Hi everyone, I'm normally in the Grimm section but decided to go ahead and write some fanfic for Iron Man!

Note: This is based on the movies. I have done some research with the comics, but I love RDJ way too much and his characterization of Tony Stark is incredible so it's nice to work with his snarky character a little. Therefore, I own none of the Marvel characters, I just own his new niece: Sadie.

I work part time at a daycare so I use a lot of their mannerisms for her and put in a little Stark-iness.

Hope you enjoy, it's just for a little cute reading. Have fun and feel free to leave R and R's. They make my day. Kisses!


Tony felt so different. Being on the plane back to America was one of the greatest feelings yet also, one of the most dreadful ones as well. Being held captive for three months can really make a person think. While it sucked being stuck in a cave, he knew the real challenge would be what he had to face coming back to America. The first being to shut down his company's weapon's manufacture. The second would be much harder.

He sighed, thinking about what he would say. No matter how much he thought about it, no words could effectively bring about a suitable apology.

He wondered how Tim was. He hadn't seen him in nearly seven years. Course, he couldn't blame him. He hadn't exactly been a responsible or dependable brother. Hell he even told Yinsen that he didn't have a family. Thinking about Yinsen brought back a feeling Tony had never really felt before. He only wished he could have thanked the good man properly. He felt the best way was to remember his dying words. "Don't waste your life."

He knew he needed to patch things up with his brother and he would do it ASAP.

But first, he had some business to take care of, starting with his sham of a company.

"Well, that went well." Tony muttered walking past Pepper towards the car.

"Tony!" Pepper followed closely behind him, "Wait, maybe you can go back and-"

"Nope, done deal." He said, climbing in the car. At least he could mark that off his to-do list. Press handled, company shutting down.

Pepper sighed, she found Obi standing at the doorway; he looked fit to be tied. All she could do was shrug apologetically and climb in next to Tony.

"At least now you'll go to a hospital, right?" she asked.

"Nope, I'm booking my jet to New Haven."

"New Haven? In Connecticut?" Pepper exclaimed.

Tony nodded.

"Why on earth would you go there?" Pepper asked, exasperated. He'd only been back for an hour and already her stress levels were shooting skyward.


"Tony, seriously, what are you doing?" she asked.

"I'm gonna pay Tim a visit." He said.

Pepper blanched, "Tony…wait…you can't go." She said, looking sad.

"Why not?" he asked her, "Is there some pressing matter that needs my attention here? Perhaps another angry press?"

She gave Happy a look who looked sadly back through the rearview mirror.

"Seriously, am I the only one who's excited for a trip to Yale?" Tony asked.

"Tony…I was going to wait to tell you…" she said trying to find words. "Tim and his wife Anna died a couple of weeks ago." She finally said.

It was Tony's turn to blanch. Happy started driving.

"What happened?" Tony asked.

"It was a car accident. They were killed instantly." She said sadly, "Tony, I'm so sorry." She was tempted to hold his hand, but didn't feel he needed that at the moment. He sat back, still in shock. He took a breath then as quick as rain got back to his usual business-like self, "When's the funeral, we should attend."

"It was last week." She said.

"Great, no one wanted to wait for me. Even in death I'm still not invited to his shindigs." He grumbled. Pepper knew this was Tony's way of grieving, but she needed to tell him before he just rushed off to do the next harebrained thing.

"There's something else." She said.

"Great. Someone else I should know about who had a funeral maybe last year?" he asked nastily.

"Don't get snarky, Tony."

He rolled his eyes.

"Your niece is on her way here."

"I have a niece?" he looked stunned, "Since when?"

Pepper felt she could gladly return the attitude, "Well…she's only seven, so…"

"Ha-ha." Tony said, slumping back in his seat, "So why is she coming here?" he asked.

"You're her only guardian. Her mom didn't have a family, or at least that's what I was told. You were in the will."

"Wow, my brother did have a heart. Or maybe not." Tony grumbled.

Pepper sighed, "Tony she's been through a lot. She was in a foster home for a while because…they didn't know if you…"

Tony finally looked her in the eye, "Is she hurt?"

"No, but Tony, she just lost her parents."

He nodded, "Ok, so we have an orphan on her way here and I'm practically public enemy number one. Can my day get any worse?"

Pepper looked up, "I sold one of your cars."

Tony was about to shout until he saw her grin.

"Gotcha." That will teach him to get snarky with her.

Tony had never been happier to be home. He walked in only to find a nauseating display of flowers covering his living room. He rolled his eyes. Yeah nothing says "sorry you were kidnapped and tortured, glad you're home" like flowers. He walked around and was so relieved to hear his favorite voice come on.

"Welcome back, sir. It is wonderful to have you home."

"Hey Jarvis. Missed you too." He said.

"I have received many files regarding Miss Stark. Shall I store them in our home network?"

"Sounds good." Tony shrugged. Jeez, even his freaking house was aware of his niece coming by.

He didn't even know where to put her. His guest rooms were more for…adult…guests.

He walked around and finally found a decently sized room and nearly did a double take. The room had been repainted and redecorated.

