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Ch.13-The Wedding

Once again I found myself standing in front of a floor-length mirror adjusting a veil, only this time it wasn't guilt I felt it was happiness. I loved Sully and I couldn't imagine not being with him. A smile pulled at the corners of my lips as I thought of how our married life would be. I felt my face blush; thinking of my own secret desire; the part of our life together that could finally be fulfilled. I started to pace, the sound of my heels echoing off the wooden floor. I heard a knock at my door and paused beginning to sweat.

"Who is it?" I called. I waited for an answer with bated breath Sully knew he wasn't allowed to see me before the wedding. My father nearly laughed he knew who I was excepting.

"Mike, honey it's okay it's your father." I giggled as I opened the door, my eyes on the floor. He looked at me grinning widely. He understood that part of me was excited and part was nervous. Why shouldn't I be? My mother had a habit of breaking her promises he knew that she'd do everything in her power to ruin the wedding.

I felt embarrassment burn my pale complexion. I lifted my hands to shield them. Truthfully I wouldn't have minded if Sully had snuck in to see me but my mother, I'm sure would have a fit. I rolled my eyes. She so was traditional! Everything had to be perfect so proper and restrained that wasn't me. Nope not by a long shot, all her, she refused to give me any freedom. My father came to stand at my side I shrugged miserably in his direction. He wrapped an arm around my trembling shoulder, brushing a stray hair from my face. I heard another knock at the door, standing stock still I replied as loud as my voice would let me.

"Sully?" My voice sounded drained, stunned and overjoyed all combined into one tone. I ran to the door nearly tripping over the train of my dress. I opened it and flung myself into my fiancé's embrace. Holding me close he breathed in the scent of my hair: lilacs and the clinic. Gauze wrappings, salve along with the other medical supplies I used. I glanced into Sully's blue eyes sighing; yeaning to kiss his lips. You shouldn't be here, I teased, "My mother will have a fit you know how traditional she is. My advice, if you do not wish to face her wrath you'd better leave."

Sully chuckled, "I suppose you're right, Michaela. I'll see you in a few minutes."

I watched him walk out of room closing the door noiselessly behind him. I felt my heartbeat begin to hammer a mile a minute. A hand touched my shoulder causing me to jump in surprise. Realizing it was only my father I relaxed.

"Mike, calm down. What's the matter? I've never seen you this jumpy before." I shook my head. I knew why I was nervous. I didn't want my mother to ruin the wedding. I could just imagine her weaving a web of lies to halt the ceremony. She'd say that I had feelings for David or something crazy like that; I hoped we could get through unscathed. The church bells started to chime; it was time the moment I'd longed for had arrived. My Dad took my arm smiling, "Are you ready, Mike," he asked.

I nodded unable to form words I let him lead me into the church. I tried to steady my excited heart but I could not. As we walked down the aisle I heard the wedding march begin to play. I gulped, my throat feeling as dry as sand paper. My palms began to sweat as we got closer to the altar. I knew I wanted this; I wanted this more than anything. I gazed into Sully's calm, blue eyes hoping to keep my thoughts grounded. My father released my arm and let my groom take my hand. He gazed intently into my brown orbs noticing my complexion was a bit pale.

"Are you alright, Michaela?" he whispered in my ear. "Is it your mother?"

I nodded slightly, not wanting to let mother know had I doubts about her promise. I clung to Sully's chest scared of what she might do he stroked my hair comfortingly. The reverend cleared his throat, catching everyone's attention. Sully and I jumped apart.

"Ahem! Dr. Mike, Sully can we begin?" My mind screamed a prominent "yes" however I remained on edge. What if my mother decided to interrupt the ceremony after all what then? Sighing I gripped Sully's hand tighter and nodded a small nod. The reverend noticed my hesitation knowing the reason instantly. He put a hand on my shoulder to show support. "Don't worry, Dr. Mike I won't let your mother delay the wedding, I promise."

I shared a glance with my groom nervously. I heard the reverend ask if we'd like to say any vows to each other. Smiling I pulled out mine and started to recite them.

Sully, I never dreamed that someone could love me the way you do, so completely. In my childhood I constantly felt alone and alienated. No one seemed to care about me or love me for that matter and then I met you. You've been my best friend since we were seven years old. You were the first person I could be myself around and I love you."

A grin broke out on his face at my vows. I felt him softly stroking the back of my hand. Heat radiated through his fingers causing me to almost kiss him before I was allowed. Sully continued to beam a nearly devilish smile; his seductive smile. It made my knees weaken to the point of being unable stand. My groom then began to speak.

"Michaela, before we met I too was alone. You, in a matter of speaking "saved me" I did have the Cheyenne but somehow I sensed something was missing from my life…you. You've brought so much joy into my life I cannot even describe how grateful I am. I love you, Michaela and I always will," he finished a loving note in his voice.

I wiped my eyes realizing I was crying. The reverend gazed between us grinning. "If anyone has any reason this couple should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace." I held onto Sully for dear life as both of us awaited the verdict. I heard no sound for several seconds until someone stood.

