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Gwaine stood glaring at an offending object before him. He had just managed to stumble back from the newly refurbished tavern that morning, nursing a throbbing headache and attempting not to empty the contents of his stomach. He looked forward to returning to his room in the knight's quarters and curl up in his bed to sleep his hangover away, conveniently forgetting the morning training Arthur had planned that day. What he hadn't planned on was a strange small tree growing in the center of his bed, its roots penetrating through the blanket, mattress, pillow, right down to the wooden frame. The tree trunk grew thin and straight topped with small branches with bushy leaves. Barely reaching past Gwaine chest, the simplicity and neatness of the tree feign innocence. Never has Gwaine seen something so inexplicably evil. If anyone wanted evidence of the evil nature of magic, all he would need to do is direct them to the offending tree. There was no possible way for it to exist unless by magic, at least not in this particular fashion. If there was one thing Gwaine knew it was that there was only one sorcerer present inside Camelot's walls.


After the whole monkey incident, Gwaine felt justify in dumping several buckets full of forest floor on the warlock's bed. He figured they would just call it even and get on with their merry friendship as before, with a bond made stronger through shared secrets. But no, apparently Gwaine was wrong, Merlin didn't care about his friendship, al he cares for is having the last laugh. Well if it was war Merlin wants its war Merlin gets. Gwaine is just going to have to figure out a way to surprise the unsuspecting warlock…

All of a sudden someone cleared his throat, going out of his way to be as loud as he possibly can when clearing his throat. Gwaine spun around and was face to face with the very same warlock that had caused the most recent abomination. Merlin stood just at the doorway of the room wearing his usual outfit right down to the bright red neckerchief upon his neck and a lopsided grin spread wide while his eyes watched the knight in amusement.

"Merlin," Gwaine muttered, his headache seemed to have worsened at the appearance of the servant, "what the hell is this?"

"Oh Gwaine, don't you know a tree when you see one?"

"No, why the hell is there a tree in my bed!" Gwaine's voice shook in irritation and anger, glaring at the warlock before shifting his eyes to stare down the tree. To his annoyance, Merlin merely laughed.

"Well don't look at me, you were the one yelling at me for one the other day, I figured I'll humor you this time around and get you one."

"Since when did I ask you to grow a tree in my bed?" Gwaine asked in confusion, stopping for a moment to think of the last couple of days when he could have asked such an odd request.

"Don't you know what kind of tree this is?" Merlin smirked, his eyes shining in amusement as his questions had completely diverted Gwaine from his anger.

"Why should that matter? All I want to do is get some rest and this tree is -"

"Because it's a ficus tree."

Gwaine stopped midsentence at Merlin's answer, his jaw drop and mouth forming a small "O" as his mind began to process what he had heard. So that's a ficus…

"MERLIN, I SWEAR UPON EVERY DROP OF ALE IN EXISTANCE, GET THAT TREE OFF MY BED BEFORE I SNAP IT OFF MYSELF AND BEAT YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH IT!" Gwaine shouted red in anger, grabbing the front of Merlin shirt and pulling him face to face. The quick movement had jarred his head and his stomach was roiling but all Gwaine wanted to do was somehow wipe the smug look off the warlock's face.

Merlin swatted Gwaine's hands off him before stepping around him to the direction of the bed. He paused briefly right next to Gwaine, turned and yelled in as loud as he can directly into the knight's ear, "Okay!"

Gwaine flinched as the shout pierced through his throbbing head, and he began to rub his temple, eyes scrunched up in pain, as he muttered his annoyances against all things magic. Before him, Merlin was quick to get rid of the greenery from the bed with a flick of his wrist and a few choice words; the only thing that remained on the bed was a single fig.

"See Gwaine, you never learn do you? Don't you realize you should never annoy a warlock or dump the forest floor upon his bed? I mean it can only end in tears for you." Merlin retrieved the small fruit and, with a wave of his hand, he left the still aggravated, ill knight in his room bouncing the fig upon his other hand.

"You know this is entirely your fault," Merlin reminded him for the twentieth time already, "you really had to pull me into another mess." Merlin flinched for a moment as another rotten tomato flew towards his face, smashing into the side of his head and juices spilled down unto his shirt. Next to him was Gwaine who, like him, had both their arms and heads locked into the wooden stocks as they twisted and turned in a futile attempt of dodging the oncoming projectiles. In front of them children and adults alike laughed in joy as they continued their onslaught at the punished and shamed duo.

"How was I supposed to know it wasn't another one of you magic tricks," Gwaine retorted, keeping his voice low as to prevent anyone from over hearing his words.

"You couldn't just accept that the feast's entertainment was a travelling animal tamer who just happened to own a dancing monkey? Did you really have to go around screaming and chasing after the poor man, shouting some kind of nonsense of how it was I in disguise to taunt you in public by having a monkey perform silly tricks? Why Arthur thought to send me to the stocks as well even though it was I who was the one trying to stop you from making more of a mockery of yourself."

"You could have easily done that," Gwaine muttered, his face flushed in embarrassment as he thought back to the previous night. He was sure not many present would forget the spectacle of a Camelot knight being chased after by a servant while also chasing a visiting animal tamer, succeeding in frightening the monkey into a frenzy and began to terrorize the guests. At least no one was injured in the process. Gwaine glanced to the servant at his side and as their eyes met for a moment, they both burst into laughter, which was quickly interrupted by more flying vegetables.

"Truce?" Gwaine asked.

"Nope, just admit defeat."

Gwaine gave a sigh as he nodded in agreement. He could not help but accept that Merlin had pulled one over him the past week since he discovered the magic. "Fine, fine, you win this time." For now, he would have to lie low and plan his next attack against the warlock. Magic cannot protect him forever, and even if it takes years, even if it was childish, Gwaine will make sure he will have his revenge on the warlock… somehow.

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