Hokage" his eyes glowed dangerously at that name but Naruto didn't know.

Naruto raised his head, eyes directly to the sunset.

"Yondaime Hokage…my dad" he then smiled softly

"You have high expectations….dad" he smiled

"Kyuubi, I remember when I listened to this song when I was little do you know what it was" Naruto asked the fox.

The fox gave no response, the Uzumaki didn't expect him to.

"I remember the lyrics some of it, but it relates to me for some reason" Naruto closed his eyes and hummed. He sang the lyrics.

Don't try to look so wise

Don't cry 'cause you're so right

Don't dry with fakes or fears

'Cause you will hate yourself in the end

You say, dreams are dreams

I ain't gonna play the fool anymore

You say, 'cause I still got my soul

Take your time baby

Your blood needs slowin' down

Breach your soul to reach yourself before you gloom

Reflection of fear make shadow of nothing

Shadow of nothing

You still are blind if you see winding road

'Cause there's always straight way to the point you see.

Naruto now stopped "I wont play the fool anymore"

"I will attain the Hokage position!" he vowed.

Kyuubi smirked.

How did you like this chapter. The song is the ending theme of Naruto anime. It's the first ending of the first episode called "wind" I listened to the song and it certaintly suits Naruto it was like it was singing it only to him.

This chapter made me think, I tried to be unique and no this isnt bashing at all! Its just how people react to changes they cannot handle. Naruto was the fool by everyone so seeing him kick ass is a major change. A change nobody can handle.

Anyway Naruto now has the tools to get stronger, what was the final scroll the Sandaime gave to Naruto.

Next chapter Naruto's training begins and he meets Ebisu and an annoying man. He will also enter the stadium of the final exams bringing major changes.

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