A young petite brunette woman snickered as she watched her best friend flirt with a customer. Okay…maybe the customer wasn't just a customer…Maybe said customer happened to be her best friend's boyfriend…But, her best friend was still flirting.

Her friend's boyfriend sent her friend a smile and then took his coffee and left the small bakery. The brunette giggled as he friend walked over to her.

"What are you laughing at?" Her friend raised an eyebrow.

"You're so flirty" The young woman giggled and her best friend rolled their eyes.

"Why wouldn't I be? He is my boyfriend, Rachel" The girl rolled her eyes and the opened her mouth to talk again

"I know, but Kurt, you're acting like you've never met him before and you're just flirting." Rachel Berry pointed out.

"Well sorry I'm not flirting with my boyfriend correctly" Kurt Hummel huffed and then turned towards the cupcakes he had been working on before his boyfriend, Blaine Anderson had stopped by for a visit.

Rachel and Kurt had known each other since high school. They had despised each other in their sophomore year…okay, Kurt despised Rachel, but they still didn't get along very well. Then in their junior year, they had been forced to get closer since Rachel began to date Finn Hudson, the boy who later became Kurt's step-brother. Then, they got closer when they went to New York for the Glee Club's Nationals trip. They had sung on a Broadway stage and then realized that they wanted to spend their life after graduation in New York. In senior year they applied to the same college, NYADA, but only Rachel got in. Kurt had been devastated, but he had gotten over it once he started at NYU, where he took classes in music, theatre, and even cooking. He and Rachel remained close, even though they went to different colleges. They had to be closed, considering they lived in the same apartment.

Then, after a couple Broadway auditions, the two realized that it was much harder than they had expected. They tried out for dozens of Broadway musicals, but they only got called back for a view, not even ending up with the part in the end. So, one day, Kurt decided to start a new dream, which involved a love for cooking –he was planning to start his own bakery.

Rachel was unsure of his decision at first, but then realized how happy baking made him. And he was being reasonable; the Broadway industry was tough to get in, so he was being smart.

So she decided maybe she find a new dream too…

She found it when she started baking with him one night when they were both off work. She finally understood why he wanted to do this instead of perform. She also understood how he wanted to start a bakery.

"Kurt…" She had said one night "Listen, I know it's your dream…but I was wondering if I could help you if you ever actually started a bakery" Kurt had looked at her with wide eyes and then smiled widely.

"Of course you can, Rach. I would love some help" He chuckled as she grinned back at him.

So that's how they got here. They found a cozy little place near some big local companies and other important business, careful to put it away from any other bakeries in New York, not wanting any competition.

They had found a building with two stories so, they decided that the upstairs could be their little apartment, that way they didn't waste space, and it could be cheaper for them.

"They had figured out what they were planning on selling, all the baked-goods and the coffee, but one night Kurt realized they had a small issue.

"Rachel!" Kurt had rushed into their new apartment above the bakery. "I just figured out what the bakery was missing!"

"Rachel looked up at him from the cozy couch settled in their living room. "What's that?"

"A name!"

"Rachel's eyes had widened and they ended up staying up pretty late to think of names, and finally by 1 am, Kurt had gotten it.

"I got it!" He had exclaimed and Rachel looked at him, hanging on every word. "How about 'The New Directions' Bakery'?" Rachel had stared at him in shock and then Kurt looked down, thinking his best friend and co-owner hadn't like the idea, but he knew he was wrong when she squealed and jumped up.

"That's a great idea! I love it!" Rachel beamed and then all of these ideas started flowing in her mind. "I have the perfect idea for the decor!" She grabbed his hand, pulling him off the couch and dragged him downstairs. "We could kind of style it like the choir room!" Kurt grinned and they started talking about where everything would go.

"We could put a piano in the corner!" Kurt exclaimed, "You know the one your dads gave to you when you moved out! It's just in storage now, so it'd be perfect!"

Rachel beamed and clapped her hands excitedly. "And we could get the chairs to look like the ones we had!"

"And we could put in a trophy case and instead of trophies we could put in pictures of the New Directions!" Kurt exclaimed with a grin

"Mr. Schue would be so proud of us" Rachel smiled, remembering their old Glee Club coach, who had recently had a baby with his wife, Emma.

