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"Loki, listen, you need to be nicer to the Avengers."

"Why?" he pouted grumpily at Natalie, allowing her to climb up into his lap and look up at him.

"'Cause if you're bad again, then you really will go to jail," she explained. Fury had thrown a fit before Hermione had stepped in and explained why it was worth a try, and at least Natalie would stop bugging her and Bruce about it. Thor seemed to be the only other one delighted by this idea, even Loki seemed skeptical. Everyone except the Banner family had been staying at Stark tower in New York, and many people steered clear of Loki and Loki rather preferred it that way. Except for the four year old, who actively sought him out and forced him into talking with her. Thor had even been allowed to be in the same room as his brother once.

"Maybe I want to go to jail," he insisted.

"Doubtful," Natalie hummed as she crawled off of his lap and into the cushion next to his, looking up at the side of his face, "Mummy's forgiven you for trying to make goo-goo eyes at her, but that's about it. Me and her are the only ones keep your booty from behind bars. You need to be nicer so that in case Director Furry decides to throw you in jail, they'll be more likely to stop him."

Loki stayed silent and continued to stare at the television screen before he stated to the little girl, "You're the only one that wants me here, and you'd be better off if I wasn't."

"That's not true," she frowned, "Thor wants you here. You're brothers."

"No, we're not," he insisted again, frowning back, "His parents are not my parents."

"So? My friends Teddy and James call each other brothers, but Harry is only Teddy's godfather. They call themselves brothers because they feel like brothers. Honestly, I think James likes Teddy more than his actual brother. It's okay – I hang out with Albus too, even though he doesn't do all that much." She examined a tennis shoe, tongue sticking out while Loki thought about this. "I wish I had a brother or a sister. It's really sad when all of my friends play or complain about their brothers or sisters – all I've got is Mummy and Daddy."

Loki blinked down at the little girl, "Do you feel…alone?"

"Yeah," she hummed, leaning against the cushion and staring up at the ceiling, "I mean, I love Mummy and Daddy, but sometimes I want to play with someone else or talk to someone else."

Loki thought back to his own childhood, back to playing and wrestling and hunting with Thor. It had been good, no matter how estranged from his parents he had felt. Thor was always someone who encouraged Loki to improve and thought that he was great, no matter how awful an attempt he'd made at something. They'd bickered and argued, sure, but Loki knew that if anyone picked on him, they'd have to answer to Thor, and if anyone was stupid enough to pick on Thor, they'd have to answer to him.

Loki thought about what he'd been attempting to do, and realized that it didn't really matter, none of it. Not ruling Asgard, not trying to take over Midgard, not even attempting to bed Missus Banner – the only thing that actually mattered was that he'd met this little girl who was stubborn enough to get him help, regardless of how he met her. Although Hermione had taken away his powers, the adults were wary to leave the little girl alone with Loki for too long.

If anyone hurt or picked on Natalie, they'd have a lot of people to answer to. But if anyone picked on Loki, they'd have Natalie and Thor to answer to.

Natalie looked up when someone ruffled up her hair, blinking when she saw an honest-to-Merlin smile on Loki's face, "Would you like it if I were your big brother, Natalie?"

Natalie's eyes widened before she beamed, nodding quickly before jumping off of the couch and running down the hall, colliding into her father's legs as Hermione snorted and laughed. "Daddy, Daddy, guess what!"

"What?" he asked with a grin, stooping down to pick her up.

"Loki's my big brother now!"

The two paused, looked between each other for a moment, and then looked up at Loki as he slunk down into the couch cushions and grimaced.

"Oh, Freud would have so much fun with us," Hermione murmured before blinking when Natalie looked to her curiously. "Nothing, Love." She turned to Loki and arched an eyebrow, "I suppose she's actually doing some good then?"

"More than I would've thought," he stated with a sigh, "It seems that being without powers and in the company of a child I thought to be bothersome is doing wonders."

"Wow, you said that without sarcasm," she grinned as Bruce glanced between the two warily.

