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Apparently, floor three was the salon.

"No," I growled.

"You have to," the salon manager answered. We had been going on like this for a few minutes, and she was getting on my nerves.

"No, I actually don't," I shot back.

"Ryan. Long hair gets in the way when you fly. Really long hair will get tangled up in your feathers and yank them out," Ever told me.

I growled in the back of my throat. I loved my hair. It was straight, golden brown, streaked through with light blonde from the sun, and fell to my ankles.

"And anyway, you need to be as light as possible when you fly, or else you won't get off the ground. And this," she said, gathering my hair up in her fist, "must weigh at least two pounds."

"Still," I said, trying to pull away. Jill wasn't in front of me anymore, and her scissors weren't on the counter. I pulled harder.

There was a swishing noise behind me, and suddenly I was free. I spun around. Ever was holding giant chunk of golden brown hair in her hand. My hand flew to my hair as I dared to look in the mirror. It had been chopped off at an angle, longer in the front than in the back, and just brushed the tops of my shoulders.

I gave Jill my special I-hate-you-and-one-day-you-are-going-to-wake-up-missing-several-vital-organs look, and stormed out of the room.

Ever chased after me. I glared at her.

"It's not my fault!" she cried.

"You held me still!" I shot back.

"I didn't know she was going to cut it!"

"Yes, you did!"

"No I didn't!"

"What did you think she was going to do when she came up behind me holding freaking scissors?"

"Well… I did know she was going to cut it. But still."

We entered the elevator. "Just tell me when we get to the sleeping quarters," I muttered, turning away from her and closing my eyes.

"We're here," Ever said a minute later.

I stepped out of the elevator and into a beautiful hallway. The walls were covered with paintings of famous people who had Changed in the Facility. Each door was decorated differently, with plaques saying a name on them. Johnna. Elise. Harriet. Jennifer. Ever. I stopped outside Ever's. "This is your room?" I asked.

Ever nodded. "The doors are supposed to reflect who we are. We have to decorate them ourselves, and when we leave they put in a new door."

I examined the door more closely. There was a pair of wings that looked just like Ever's. Her name was written over and over again, filling up most of the space. The door itself was reddish in color, and made of wood. In the top of the door was a list of names. Mine was the last one. "Who are these people? And why am I part of this list?" I asked.

Ever looked at where I was pointing. "Those are all the people I've brought here. We add to our doors as time goes on, so I added your name the other day."

I continued down the hall. Leah. Bella. And, finally, mine. A blank white door. I pushed it open. The first thing I noticed was the bed. It was huge. The covers were white, just like everything else in the room. I scanned the room. On either side of the large room were two doors. I looked at Ever. "What are these for?"

"Adjoining doors. The girls next to you can come into your room without cutting through the hall. It's a great way to break curfew. If you sneak through the hall, you will get caught. There are security cameras everywhere. But only you have the key to your room, and there are no cameras. So you could have the girls next to you in your room all night. I might cut through some rooms to come see you if you want."

I ran out into the hall. So I could have Bella and Cassie in my room all night if I wanted. Hopefully they were nice. Ever would have to cut through Bella's room to come see me at night. I went back into my room and opened the adjoining door to Bella's room. There was another one, with no knob on my side. My door had no knob on her side. I knocked on her door. No answer. I knocked on Cassie's door. No answer. "Where are they?" I asked.

"Changing, or practicing. You have to master flight before you can leave here, and I believe Cassie has wings. I think Leah does, too."

I shrugged. "Doesn't matter right now, anyway. I need sleep. I didn't sleep at all last night. I might wake up in time for lunch. Bye, Ever. See you later."

Ever left. I shut the lights off and climbed into bed. I lay there in the darkness, fingering the ends of my chopped-off hair until I drifted off to sleep.

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