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Tonight was important, very important.

It was the build up from two years of careful planning, scheming and shady deals. The night where all of his hard work was going to pay off and he'd be free from this sorry excuse of an afterlife, tonight was Halloween.

The one night where the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest, the one night where thousands of breathers where going to get into contact with the dead.

Beetlejuice knew the living where dumb but to actually seek out the dead with séances and Ouija boards was a new level of idiotic, though he wasn't complaining the more people summoning the dead the better his chances of freedom.

The poltergeist pulled his cigar from his mouth blowing out the green smoke as he gazed at the cloth covered object in front of him; it was a square shape and reached up to his elbow in height. Beetlejuice subbed the cigar out on the wall losing one of the sources of light in the dimly lit room before ripping the cloth off of the object, it was a mirror.

Its large black frame was detailed with symbols and at each corner of it was a carved gargoyle like face with its mouth open in a snarl; the mirror was covered in dust and just by hovering his hand inches above the glass he could feel it buzzing with power. A smirk grew up this face, it was the real thing and damn did it live up to his expectations.

He could almost taste the energy this thing was giving off; his hopes began to rise as he sat down in front of it seeing his reflection staring back emerald eyes dully glowing in the darkness.

"Handsome fucker" He mumbled with a dry laugh as his fingers lased around a half drunk bottle of whisky on the floor next to him "Here's to being free at last, eh buddy?" he toasted clinking the bottle against its reflection before taking a long swig

He let out a hiss at the bitter taste and threw the now empty bottle over his shoulder, hearing it shatter with a satisfied grin he stretched out his arms and cracked his knuckles. Fun and games where over now this was serious, it was show time.

He remembered the instructions and carried them out with swift accuracy; he needed to give blood to the mirror which wasn't hard to obtain due to having a good number of ghouls who owed him favours.

He took a vial from his striped pocket and pulled out the cork, then emptied a little bit of blood in each of the head's mouths. One by one they snapped shut making him a raise an eyebrow as he watched before taking the last of the blood and doting it in the middle of the mirror's face, he stayed still.

Nothing happened for a couple of seconds before the blood faded from the mirror as it began it ripple, the gargoyles heads turned to look at him there eyes turned scarlet as they stared.

Beetlejuice shifted nervously hoping he hadn't messed something up, he turned his attention back to the mirror as it went hazy like someone had blown smoke on its surface.

"Is anyone out there?" he could hear a whisper, faint and far off "Can you move the glass to speak to us?" The poltergeist laughed hysterically, it had worked

He quickly got on his knees moving closer to the fogged mirror, his mind screaming for a better connection. He was going to have his freedom; Beetlejuice knocked gently on the glass with his left hand and watched the connection get stronger.

He moved his hand away and it got weaker, he stared at the mirror baffled as he lifted his hand back to the glass. It got stronger again; he blinked before he noticed his ring was glowing as it neared the glass.

"…what the fuck?" He murmured eyeing his ring curiously before shrugging it off, if it helped then why question it

He watched it as the glass became clear again, this time instead of seeing himself he saw a silhouette of people in a room. He grinned as he laid his left hand flat on the mirror; suddenly all four of the heads on the mirror began to open their mouths wide showing off their jagged black fangs coated in blood.

The poltergeist then put both palms on the mirror, the heads let out a high pitched screech as everything went white. Beetlejuice blinked his vision blurring as dizziness began to gently fade, he realized where he was.

He was on his knees in the room the reflection showed him, his eyes widened with shock before a smile tugged on his lips. He turned around to see a mirror hanging on the wall reflecting back to his room in the neither world, he felt a wave of pride wash over him as he turned his attention to the suckers that where going to set him free.

"Hello if you're there, show us" A nasally voice piped up, he floated over to the Ouija board staring down at it with a raised eyebrow "Is anyone there?"

The voice came from a half drunken auburn haired girl dressed in what looked like a fairy costume, a very relieving one at that. The poltergeist remembered that Halloween was when breathers dressed up as ghosts and other creatures, Beetlejuice smirked as he got a good view of the girl's chest before he remembered what he was here to do.

"Hello" His voice seemed to echo around them as he took a seat on the table; he watched the glass move with amusement as their calm rather bored expressions became suddenly shocked and riddled with confusion.

His eyes flickered to the one person not joining in, a young woman the same age as the others slightly blurred out unlike the rest of them but he could just make out that she was wearing a witch costume. Beetlejuice furrowed his brow as he staring at her curiously, why didn't she want to join their little game?

He could hear the group chattering amongst themselves, half drunken excitement filled the air as the discussed what to ask next. He ignored the conversation, to busy staring at the girl in the witch outfit. She seemed familiar but he couldn't grasp why, Beetlejuice shrugged it off and let out a laugh giving the breather a long look by what he could see she wasn't that bad looking.

