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Chapter 3


When lunch arrived, I spotted James table on one corner in the cafeteria.

"Eddie!" James yelled with a smile "Let me introduce you, this is Nessie Marin, Demetri Lighwood, Jane and Alec Voultiri, and you already know Tanya and Victoria".

"Hey guys" I greeted them, while taking seat between a big guy, who name was Demetri, and James.

"So Edward, its no that I don't want you here but why aren't you with them" Alec asked while throwing a glance to the Cullen-Masen-Hale-Swan table.

Then I started telling them the story, after I finished everyone had the same expression that James, Victoria and Tanya had on first period.

"What assholes!" Jane exclaimed, ones she was out of her shock.

"Oh, no I understand them, I mean why would I go with them while all of them are couples and I am single" I said while trying to defend their actions.

I really don't know why you are defending them a little voice in my mind said.

Because they are my friends.

Oh really.

Shut Up!

"Ed you don't have to defend them" interrupted Nessie "I mean I know they are your friends, but that is wrong"

"So guys what are you doing today after school" Demetri asked, while changing the subject.

"I don't know" Victoria answered while taking a sip of her coke.

"Hey! Why don't you guys come to my house tonight for a movie night" I suggested.

"Yay! That would be awesome" Tanya smiled.

"That sound like a plan" James concluded.

When the bell rang we all went separate ways, when I noticed that Tanya was following me.

"So now you are stalking me?" I joked

"Oh yeah Edward I have a secret crush on you and I follow everywhere" She joked

I laughed "So what class you have you have next" I asked.

"Biology" Tanya answered.

"Really?" I asked surprise "I've never seen you before".

"Maybe you haven't looked"

Once in class we went to our tables and saw that Bella was already on our table.

"Mr. Masen and Mrs. Denali you are late" Mr. Banner yelled

"Sorry" we told him while taking our seats.

"So where were you in lunch?" Bella asked.

"I was in James table" I explained

"Are you mad at us because of what happened on Saturday?" she asked

"Of course no, I was only accepting their invitation and they are really nice people" I answered.

Mr. Banner started giving us the information we needed for Friday test, once the was over I went to my car, when Tanya approached me.

"Edward can I have a ride home, my car won't start" she asked.

"Sure" I smiled "Lets go"

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