"I object!" My heart sank knowing it was David; I started to sob into Sully's chest heartbroken. He hugged me closer his eyes staring piercingly at David. I buried my tear-stained face deeper in his soft dress shirt, wishing it was all a bad dream. I dabbed my eyes awkwardly with a handkerchief, blew my nose and met Sully's gaze. Putting a finger to his lips he simply kissed my forehead as a sign of understanding. I turned to the reverend shakily.

"Can you give us a few minutes to sort things out, Reverend?" I questioned. He nodded solemnly resting his hand on my shoulder. Sully clasped my hand in his, his warm, strong, loving. Mine pale, sweating and holding his with a death grip. How could mother do this to me? She promised! Of course why did I ever believe her? All she's done is stab me in the back since I met Sully.

"Michaela?" he asked, "It's okay let's forget about your mother and David and just finish the ceremony. Who cares about their opinions?"

I smiled, "You're right, Sully we can always talk to them afterwards. I love you I'm ready to be your wife with all that it entails."

We walked back to the altar still hand-in-hand the reverend grinned. I readied myself for the future that Sully and I would share. I glanced down at our entwined hands, smiling to myself.

"Michaela, do you take Sully as your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold in sickness and in health; for richer or poorer; for better or worse till death do you part," the reverend continued.

"I do," I said, light twinkling in my eyes. I noticed my groom was fighting the temptation of caressing my cheek affectionately. Instead he kissed my fingertips discreetly. I blushed crimson at the contact the reverend cleared his throat again.

"Sully, do you take Michaela as your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold in sickness and health; for richer or poorer; for better or worse till death do you part?"

My groom smiled at me making the blood rush to my head. "I do," he replied, watching the light dance in my brown, serene eyes. Sully cradled my chin in his hands the reverend grinned seeing that he was a step ahead. I slipped the wedding ring onto my groom's finger then he followed suite.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife you may now kiss the bride." Sully kissed my lips passionately. I wrapped my arms around his neck, sinking into the heated embrace of his mouth. I pulled back feeling a blush spread through my face. All of our guests stood up and clapped I let my fingers entwine with his as we walked to the reception. When we arrived he pulled out my chair and sat down beside me. I rested my hand on the table Sully covered it with his own a loving look in his eyes. I smiled hugging him close, my head falling into a comfortable spot on his chest. He kissed the crown of my head, running a finger along my cheek. I bit my lip the temperature in the room rose steadily. My heartbeat was pounding behind my eardrums. I tried to catch my breath but the heat was stifling; I could not find air for my lungs however that seemed irrelevant at the moment.

"Sully, can we cut this reception short," I asked, my breath on his neck, urgent. My new husband recognized that tone I'd adopted it many times when we'd fended off desire. It was my defeated tone. He pulled me closer I inhaled the scent of his clothes. Musk combined with nature I took comfort from it. I felt Sully's lips brush against the side of my neck I gasped quietly. My blood ran hot with passion I couldn't take this teasing any longer. Sighing, I let my imagination fill with my deepest fantasies. I glanced up at him, getting to his feet he reached for my hand.

"Of course we can cut the reception short, Michaela," my husband whispered in my ear. I shivered unable to block the surge of delight that coursed through my body at his reply. Our guests remained silent, knowing exactly what we were discussing. At one of the far tables my sisters giggled noiselessly to avoid alerting mother to the topic of mine and Sully's conversation.

"Should we help them out?" asked Maureen, "Michaela looks like she's about to crack." Rebecca and Marjorie glanced towards the long table, draped in a pure white tablecloth where Sully and I sat. I bit my lip; my facial expression gave the air of forced composure. Sweat beaded on my forehead, a sign of tension. I feared I'd do one of two things: bite strait through my lip or give into the emotions that were pulsing in my bloodstream. My husband squeezed my hand, kissing my neck just below my ear. I froze. Was he trying to seduce me, certainly not while we were still at the reception?

"Sully, let's go please!" I begged under my breath, which was quickening more by the minute. He grasped my hand tighter to keep me balanced. I could feel in the caress of his hand that passion's hold had captured him too.

His warm, soft hand, focus Michaela! I told myself, biting my lip again, this time drawing blood.

"Ouch!" The word escaped my parted lips quietly as I put a finger over the cut. Sully gazed down at me, concerned; lifting his hand up to my mouth he gently touched my split lip. Removing a tissue from his pocket he wiped it.

"Yes, Michaela, we can go." My husband led me from Grace's one thought occupying his mind. Once we were packed and ready to leave we boarded a train in route to our honeymoon location. I sat in my seat once we found a compartment, my palms sweating. Sully wrapped his arm around me, pulling me closer; close enough so that his skin brushed mine. I cast my eyes at my surroundings. I noticed there were rose petals scattered on the floor. I gulped this wasn't going to be easy. I felt gentle hands move my copper-red hair away from my neck. I shrived I knew where that simple gesture would lead I turned my head to face my husband. I kissed his mouth full force not holding anything back. Sully picked me up in his strong, caring, comforting arms bridal style and carried me to the bed. With another kiss on lips he blew out the lamp, letting our passionate, long-awaited wedding night begin.