"Are you a ghost?" Another voice chipped in, breaking through his sleazy thoughts the poltergeist sneered rolling his eyes

"Fuck no!" He growled feeling rather offended by the accusation, ghosts could never conjure enough power to work a Ouija board let alone leave the place they died

He listened to them call him rude, Beetlejuice rolled his eyes making a mental note to hurry this up so he could get away from these idiots.

"I don't like this Darcy, this is so damn creepy" The boy dressed as what looked like hobo Dracula "This thing's got an attitude" The poltergeist gave him a glare

"Wimp" Beetlejuice snorted, he paused and groaned wishing he'd brought a pack of smokes with him, his eyes landed on the boy again watching as he turned white a sheet.

Beetlejuice let out a bark of laughter overly amused when he frightened breathers; he put his arms behind his head as he floated through the air waiting for the next reply so he could give them a sob story and finally get this over with.

"Lydia is there any other types of ghosts?" The fairy girl asked making him land ground with a thump, his eyes wide with he scrambled to his feet pausing as something clicked in the back of his head.

He stared at the blurred out girl, the pieces connected in his head but he was still sceptical. He circled her going right through the table as his eyes scanned her, he tried to move her chin up so she'd get a clearer view but his hands past through her.

"Lydia…" He hissed the name tasted bitter as it left his lips, was this really the same brat who'd left him at the isle? He felt unsure but something in him was screaming that it was.

"-Make this thing work Deetz!" Beetlejuice had to stop himself from falling over; he felt a mix of fuming hatred and bewilderment crash over him as his eyes hurt from staring at her.

It was the little bitch that let him down after he helped her, she left him to get eaten and get his ass sent back to the waiting room but she was older much older. He could feel his hand itch, longing to just strangle her.

"Remember me?" He asked maliciously slamming his hands down on the table beside her, he wanted to rip her throat out and watch her bleed.

She suddenly stumbled to her feet making him back away from the table slightly; a smile crawled up his face when he saw that she was nearly in horrified tears but it dropped when he noticed the ring around her left ringer.

It wasn't blurred out like the rest of her, his mouth fell open uselessly as shock hit him like a train. Why the hell was she still wearing HIS ring? He blinked at her and realized she was trying to make them leave the Ouija board.

"Beetlejuice" He said quickly panicking as she barked orders at the others sitting around the table, trying to convince them to say goodbye

"What's a Beetlejuice?" One of them said he shuddered forgetting how good it felt when someone called on him, a Cheshire cat like grin climbing his face as he watched Lydia become hysterical

"Beetlejuice" The poltergeist said louder, craving his freedom as he became irritated and impatient

"Why does it keep spelling out Beetlejuice?" Another girl spoke up; he could feel a shock of electricity shoot through him as she said his name, he could feel his juice returning as he was so close to getting out of here

"SAY IT AGIN!" He snarled viciously his whole being screaming for freedom, his anger caused the all candles lighting the room the to flicker and go out

His eyes where glowing neon green from the taste of power, he felt stronger as he was one name call away now. He appeared behind Lydia she was standing ridged visibly shaken to the core by fear, he enjoyed watching her squirm.

"Beetlejuice" He whispered with bitter hatred into her ear, he hoped that she could feel him standing so close, she suddenly grabbed the other girls wrist.

"Everyone take your fucking fingers off the glass now" She snarled at the rest of the idiot breathers gawking at her, he felt his stomach twist

"SAY IT, SAY BEETLEJUICE NOW!" He screeched but his cries went ignored as one by one they separated the connection

The poltergeist felt something pulling at him, he whipped around seeing the mirror shining white as it began to drag him back to the other side. He tried to fight it desperately clinging onto to anything and everything but his hands past through it all due to break in the connection; suddenly he was in the air fly back as he was thrown into his room hitting a wall with a loud painful bang.

He ignored the pain scrambling to his feet and went quickly to the mirror, he banged on the glass wanting to get back through but it was too late. It just showed his enraged reflection staring back at him; he stood up seething with hate as he grabbed a table and sent it flying into the air making the bottles on top of it hurtle off shattering against his floor. The table hit a wall breaking into thousands of wooden chunks as the poltergeist screamed out in anger, that little bitch had ruined his chances of freedom AGAIN.

"FUCK" He roared hitting the mirror again; he sat in silence feeling the anger crash over him making him want to destroy everything around him.

Time ticked on as he sat alone on the floor, his mind blaring insults at himself. Suddenly there was a high pitched noise coming from the mirror, he blinked and crawled towards it feeling his stomach twist as he watched the mirror ripple glowing white again. He raised an eyebrow and moved his left hand towards the glass, the white faded and blurred before showing him a dark bed room decorated with purples and black lace. The poltergeist stared at the room before noticing the pictures on the bed side table, this was Lydia's room.

He grinned wickedly feeling his rage subside into smug pride; he was going to have his revenge on that little bitch even if it sent him back to the waiting room again.

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