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Lydia could hear her heels echo down the street mixing with the laughter of kids running past her all dressed as ghouls or monsters, she took a deep steadying breath as she walked with a pale shaky hand she adjusted her witch hat with a sigh. Tonight was important for her, very important.

Tonight was Halloween and it was also the first time anyone in her college had asked her to come to a party or even spoken to her, she needed tonight to go well so maybe she'd make some friends or at least have people stop calling her Leigh or Jessica.

She softly smiled at each houses decorations and lights, Lydia truly did enjoy Halloween it was one of the only holidays she actually felt connected to. That's when she saw it, the house where the party was at.

She didn't even need to look at her invitation card to find out which house it was, it was the most decorated house on the street and from where she was standing she could see the silhouettes of people dancing inside.

Music blared out onto of the house as a drunken guy lay on the lawn next to his own puke, Lydia walked past him trying not to look as she knocked on the door.

It flew open and standing in a queen of hearts outfit, with matching stockings and a large crown was Darcy Walklin.

"LEIGH!" She cheered drunkenly before putting her beer on the floor so she could hug the Goth; Lydia cringed at the random embrace but returned it none the less as her face got covered in Darcy's dark brown curly hair.

"Um…it's Lydia, not Leigh" She pointed out as Darcy tried to pick up her beer again but just stumbled around it, Lydia quickly picked it up for her and handed it back

"Oh oops, sorry…Lydia" Darcy slurred giggling as she hooked her manicured thumb over her shoulder "Everyone is here already you're a lit…little late you know? But it's ok" she gestured her to come in, Lydia walked inside and heard Darcy let out a gasp before throwing her beer outside at the drunk guy on the grass

"JASON GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN" She shouted as Lydia heard the bottle smash, the sound of a guy screaming then falling into some trash cans was all she heard before the music suddenly ripped out her ear drums.

The house was filled with people in costumes dancing to obnoxiously loud music, the smell of fake blood, plastic and alcohol flooded her lungs making her feel a little sick as she squeezed past people dancing. Lydia kept a fake smile on her face trying to look as if she was part of the crowd, the music was wasn't what she would listen to but everyone seemed to enjoy it.

She looked around and saw the kitchen, there weren't that many people in it so she quickly went in and grabbed a random unopened bottle of whatever would help her get through this.

Lydia took a deep breath as she walked out to try and socialize but everyone seemed to ignore her existence, the Goth wondered why she'd even bothered coming tonight.

She walked into the living room and suddenly realized what song was playing, it was the banana boat song but it was different. Lydia rolled her eyes and chuckled, Adam won't be happy when she tells him someone's ruined his favourite song.

She glanced around and saw that everyone was dancing, talking and holding bottles of random drinks as they enjoyed themselves. Couples where dotted around the room getting far too intimate for their own good; Lydia tried not to laugh as a girl suddenly vomited on the guy who had his hand down her spider web skirt.

Lydia popped of the top of her drink took a swig and grimaced; the taste was bitter and reminded her of bleach. She'd never been one for drinking but if it helped her get some courage to talk to someone then what was the harm?

The night seemed to pass quickly; she danced a little and chatted to people. Most of the drunks were beginning to leave now as the hours ticked on, Lydia was surprised it wasn't even 12 yet.

The Goth felt panic spike through her as she wondered if she'd over stayed her welcome, Lydia paused her dark eyes scanned around her looking for Darcy so she could at least say thanks for inviting her.

The house was almost empty she deicide instead of saying her thanks to Darcy now she'd say to her at collage on Monday. Right now Lydia just wanted to leave, she'd socialized and now she could go back home watch horror movies eating some candy till puked.

The raven haired young woman walked to the front door and went to open it when someone grabbed her wrist; she swallowed a scream.

"Lydia! You can't leave yet" Darcy pouted her bright red lips stick was smudged down her chin, she'd sobered up somewhat "We're about to have some creepy fun…" Lydia pulled her wrist back feeling uneasy as Darcy grinned

"Creepy fun?" She asked puzzled, Darcy nodded her heart tiara slipped to one side as her curls bounced around her neck

"Yeah, it's why I invited you silly!" She pointed out with a cheerful smirk; Lydia felt her heart drop into her stomach "I mean you're a Goth so you must know about Ouija boards right?"

Lydia felt like she'd been turned into stone, Darcy hadn't invited her out of kindness or liking Lydia she just wanted a random Goth to show them how to work a Ouija board. Lydia felt her face heat up with embarrassment; did she really think that someone might have actually wanted her here?

"Um…I don't really" Lydia managed to stutter feeling disappointed, Darcy rolled her dark blue eyes with annoyance

"Come on, Lydia!" She begged; the Goth gave her a hesitant look "You know you want to, it'd be really awesome of you…" Lydia swallowed her defiance and sighed

"I'll help but I won't take any part in it" She agreed with a frown, Darcy let out a happy squeak and grabbed Lydia's wrist again pulling her towards her dining room

"This is going to be so much fun!" Darcy grinned as she towed Lydia along; it was going to be a long night

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