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Ch.1-Meeting a friend

I walked close to my father being only seven I was shy. He bent down to my level.

"Mike, look you'll be fine" he said, "I know it's the first new school since we moved but try not to think about it." I gave my father a little smile, holding tight to my uncertainties. He held my trembling hand as we climbed up the steps of the school house. "You'll do fine, Michaela. I'll back at the end of the day." I nodded and opened the door.

I ducked my head trying to remain unseen. The teacher walked over to me her blonde hair in a simple ponytail. She put a hand on my small shoulder, guiding me to an empty seat. I looked at the seat next to me a boy barely older than me sat there. His hair was long and brown with light highlights in it he wore a deer-skin shirt. I noticed that fringe hung down from the arms I couldn't help myself curiosity got the better of me. I tapped him on the shoulder.

"Excuse, me?" I asked, "What's your name?" I paused, waiting for his answer. The boy turned gazing directly into my slightly different colored eyes. His gaze stuck me as kind, compassionate and that he was willing to go out of his way for people in need. After a long moment, as if he needed think about my question he replied.

"Byron Sully but my friends just call me Sully. What's yours?"

I smiled not feeling so nervous anymore. "Michaela Quinn I'm new here from Boston. My father's a doctor his practice moved here because they needed a doctor. I hope to help him and eventually take over one day!"

My new friend leaned closer to whisper in my ear. "That's a great dream you have how do you plan to accomplish it?" I shrugged letting out a laugh. I heard the teacher shush us. I averted my eyes my face slowly turning red Sully patted me on the arm.

The school day ended as quickly as it had begun. I stood outside with Sully, waiting for my father to arrive. I spotted him coming down road I ran to him and hugged him. He kissed my forehead, spinning me around. My eyes found the boy who'd been so nice to me. Sully nodded starting leave. "Wait!" I called. My father set me on the ground. "Come over and play?"

Sully grinned, "Sure, Michaela, just let me check with my folks." My father and I watched as he joined a group of people, whispered to them and then came back. "I can go," he told me. I took his hand, walking further down the road leading him to my home.

My mother, Elizabeth Quinn paced the kitchen anxious for our return. Peering through the glass window she saw her husband, me and boy she didn't know. I bounded up the steps dragging Sully with me. He tried his hardest not to be dragged but it was no use. I smiled releasing his hand he exhaled a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry, Sully I got excited," I said patting his cheek gently. My mother opened the door and embraced me tightly.

"Michaela, who is this," she questioned gazing in our guest's direction. I shifted my weight from foot to foot awkwardly not sure whether to answer my extremely proper mother or not. She never likes anybody that's different from her.

She expects me to be just like her! Well I've got news for her I won't I'll be my own person!

"Michaela, answer me!" I covered my ears and turned my back on her. My father attempted to obtain my obeisance unsuccessfully however. I crossed my arms over my chest finally obeying.

"His name is Sully he's not from the same social class as our family. He befriended me at school today." I stood silently awaiting my punishment my mother stared sternly at me. I glanced over my shoulder at Sully. He almost seemed like he was gonna laugh but he stopped.

"Be careful" my friend mouthed with warning eyes. I nodded I heard my mom clear her throat. She started to speak, voice low and dangerous.

"Listen to me, Michaela I prefer my family do not associate with people from lower social classes. We may be out of our element here in Colorado but we still have our dignity. If you choose to remain friends with him you won't have any respect, my daughter."

Furious, hot tears poured from my eyes. My father knelt, cradled me in his arms and carried my outside Sully followed close behind. I didn't know what to feel. My first real friend forbidden from playing with me what was my mom thinking? My dad put me down against a tree stroking my soft red hair.

"Mike, I know your mother's a pain in the neck but we have to deal with her," he soothed. I shook my head. I beckoned Sully closer he knelt next to me putting his arm around me. My father backed off and let the two of us talk. I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand. The emotions I felt were conflicted I was angry but sad I didn't understand.

Mom called from the doorway, "Michaela come in now!" I stayed on the ground I didn't feel like moving and I didn't have I wasn't at my mother's beck and call like she thought. She stomped out to the tree and forced me to my feet. She bent inches away from my scared face hissing out of gritted teeth, "You are never to see him again!" I trembled in her firm grasp, a fresh wave of tears falling to the dirt. Sully couldn't believe it he'd finally met a friend now that friend couldn't see him what luck!

He watched me as my mother dragged me into the house. What's her problem? He shrugged, turning to go he heard me call his name. I sounded so alone. Sully's eyes locked on mine for a second giving me a sad smile he left. I wondered if I would ever see him again. I hoped so!