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Chapter Twenty-Six

Game, Set, Match

Chapter Song: You Found Me/ I Can Barely Say by The Fray

I woke up with a start: a loud gasp escaping my mouth, my body shivering, and cold air nipping at my bare shoulders. Looking around, I took in my surroundings of where I had been dragged. I was lying in the middle of the forest. All that was surrounding me was trees and darkness. Peter was somewhere here, creeping in the shadows observing my every move—I could feel it in my bones, and my mark. My breaths were coming out in a dense white fog as my jaw was slightly chattering from how cold I was. How long was I out for? God what I would do for my phone right now. It couldn't have been long since it was still night. The wet, dampness of the soil beneath my hands made me shiver. I wiped them on my jeans, stood up, and had my head revolving around to find Peter. Then I spotted it, those gleaming, red eyes floating in the beyond in front of me. My breaths became shorter and faster. My mark began burning with pure fury, like a mixture of ice and fire.

"Finally." He smiled, emerging from the bushes. His red orbs staring directly at me.

"Peter, please don't." Why was I even asking him this? He wasn't going to listen to me. He was the predator, I was the prey: the helpless, weak, prey. And this was his chance to finally attack, take a chunk from my skin and insert his venom into my system, changing me from human to monster.

"Please don't?" he cocked his head repeating my words, continuing to walk for me as he was in inches of me I instinctively began backing up. "Now why would I do that?" His hands reached for me. With a loud gasp and quiet shriek, he shoved me down to the ground. "I've been waiting for this moment a long time now." He smiled, his eyes reverting to normal. "Just imagine being part of my pack, being a werewolf! You'll be perfect, the envy of everyone. I'm not the bad guy, I'm helping you, Katherine. The bite is a gift." He spoke so enthusiastically about it. Lik

"I don't want it." I retorted.

"No returns." He smiled grabbing my forearm in his muscular hands and pulling me up till my wrist met his smiling lips. No, no, no! I had to take action. So, quickly in one swift motion, I lifted my leg up and jabbed my foot into his knee. He growled, letting my wrist go and I took that opportunity to punch him in the face. I bit back a yell of pain when my fist came in contact with his face. Peter groaned out in pain as he bent over, holding his face. I had to get him on the ground so I had a chance to run. Kicking my leg into his stomach, I then targeted for the back of his knee. That finally sent him toppling onto the ground. His eyes flashed blood red. Oh, he was pissed. Run, Katherine, run! And there I took my opening, sprinting off. There I was running for my life as fast as I could.

I was going to die.

Or get turned. I knew that, not with the determined intent of the suicidal, but rather with the hopeless despair of the doomed. My boots pounded against the damp, muddy forest floor and the air burned deep inside my lungs. All hope was quickly abandoning me.

"There's no point in running!" Peter's gruff voice taunted from far behind her. Ignore it, Katherine. Keep going. My shaking hand pressed against the right side of my abdomen, pressing down on my mark. If only it would stop burning. Up in the darkening sky, the moon shone down on me. My eyes were darting back and forth, searching for a way out of the mass maze of never-ending trees. I had to find a road, a way out into civilization! The forest wasn't safe anymore now that the police believed Kate Argent had done the jobs of the mass murdering; they didn't bother to search here anymore. I was doomed. Where was Derek when I needed him? Stiles had to tell him by now that Peter had taken me. Or did they believe that I was already bitten and were they waiting for me to show up at their doorstep. Peter was silent as he ran wherever behind me, but he was close. The burning in my mark mentally told me so. And just like that, I could feel a stinging sensation rip through the bottom of my leg to my ankles and I felt myself falling face first with a loud cry. But I hadn't tripped; I was dragged down. I tried to grab onto a branch near by, but Peter dragged me backwards as I tried to cling to the ground. Tears were spilling down my face as I could feel claws puncture into the thin layer of skin on my ankles and flip me over. Peter hovered above me, his face wolfed out—red eyes and mouth full of fangs in all. He snarled at me. I cried out without even realizing it. All I could see through the darkness was his terrifying face. Derek didn't look like this wolfed out; it must have been an Alpha thing. There were multiple fangs, and they were razor sharp—made purely for the rendering of my flesh. His claws held me down as he lunged for my side. His fangs tore through my tender skin, blood immediately pooling to the surface. A loud scream escaped through my mouth, I couldn't hold it in. Peter was enjoying the taste of my blood flowing through his jaw, I could tell. What if there was a time limit? Like Peter had to bite me for a certain amount of seconds for me to turn. Just in case there was, I had kneed Peter in the jaw and scrambled up once again. I darted through darkness, stumbling on branches and recollecting myself. I launched myself off of tree barks, pushing myself faster. As I continued running, my fingers brushed over my left side. My shirt was shredded and I could feel the freshness of my wound. Drawing my hand back, there was blood dripping from the tips of my fingers, but I could barely see it in the dark. All I knew was that my hand was wet. How could I have misjudged Peter so much? He would go at any length to get me and running wouldn't stop him. My body was cold and damp, and I ached more than I had in the past sixteen years of my life. I couldn't breath, everything burned like it was on fire, like I had just ingested a bottle of poison. I should just give up now. Like I said, there was no point in running. I was done for, and Peter was right on my heels. I was dead. And out of no where, as I lost all hope I had left, I was grabbed from behind, an arm wrapping around my waist and mouth. A pair of glowing golden iris' caught me by surprise and met my gaze. I in took a loud gasp of air, at least from what I could with my mouth being held.