"Jarvis, who broke into my house?" he practically roared.

"I have no record of a break in, sir."

"Then why is my guest room the color of a peach?"

"Miss Potts organized a redecorating for your niece's arrival."

"How did she even know about my niece coming here before today?"

"She's known for some time and wanted to be prepared. She was sure you'd be found sir. And you were, if I'm not mistaken."

"Ha-ha." Tony mumbled.

He looked around the guest room and had to admit Pepper had taste. The walls were a beautiful peach color and looked gorgeous as the sunset through the wall-sized window came through. The furniture was kid-sized and white and there was plenty of room for toys and clothes. Even the connecting bathroom had been redone for a kid with a butterfly theme.

He shook his head, smiling. And people wondered why he hired Pepper.

He felt bored waiting around and he wanted to go to his work-room, but he knew he needed to at least meet his niece before he put his new plan into action.

Just because his brother died before he could apologize didn't mean he couldn't make it up to his kid.

He sat on the couch and turned on some music. ACDC filled the room and gave him a sense of calm.

"Sir, Miss Potts has arrived with the Children Services."

"Show time." Tony grumbled, getting up. He looked at the clock and realized it was 8pm. He suddenly wanted nothing more than to sleep.

"Tony?" Pepper's voice came in through the front.

Tony watched as Pepper came in with a nicely dressed woman carrying a briefcase and holding the hand of his seven-year-old niece.

She looked exhausted. Tony suddenly couldn't believe how much she looked like a Stark. Her hair was the same color as him and his brother's. Dark brown and wavy that fell messily to her shoulders. She was a tiny thing and she looked very skinny. Almost too skinny. Tony figured it was just from all the chaos from the last few weeks.

She stared at the floor.

"Sadie," the lady holding her had said, softly, "This is Mr. Tony Stark, your father's brother."

Tony nearly rolled his eyes. She spoke to the poor kid like she was two.

The girl finally looked at Tony and he did a double take. She had the biggest most gorgeous brown eyes he had ever seen. Upon closer inspection, however, she had dark circles under her eyes, and her skin was very pale.

"Mr. Stark?" the lady said, looking up. Tony tore his eyes away from his overly cute niece for a minute to shake her hand, "I'm Ms. Heller. I work for Children Services. It's good to meet you."

"Thanks. And thanks for bringing her. We probably have it all under control." He assured her. He desperately wanted the annoying woman to leave. She even spoke to him like he was two.

"I'll be keeping in touch, making periodical visits throughout. Just to make sure she's in a…stable home." She said, eyeing him warily.

Tony suddenly felt like a pedophile and he didn't even do anything.

"Awesome. Well, get some rest and enjoy the Hilton." He smiled as Pepper kindly ushered the woman out.

"Here's my number." She said handing him a card. He merely stared at him.

"He doesn't like to be handed things, but I'll take it." Pepper said, giving Tony an exasperated look, "And I'll be glad to exchange numbers."

Tony was glad they carried their conversation elsewhere. He finally looked back at his niece, who eyed him with wary curiosity. She cocked her head to the side slightly and Tony found he was mimicking her.

They were silent for a while longer. She was gazing around his house, still rooted to the spot. He suddenly noticed she was carrying a stuffed bear.

"Nice bear. What's his name?" he asked.

She merely stared back.

"It's Sadie, right?" he asked, hoping to get some headway with the kid.

She nodded, still looking around.

Tony was alarmed when she coughed suddenly. Jeez was the silence that awkward?

He noticed her coughing sounded very painful and almost wheezy.

"You okay? You need some water?" he asked.

She shook her head and resumed looking around.

He raised his eyebrows and followed her lead, looking around.

"Do you have any bags?" he asked.

She looked at him quickly then turned around, looking towards the hall.

"I'll take that as a…"

"Uh-huh." She said so quietly Tony was sure it was his imagination.

He stepped closer to her and tried a different approach. Kids weren't exactly his thing, but he didn't want child abuser to go up there with Merchant of Death on his list of titles.

He held out his hand, "You wanna see your new room?" he asked, a little too excitedly. He tried smiling but the look of confusion and annoyance on her face proved that it wasn't such a great idea after all.

She continued to stare at him with those soulful brown eyes. Tony had a feeling those eyes would be the death of everyone around her.

"Okay, follow me." He said, turning around. He wasn't sure if she had followed him or not but was relieved when he turned around and she was indeed following him to her new room. Tony was glad it was close to the kitchen. He didn't have to worry about her getting up at night trying to find food or something and bothering him in the process.

"So…this is your room, bathroom is in there, help yourself to the food in the kitchen, you can tell Jarvis to darken the room and tint the windows and…"

"And," Pepper said coming in behind them, "I also put in a night light that's very cool, so you can tell Jarvis if you want that. I also made sure that Tony can hear you in the system if you need help." She went towards the night stand and showed Sadie the top of it. She tapped the stand and sure enough some buttons came up from the glassy stand. She tapped a picture of Tony and he knew it went automatically to wherever he was in the house.

"I also have your new code for the house, so you can get into Tony's workroom if you need anything. It will also be your code for the whole house."