Loki sighed again, slumping into the cushion even more and pouting, "I know."

"Perhaps the power of your abilities went to your head," Bruce hummed as the Norse god tilted his head.

"It's altogether possible, there are several cases on Asgard – Elder Rothbart never was fond of wearing trousers in public, for one. Had I had a choice in the matter, I would probably go for my lunacy earlier."

"Did any of these cases have anything to do with your scepter or something of that sort?" Hermione questioned.

Loki thought for a moment before lifting his head when Thor walked into the room, "Thor?"

"Hmm?" he asked, blinking back, his mouth full of something.

"Did any of the eccentric magical people in Asgard have something to aid in their powers?" he asked, sitting on his knees and looking over the back of the couch as he quickly chewed and swallowed before thinking.

"I believe it wasn't something to aid, but to contain," he stated slowly.

"Rings, amulets, canes?"

"I believe," he shrugged before chuckling, "Did you tell them of Elder Rothbart?"

"Of course," he sniffed, "Anyone walking out into the middle of a blizzard with no clothing was obviously looking for attention."

Thor gave a booming laugh as Hermione chewed on her lower lip.

"Who gave you your scepter, Loki?" she asked as Bruce's attention was fully captured, just by the tone in his wife's voice.

"Err…I was thirteen, it was a birthday gift…" he blinked back, "I don't recall. Thor?"

"Uhh…no. Nobody knew that you had magical abilities until you touched the scepter," Thor blinked.

"Somebody's been planning you to go crazy since then," Bruce decided, Hermione nodding in agreement.

"I told you!" Natalie declared from her father's arms.

"There's been cases in my world where some objects can think for themselves and have made others do their work for them," Hermione told the brothers, "They feed off of insecurities and lost hope. But it'd be doubtful that those things could be the same from two different bloody planets."

"But not entirely impossible," Bruce pointed out.

"I'm confused," Natalie told them.

"Asgard? You want to go to freaking Asgard – are you insane?"

Hermione sighed and sat on the edge of the bed, watching as Bruce paced, "You have to admit, Love, it is extremely suspicious. Ever since we got rid of his powers, he's actually be acting like a normal person, if someone a little stubborn and arrogant, but he's kind of like Malfoy in that respect, and I can handle Malfoy. Something else is up, something that we may not even know about yet. Asgard may have the answers."

"Hermione, I'm not sure if you've noticed, but that's another planet away and what if we can't get back? Natalie can't go, we know that, but if one or both of us go and we get stuck there then what happens to her?" Bruce questioned.

"Why can't she go?" she tilted her head.

"Hermione, she picked up one of Natasha's knives the other day and asked if she could 'play Mulan,'" he frowned as she pursed her lips and tried not to smile. "What did you do to her while I was gone, by the way?"

"Nothing, we just played and I taught her things," she grinned. "Bruce, she'd be fine there – we'll just have Thor watch her while we research."

"I'm not agreeing to helping him," he insisted, "He kidnapped my daughter and tried to sleep with my wife, he's not in my good graces."

"But what if it wasn't him? I told you about what happened with Ginny and Tom Riddle's diary – if it wasn't Loki in charge, wouldn't you like to know who it was so they could get on your bad side?"

Bruce faltered. She did have a point. He frowned when she was grinning like she'd already won, reaching out to grab the front of his shirt, tow him closer to her, and kiss him softly.

"I love you, but you knew how stubborn I was before you asked to marry me," she said cheekily before kissing him once again.

"So you're saying this is my own fault?" he asked.

"I'm saying you should've realized something like this would've happened eventually before you even married me," she chuckled before pecking his cheek.

"And to think," he muttered into her hair, "I actually missed you." He flopped into the bed and towed her with him, grinning down at her when she laughed and leaned into him, "What was I thinking? Oh, right, I was thinking that I loved you." He kissed her forehead, smiling when he heard her laugh.

"I love you too," she hummed, wrapping her arms around his torso.

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