"Quiet, he can hear you!" Scott scolded. He took my wrist and we began running faster than ever. Pain spread throughout my stomach and a hand clutched onto my side as we sprinted. I felt like the run was never ending, and as hard as I tried to focus on something else; all I could do was smell my blood waft up my nose. And after I began thinking everything was to quiet, a loud roar came from behind us. We exited the densest past of the forest and entered somewhat of a clearing. Maybe we were getting closer to civilization. But to no avail, I found myself being dragged down again by the ankles but this time, I was let go of. Scott left my side and from the corner of my eye, I could see him get tackled down by Peter in Alpha form. My head snapped up and the first thing I saw, for once wasn't just the trees but was Stiles. I was hallucinating. I darted up, and raced straight towards the hallucination, my hand still clasping my side. Unable to hold myself any longer, I stumbled into hallucination Stiles' arms, to find out that maybe it wasn't so much of an illusion at all. He was real, I could feel his hands touch me.

"Kat, Kat, it's okay." He comforted. I cried, supporting myself up on the ground with my hands. In my blurred, teary vision I watched as Scott and another figure, which was Derek, fighting Alpha Peter. He roared as Derek cut through his side with his blade-like claws. Grabbing something from the ground, Stiles left my side and began running forward.

"Now!" Scott roared. Who was he talking to? Stiles had thrown the glass object in his hand towards Peter, and out of nowhere an arrow shot it right over Peter. Derek and Scott threw themselves backwards as it shattered and exploded into a fire over the Alpha, turning Peter into a mountain of flame. He swiped, he roared, and finally he stumbled. Then he began reverting back to his human form. Stiles rushed over to me, squatting down on the ground to help. I witnessed Peter turn back into a human, his body bloody and charred. He weakly fell to his knees and then to his back, fire dying on the grass around him. I looked to see where the arrow had come from, and it was none other than Allison Argent, on the ground with a bow clasped tightly in her hands. Scott was by her side, protecting her from fiery Peter. Everything seemed silent for a minute until I heard boots crunching on dead leaves. Derek stood from the floor and began making his way over to Peter, hands in tight fists. He stretched a leg over and stood over Peter's body. He kneeled down as Scott peeled himself from Allison's side.

"Wait! You said the cure comes from the one you bit you! Derek if you do this I'm stuck like this forever! We have a deal!" Derek was silent for a minute, so was everyone else except Peter.

"It's already. Done. No need. To keep. Me here." Peter said in whispered breaths. "You've. Already. Decided." He knew Derek's decision. "I can smell it on you!" He yelled. Derek began shaking in anger. And with that, he lifted his hand.

"Wait, no, no, don't!" Scott pleadingly yelled. To late. I looked away just as Derek's claws slashed through his uncle's throat. Peter lightly chocked and then not another noise came from him as the life was sucked out of his body. In the distance, I could see Chris Argent standing far behind Allison, bows and arrows in his hands. He was looking at Derek, then to me. But he wasn't staring directly at me, me. He was staring at my shirt. Then in the back of him, I could see the Hale house in the distance, just beyond the trees. I was so close, I could have made it. My attention was forced towards Derek as he stood up and faced us.

"I'm the Alpha now." He said in a powerful, deep voice. His eyes gleamed that same blood red that Peter's had.

"What did you do?" Scott cried. "How could you?" He continued. Derek's eyes fell on me and they looked down, staring at the clear ring of teeth marks that lined my side. They oozed with blood through my ripped shirt. And then it hit me like a wall of bricks. I was bit. Peter had completed his task, and bit me.

"Katherine, did he…" Stiles kneeled beside me. I couldn't look at Stiles, nor could I move my head to face him. I was staring at past Derek, over to Peter's dead body. I nodded my head slowly. In the corner of my eye, I could see Allison look at her dad.

"Dad you can't." She stated, rushing over and putting a hand tightly on his shoulder and one on his chest. It was then I lost my cool. I began breathing heavier and heavier and the realization of getting bit hit me. Rarely I've ever cried in front of Scott or Stiles, but at this point I didn't care.

"How could you do this, she was supposed to kill him if she got bit." Scott went over to Derek.

"He had to go." He seemed to zone out. "He had to be stopped."

"So how exactly do you think the both of us are going to get cured?" He pointed from me to himself.

"You don't."

"If she dies, this is on you." Scott growled.

"She won't." Derek said somewhat assuring. But in truth, he didn't know if I was or not. Scott's face pinched up before he sprinted over to me to try to calm me down as I began to cry and panic. Derek simply looked from afar, and maybe it was me hallucinating, but I swear I saw a look of sad, pained fear on his face.