Ch 5: 4 Weeks

We found it.

We found out the truth of what was really going on.

And by God, was it terrible.

We did manage to find a radio. It was a military grade level radio com which was the most powerful wireless communications device there. While tuning it, we find out what really happened.

Somehow, we overheard a distant signal talking about how the Russians and all of Europe had become one super-country. The U.S. government betrayed us. It turns out that they had been experimenting with chemical warfare against them – specifically Old Russia, and something had gone wrong. Horrible wrong. This resulted in the zombie virus, or what they're now calling Virus X.

The catch? Russia was offering shelter to any Americans who willingly converted to a Communist lifestyle. They set up a checkpoint at the entrance to Plymouth Rock, which is ironically, where we first set foot on our "great nation." From there, Americans will be inspected and searched before being shipped off to Europe.

However, there is another complication. The U.S. government now has the right to shoot and open fire on any Americans with intent to become Communists, and so anyone caught within the proximity of that checkpoint site will be shot on sight.

Upon hearing this, I turned towards Ms. Guerra whose mouth had dropped open in horror. Her face went pale and I looked away, sickened at what had been done. I felt like crying, though I was too exhausted for that. We both were.

So, what did we do, you ask?

To be continued.