She comes. He leaves.

She comes to Lavon's. He leaves.

She comes to the bar. He leaves.

She comes. He leaves.

It is the melody to their sad song.

Their night together comes back to her in flashes. His smile was beautiful. How he held her was beautiful.

Their moment together was beautiful, but their spell was broken by another - the one she really wanted.

Nothing is ever said between them. There's nothing left to say.

She knows she can no longer be a part of his world though he'd tell her she is the center of his universe.

She hardly sees him, but he is always there.

He is always there to help her pick up the pieces when it all gets too much to bear.

He comes. He always will.

She only wants him around her when she can't take any more and falls apart drowning her sorrows.

No one else will do in those moments.

Only he can help her through the pain.

He comes for her. Where ever, whenever. He comes for her. It is that simple.

He never questions. He never judges.

He picks her up and carries her through the pain shouldering some of her despair.

His eyes betray him.

Those eyes once so bright and full of life no longer have that sparkle.

They reveal only the depth of his hurt when she looks into them.

He never asks for relief.

He never asks for more from her.

He never brings it up to her.

He can't.

He gives. She takes.

He gives more. She takes more.

He would give her all he is. She would take it all and give him nothing in return.

It is the rhythm of their sad song.

He gives. She takes.

HIs comfort. His care. It is all for her.

She doesn't know how to stop this terrible song.

Deep down she doesn't want it to end.

She goes to bars even after she doesn't hurt so much just to have him come for her.

AN: Have learned not to decide something is a one shot too early in the game. This one is morphing into something unanticipated. I'd say I hope you like it, or enjoy it, but I'm not certain that is the point of this piece.