"And when it opens, we could invite all of the New Directions to visit!" Kurt smiled "Most of them live in New York anyway!"

So, that's how they got here, well, that's at least how they got the bakery, but I bet you're wondering how Kurt and his boyfriend, Blaine met…right?

Well that's a question for a later time. Kurt and Rachel are getting ready to have a Glee Club reunion at the bakery soon.

Kurt had been baking all day to get ready for it, and Rachel had been taking care of the customers, since she wasn't as experienced in the cooking department as Kurt.

"Kurt!" she hollered out as her fiancé and Kurt's stepbrother walked through the door. "Finn's here!" She smiled up at her boyfriend as he leaned down and kissed her quickly.

"Hey Rach" Finn smiled and then looked back at the kitchen, making sure Kurt hadn't come out yet. "So, you said that Kurt had a new boyfriend? When did that happen?" Rachel grinned and opened her mouth to reply, but then heard a voice from behind her.

"Yes, Kurt does have a boyfriend, but that's none of your business" Kurt smirked, throwing a towel over his shoulder.

"Sorry, dude, but it is my business. Burt is making me find out all about this guy."

"Well, it's none of Dad's business either"

"Dude, he's your dad"

"I'm quite aware that he's my dad, thanks. And stop calling me 'dude'" Kurt huffed in annoyance

"Oh, Kurt, you know you're dying to talk about Blaine"

"Not with you people. Cause apparently you can't be trusted" Kurt gave his best a friend a pointed look

"Oh come on, Kurt!" Rachel rolled her eyes "He's my fiancé, of course I'm going to tell him!"

"Yeah, even after I told you not to"

"Kurt!" Rachel groaned "Don't be mad at me or else I'll tell Blaine all about your 'Week of Straight' in sophomore year"

Kurt scoffed and was about to retort when Santana and Brittany walked into the bakery.

"Dolphin!" The blonde squealed and ran and embraced Kurt. Kurt chuckled and hugged her back.

"Speaking of 'Week of Straight'" Finn whispered to Rachel who giggled. Kurt glared at them and then hugged Santana.

"How are you two doing?"

"Good. We set a date for the wedding!" Brittany grinned. Santana had proposed to her a few months back and since they both lived in New York, they could get married.

"That's great" Rachel smiled as Brittany hugged her and Finn and Santana side hugged her and simply nodded at Finn.

"So, are we the only people here, besides Frankenteen?"

"Yep, but I think I see Quinn and Puck" Finn commented and within a minute or so another blonde and a man with a Mohawk stepped in. The two of them had reconnected a couple years after graduation and decided to be friends first, but then they slowly got closer and ended up together again.

"Hey dude!" Puck slapped Finn on the back and Finn smirked down at his best friend

"Hey, Puck, Quinn" Finn nodded at his ex-girlfriend who smiled and hugged Rachel, then Kurt.

"Hey. I love the decor in here. It's…home-y" Quinn smiled at them and then moved to hug Santana and Brittany.

"I would hope it would be" Kurt joked "You spent 3 years in a room similar to this one"

Quinn giggled and smirked at him. "Almost three years. There was a small gap in when I started and when the Glee Club started. Then the beginning of senior year was I was…absent for a while"

"Hey, I think we've all left Glee Club once or twice. Or haven't been there the whole time" Puck commented and Rachel jumped in

"Not true, I haven't"

"Yes you have" Kurt corrected "You left because you didn't think you had enough 'Star Power'". Kurt rolled his eyes and Rachel frowned.

"It wasn't for that long, though"

"Still weren't there though" Kurt commented with a smirk and Rachel pouted at him "You know I think the only ones who have actually been there from the start and stayed there were Tina and Artie"

"Though they have stomped off a couple times"

"Wait? Artie can stomp? I thought he couldn't walk!" Brittany said with a confused expression.

"Finn meant that they both have gotten upset and left the room, sweetie" Santana explained softly

"Oh" Brittany nodded and Kurt smiled at the two of them.

Twenty minutes later, everyone was there. Sam and Mercedes had been running a little late because their flight from L.A. had been delayed so they got into the city later than expected. But, still, everyone was there, even Mr. Schue.

