The Doll

Author's Notes: This is in response to xenavirgin's wonderful prompt found last year on LJ for the 1st Poke the Dragon Comment said the following:

xenavirgin on July 3rd, 2011 02:57 am (local)

Pygmalion - Nigel and Miranda have an argument about whether or not a person has to be born with a sense of fashion or if it's something that can be learned. Give either side of the argument to Nigel or Miranda (I think it could work either way.) They're on a shoot in Central Park while they argue and they spot a rather frumpy Andy walking by and one of them makes the bet they can change her into a Fashionista in a month. :D

Therefore, this story is dedicated to xenavirgin!

Summary: Miranda and Nigel are in Central Park for a photo shoot, and they get into a friendly debate about whether fashion sense can be learned. Miranda accepts a bet to teach Andy in six weeks, at which time the New York Fashion Week Art & Fashion Gala shall take place. Andy is a reporter for the Mirror and has never met Miranda.

Timeframe: Let's say it's toward the end of April 2007, several months after Paris Fashion Week when Irv attempted to oust Miranda, Nigel had his dream job taken away from him, and Stephen had served divorce papers to Miranda. Please note that I am aware NY Fashion Week does not occur in June. I am invoking poetic license.

Pairings: DWP Miranda/Andy

Disclaimers: I'm still a lawyer and a piss-ant (and I am also called many other "nicknames" given to me over time in bouts of affection, joy, grief, and aggravation, but I won't share them here). Suffice it to say, I am merely offering this story for its entertainment value, and it's protected by the fair use doctrine. I am receiving no profit, but hopefully I will receive kind words for my efforts.

Oh yeah—I do not own The Devil Wears Prada or My Fair Lady nor any of their characters as portrayed by the scripts, books, or movies. I do lift heavily from some sections of each, mix them well, and bake them. Hopefully, the end result is tasty and doesn't give you indigestion.

Rating: eventual M/NC-17

Betas are awesome! I always appreciate the insight and feedback from my indispensible betas, Gin akasarahsmom/GinStan, quiethearted, shesgottaread, and peetsden. Thank you for reading my stories and diplomatically telling me how to make it better. I appreciate your support and candid feedback.


Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Wait! Wait! Let me get this straight. You took a leave of absence from the Mirror to learn all about fashion?" Nate asked incredulously. He laughed in disbelief. "Andy! That's, that's ridiculous! Why would you do that? You don't care about clothes! I mean, look at you!"

Andy winced at her boyfriend's words. Boyfriend. Probably not for much longer. He had stopped acting like one months ago. No matter what she was working on, he did nothing but complain. It wasn't surprising that he would insult her now.

"Nate. After it ends, I'll be able to publish a series of articles on learning fashion—a type of journal about my experiences. And, I'm getting an exclusive interview with Runway's Editor-in- Chief! Any reporter would kill for the opportunity! She never gives interviews!" Andy said as she changed after a long, exhausting day.

"Come on! Who cares! I mean, sure some of the hoity-toity upper crust probably live off her every word but, Andy! You aren't like that. It's bad enough you were working all those hours at the paper, but now you're coming home even later," Nate whined.

Staring hard at him, Andy decided it wasn't worth fighting about. She knew that soon enough Nate would be out of the picture. No doubt this would be one of his rationalizations. Shaking her head, Andy moved through the bedroom and into the kitchen, intent on eating something. She noticed the gym bag near the door, but said nothing.

'Whatever. I'm going out—"

"With the guys?" Andy sneered.

"Uh, yeah," Nate said uncertainly, his anger temporarily subdued by Andy's uncommon tone of voice.

Yeah, right! Andy knew that he had other plans. She supposed the fact that she hardly cared should give her a clue that their relationship was in its death throes. She was not prepared to confront him just yet, though.

"Well, have a good time. Be careful. If you drink too much, just stay wherever you are," Andy said brightly as she opened the refrigerator. Might as well give him an excuse to not come back tonight. It would be a relief to not be awakened in the dead of night. She needed the sleep.

"Okay. They were, uh, talking about taking a trip to Atlantic City this weekend, but I said you'd be working," Nate said slowly.

Although in fact she had Sunday off, she said, "Yeah. You know me. Work, work, work." She didn't mention the fact that he always worked the Saturday night shift at the restaurant. "But that's no reason for you to stay. Go. Have fun."

"Ooo-kay," Nate said, his voice betraying his confusion. He kissed the top of her head and left quickly.

With a sigh of relief, Andy pulled out the makings for a salad. She prepared it quickly and sat down, smiling grimly as she looked toward the door.

The bag was gone.