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Name: Kaylee Faith Grant

Age: 17

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 112

Piercings: 3 on each ear and 1 on belly button

Tattoos: None

Style: Racer/Skater

Music: Underground

Car: Black 99' Mitsubishi Eclipse

Name: Vanessa Andrea Jordan

Age: 20

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 116

Piercings: 1 on each ear

Tattoos: None

Style: Prep

Music: Rock

Car: 2000 silver Honda Civic

Name: Jaryn Riley Lewis

Age: 22

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 110

Hair: Black (it's artificial though her real hair color is brown)

Eyes- Brown almost black

Piercings: Belly button, 5 times on each ear, 1 cartilage on left ear

Tattoos: None

Style: Goth/Punk

Music: Punk/Heavy metal... Tommy Lee, Papa Roach, Blind Melon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.

Car: 2000 black Honda Civic w/ flame decals


Jared and Devin are downstairs watching TV and there is no way that I am going to be able to get out of the house. Jaryn told me about the street race tonight, and I told her I'd go, but there is that little problem of me actually getting out of the house. If you hadn't guessed by now, Jared and Devin are my two older brothers. The only family I've got. They raised me since I was about 13 or 14. I love them more then anything. I'm taking my chances, and I'm gonna make a run for it.

"I outta here, see you tomorrow." I said running into the kitchen and to the back door before either one of my brothers could say something. But I didn't have much luck.

"Kaylee, hold up. Where are you going?" Devin asked as I just put my foot out of the door. I was so close!

"Staying over at Jaryn's."

"You coming back tomorrow morning?" Jared asked as he sat and watched the TV that was next to the microwave.

"Yeah." I said trying to make my escape once more.

"Wait a sec… Is Jaryn coming here to pick you up or are you driving over?" Devin said holding me back yet again.

"She's picking me up." I said right as she pulled up. "She's here, I'll see you tomorrow." Giving my brothers each a hug, then finally walking out of the house and to Jaryn's car.

"See, I told ya you could get out!" Jaryn laughed as I got in, and shut the door.

"Yeah, well, I told them I was staying at your house, so we gotta be there tomorrow if they call to check in or whatever."

"Okay, no problem. But first, we got a race to go to." She said as she quickly pulled out of the driveway.


"Here we are." As I looked around, I was in total awe. There were tons of people, and some of the nicest cars I've ever seen. "Well don't just sit there come on!" It was my first race, and by the looks of everything, it most definitely wasn't going to be my last. "Come on, there are some people that I want you to meet." I always knew that Jaryn was into this sort of thing, and I was too. But unlike Jaryn, I never really took the time to get to a race. That was until now.

"Jaryn!" A younger guy yelled running up to us.

"Hey." She smiled as she rapped her arms around his neck, and he rapped his arms around her waist as they kissed. I figured this was the Leon she was always talking about. He was friends with Dom who so I'm told is the best racer around. "Leon, this is Kaylee. Kaylee, this is Leon."

"Hi. It's nice to meet you." I said smiling.

"Hey. Nice to meet you too. Jaryn has told me a lot about you." I smiled, and waited for Jaryn to finish talking with Leon.

"Hello." A voice behind me said. I turned around to find, a guy about my age. He had brown hair, but light enough to look like blonde. He had the most wonderful eyes I had ever seen. "You're Kaylee right?"

"Uhh, yeah. How did you..."

"I'm friends with Leon. Jaryn told me, and the rest of the team about you. How this was your first race." He said getting closer to me.


"Well, welcome to the races. I'm Jesse." He said holding his hand out. I smiled and took his hand, as Jaryn and Leon both noticed.

"I see you met Jesse." Jaryn said in between kissing Leon.

"Guys, over here!" Leon called, as five other people came towards up.

"Kaylee, this is Dom, Vince, Letty, Mia, and Brian. You guys, this is Kaylee." Jaryn said introducing me to everyone.

"Nice to meet you all." I said smiling, trying to make a good impression seeing how I would probably be spending more time around them in the future. I got hello's and handshakes, when Jesse started talking to me again.

"So, you ready?" He asked me. "It's about to start.

"Yeah." I said as I looked around for Jaryn and Leon. "But, I don't know where Jaryn went."

"She's with Leon. They're checking the lines for cops. Keeping a look out." He told me as he kept an eye on the race that was just about to start, but then turned to me. "She told me if cops came, and she wasn't with you, then you'll leave with me, and we'll meet up back at our place."

"Oh. Okay." I said not sure of their 'plan' but agreed. I saw a man standing up high above the crowd waving his hands in the air, which Jesse told me was the signal for the racers to get ready. I thought it was cute the way that he tried to explain everything to me, even though I already knew what was going on. I have never been to a race before, but I did know what was going on. When his hands went down, the cars went flying. Dom was in the lead the entire time and no one had a chance at catching him. As Dom passed the finish line, following by all of the other racers, I saw the guy that Jesse was explaining to me moments before hand Dom a large amount of cash. When I turned to Jesse, I heard Leon's voice yell something about cops. Jesse grabbed my hand and we ran to his car. When the cops were finally out of our site, Jesse spoke up.

"So what do you think?" He asked keeping his eyes on the road.

"About the race?" He nodded. "I love it."

"Good. So you'll be there tomorrow night?" He asked as he continued to drive.

"I'm not sure. I'll have to find away to get out of my house." I told him as I looked out the window and saw Jaryn's car pull out of an alley. "I'll try my best though."

"Well, I hope you'll be able to make it." He said as he pulled into the driveway of a two-story house. "The after party is held here, so you'll be here for a while since Jaryn always sticks around for them." He laughed as he got out of the car.

"Jess, did you get...." She started but stopped when she saw me. "Kaylee. Good to see your back in one piece." She smiled as Leon pulled up.

"You okay?" He said Jaryn as he got out of the car.

"Uh huh. Fine." She said as he kissed her neck. Jesse and I looked at each other for a moment, and we were both thinking the same thing.

"Get a room!" We yelled as we walking inside where the party had already started.

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