Kurt had brought out some baked goods that he had been working on all day for the Glee Club to stuff their faces with and Rachel brought out some coffee for everyone.

"I do love this place" Mr. Schue said with a watery smile. "To know that you based this around the Glee Club and the choir room means a lot to every single one of us"

"Well, this bakery was like a turning point to us, and so was Glee Club, so why not incorporate it. Plus, I don't think we would be here without Glee Club"

"What do you mean?"

"Some of the couples wouldn't be together. Some of the best of friends wouldn't be friends at all. Some of us wouldn't even be on speaking terms. Glee Club changed our lives" Rachel smiled "And we have you to thank for that"

Mr. Schue smiled and wiped an unshed tear from his eye. "Are you kidding me?" Mr. Schue let out a small laugh "I wouldn't be anywhere without you guys."

"What do you mean?"

"I would probably still be married to my ex-wife, and if not, I doubt I would have ever plucked up the courage to ask Miss. Pillsbury to marry me. You guys made me into a better person"

Everyone exchanged looks and then huddled around Mr. Schue for a group hug.

When they pulled away, they all started asking each other questions about their personal lives or their jobs.

"So, Kurt," Mercedes smirked and Kurt suddenly felt uneasy "Tell us about your new boy toy" Kurt's head snapped to Rachel who was sitting a couple people away from him with Finn.

"Rachel! What the hell? Did you tell everyone?"

"Yeah, she did. She sent us all an email" Tina said from beside her husband Mike

"She-email-sent-You what?" he turned on Rachel and she slumped in her chair.

"I was just so happy for you"

"So you sent an email to all of them?" Kurt exclaimed angrily

"Yes, I'm sorry Kurt, but I knew you probably wouldn't tell them, and they had a right to know! They're your friends!"

"Doesn't matter whether or not she sent the email, you still need to tell us when this happened, Hummel" Santana said with a smirk

"I'm not telling you anything"

"Kurt" Mercedes said softly "We're all friends here. And we just want to know what happened, and if your happy"

"Yeah, we say you get put through hell in high school" Puck said and Kurt flinched a little "We just want to make sure you're better than back then" Puck took a sip of his coffee "So, spill Beyoncè"

Kurt sighed "Fine" He squirmed a little at the feel of all their eyes on him "But first, I want to tell you that, yes, I am happier than I was in high school, though I miss you guys, I love New York"

"That's good" Tina smiled

Kurt smiled back at her "And Blaine, my 'boy toy'" he quoted Mercedes and everyone let out a small laugh "has made me happier. We've only been dating for a couple weeks, but we were really good friends before we started dating."

Then once he stopped talking, the questions began.

"Do we get to meet him?"

"Who made the first move?"

"On a scale of 1-10 how hot is he?"

"How long have you known him?"

"On a scale of 1-10 how good of a kisser is he?"

"Tell us how you met, please!"

"No! Tell us all about it!"

"Um…" Kurt thought for a moment, thinking of all their questions. "Maybe. He did. 15. For about 6 months. 18. And it's a really long story"

Santana smirked at him "18? Man, this boy must have great lips"


"Well, you're the one who gave him an 18 on a scale of 1-10." Santana defended

"Please tell us the whole story!" Tina squeaked

"Yeah! I agree! I want to know too!" Artie smirked "Besides, this is the New Directions' Weekend so we've got time!"

"And we're all dying to know how it happened!" Quinn smiled "Well, except Rachel. She got the full experience"

"Actually, he only told me some things…" Rachel said and looked at Kurt. "Tell them all about it"

Kurt groaned "It's a really long story"

"Once again, we've got time" Sam shrugged, kind of intrigued.

Kurt groaned again and then looked at everyone's eyes on him. "Fine, but I want to lay down some rules" Everyone nodded "First of all, if you ever meet Blaine, don't use anything I say against him…you guys love to tease." Everyone nodded at the first rule "Second, you may input your comments, as long as they're appropriate" Kurt sent a glare in Santana and Puck's direction. "And finally, no judging me"

"Fine, we promise, just start the god damn story!" Santana exclaimed, eating a chocolate cupcake.

Kurt sighed, knowing this was going to be a long night…