"What is her code?" Tony asked.

"BEAR" Pepper said.

"Gotcha. Should be simple. You can spell right?" he asked Sadie.

She glared at him, confirming his belief from before that her eyes could indeed kill.

"I also have my contact information in the system, so you can call me anytime, anywhere." Pepper told her.

Happy suddenly came in carrying some luggage.

"Right there Happy." Pepper smiled.

Happy waved, smiling to Sadie who waved back shyly.

"Anything else?" he asked.

"The moving company will bring the rest of her things tomorrow afternoon." Pepper said, "So we'll need some help with that."

"Sure thing. Night everyone." He called, leaving.

"Any questions, Sadie? I know you're probably tired." Pepper asked.

Sadie stood there for a minute, and then just shrugged her shoulders, shaking her head.

"Right, well, holler if you need anything." Tony said, leaving.

"Night, Sadie." Pepper said, closing her door.

"Way to lock her in Pep." Tony grumbled walking towards his workroom.

"Tony, seriously. Was I the only one who saw her ready to cry?" Pepper said angrily.

Tony shrugged. Reiterating the fact that kids were just not his thing.


It was 2 am and Tony was busy modifying his new chest piece when he heard a crash.

"Sir, Miss Stark is in trouble." Jarvis said.

Tony dropped what he was doing and ran upstairs. He found Sadie in the kitchen huddled in a corner, looking terrified. He looked over and found a broken glass on the floor.

"What's wrong? You hurt?" he asked looking around, "Jarvis, check the security!" he ordered.

"No one has entered the perimeter, sir." Jarvis said.

Sadie squeaked, looking around frantically.

"What happened?" Tony asked.

Sadie stared at him with a horrified look on her face. She was panting heavily and she finally swallowed and choked out, "Y-you have a g-ghost."

At first, Tony wasn't sure he heard her right. And when he realized he had, he couldn't help it, he cracked up.

It didn't help that she looked so devastated and that didn't help his laughter die down at all.

When he finished getting over the initial hilarity of her statement, he finally asked her, trying hard not to chuckle, "What makes you think I have a g…ghost?" he snorted

"That voice…" she whispered, practically sobbing, "I was getting water and it said my name and asked if I needed help and then it talked to you. But there's nobody here!" she cried.

He tried to look serious, but for the life of him couldn't. He just laughed outright in her face again. He wiped his eyes, "Oh, kid…no…that's not…" he kept laughing between words. He finally calmed down when he saw she really was crying and looking very upset. He cleared his throat to regain some composure, "That's Jarvis. He runs the house. He's a program I developed to help me out when I need him."

"I thought Jarvis was a person" she said in a squeaky voice.

"Naw, just a…disembodied voice really." He shrugged

She calmed down a little and visibly relaxed.

"You gonna be okay?" he asked, helping her up.

"Uh-huh." She said, wiping her eyes, "No ghost?" she asked seriously

"No ghosts." He promised.

She nodded and Tony decided to clean the glass up.

As he picked up the glass and swept around the spot he saw her find a seat at his gigantic glass kitchen table.

"Couldn't sleep?" he finally asked.

She shook her head.

"Me neither."

She sighed loudly and Tony shook his head grinning. He remembered when he and Tim used to make those loud obnoxious sighs whenever they pissed each other off, whether it was Tony bragging about his latest invention or Tim boasting about his glorious history essay.

He finally sat down opposite her at the table, tapping his fingers on the table.

He studied her and she seemed to be doing the same.

She had her head in her arms on the table and he noticed how heavily she breathed. Her whole body moved with each inhale and exhale. It seemed odd, but he decided not to think about it too hard. Kids were kids.

"So what do you wanna do?" he asked.

She shrugged.

Tony thought about it. He really needed to get his chest piece done if he wanted to live for another few years and start his newest project. But it didn't look like she would be going to bed any time soon.

"Tell you what; you can come watch TV down in the work room. Just don't bother me while I'm working, okay?"

She nodded.

He walked gracefully down the stairs and looked behind him. She was climbing down the stairs rather slowly, taking her time. He waited, wondering if she was just a slow kid or if there was something actually wrong with her.

"Did you step in any glass?" he asked.

She looked up and shook her head, puzzled.

Tony didn't know what else to think, so he just simply waited.

She finally reached the bottom, taking a deep breath, and then came up behind him. As he was pushing in his code, he looked down and noticed something. Attached to the waistband of her capris was a silver box. He could see numbers on the tiny screen. It only caught his eye because she was wearing a bright pink night shirt with matching capris and the device was such a contrast in color.

"Is that a cassette player?" he asked. Not sure what else it could be.

She looked down then looked back up giving him a puzzled look.

"For music." He explained.

She gave him a look to suggest he was a dumbass and walked by him silently.

"What's it for?" he asked.

If she heard him, she was definitely ignoring him. She found a seat on his couch and turned on the TV. He flipped through some channels and finally found some cartoons.

"Go nuts." He said, handing her the remote.

After that, he ignored her as he worked. By tomorrow, he'd be able to put in his new chest piece.

Hope you liked it! More is coming. Thanks for reading!