You Lied, Just Like You Always Do

Amu is 18, Ikuto is 21.

PG156: Ok so, this is my first fan-fic. :D Be nice..please?

Ikuto: Is it a lemon or a lime?

PG156: … I'm not telling you.

Ikuto: Awww… come on PG-13!

PG156: Nope not happening! the way, where is Amu?

Ikuto: How should I know?

PG156: Well …she's your girlfriend right?

Ikuto: So?

PG156: 0-0….Never mind, Anyways disclaimer!

Ikuto: PG156 does not own Shugo Chara even though she wishes!

Authors Note:

(Ok, Ok I know these things are annoying but this one is VERY important. I have ADD and Dyslexia. So I can't spell very well, so please give me grace, and tell me if I make mistakes.)

O, I almost forgot! This story is dedicated to my friend MireneLove, as an apology for something I did.


BTW the chara's all disappeared a long time ago. and I'm not describing any of the characters. You know what they look like.

Ikuto's POV:

'I can't believe this,' I thought as I sat on an airplane on my way to Tokyo. How could I forget something this important!

Flashback- 2 hours ago

'I finally found him,' I thought as me and my father, Aruto, were sitting at a café in Paris, France. "So my boy, how have you been? You look good and I suspect you have a girl-" He looked down at the table where my phone was vibrating. I picked it up and it said 'Calendar Reminder'. 'What did I forget?' I thought I clicked on it and it said Amu's 18th birthday. 18th? Ha, my phone is wrong. It's not her 18th birthday, it's her 15th birthday. I thought as I looked at the date.

It says 2012.

Wait a fucking minute.

I shot up as fast as I could. "O, shit!" I yell as loud as possible. My father gets up and looks around like something's wrong. "What! What's wrong!" My father yells frantically. "I-I forgot my girlfriends b-birthday," I said, putting my head in my hands sitting down on the chair, and leaning on the table with my elbows. "O ... Well, that's not that bad my boy...You can just buy her an expensive gift." My father said smirking. I looked up at him with a 'really?' face. "No dad. You don't understand, I forgot my girlfriend's birthday for 3 years in a row and I was supposed to be home 3 years ago..." I said putting my head back in my hands.

"O..." he said looking down. "Why is it so important that you were supposed to be home 3 years ago?" he said with a questionable gaze. I groaned.

"I made a deal with her that if I was not back in two years' time, then she can do whatever she wants with anyone she wants, and now there's no point… I lost her forever." I said, crossing my arms and putting my head on them so my father couldn't see my face. "Well… hold on, I got an idea," My father said, picking up my phone. He pushed some buttons and then pushed another one and put it up to his ear. I opened my mouth to speak but he put up his finger to tell me to shut up. "Hello?... Ah, Utau my dear, how are you... your father… Yes I missed you too my dear... Hey, listen, do you know a girl named Amu?...Well how is she… really?...well isn't that great? Well thank you, my dear, and I will see you in a couple of hours… Ok, bye." He got off the phone, put it down on the table, and then smirked at me.

"Get ready my boy, you're gonna see your girlfriend". He said smirking at me.

End flashback

I still cannot believe that I was gone that long. She's goanna be pissed. Then plane lands in Tokyo airport. I practically run out of the airport and yell for a taxi, I ask them to take me to (idk Amu's address so I'm just gonna say her house k?) Amu's house.

35 Minutes later

I pull up in front of Amu's house and step out. I pay the cab driver and he drives away. I looked at the house and see that no one is home, but I see that Amu's light is on in her room. I walk around back and look through her window and see that she just got out of the shower. She's only wearing a short towel. O, I'm gonna enjoy this.

I climb up the tree next to the house and then jump on her balcony. I look inside and see that she's sitting on her bed drying her hair with another towel. I smirk. I open the sliding glass door and walk in and close it behind me. Then I get on the bed and crawl towards her and put one of my legs on each side of her. She doesn't even notice! I was about to put my arms around her when I hear her sigh. "He lied, just like he always dose…" She put her hand to her face and was about to cry when I grabbed her hand turned her around and kissed her on the lips as hard as I could. Her eyes went as wide as could be. I pulled away and looked at her, tears were welling in her eyes and I pulled her to my chest and hug her. "Amu I'm- I'm so sorry". She pulled away from me and then-


There was this sharp pain on my cheek and I look at her, her hand is in the air looking like she just slapped someone. And she did. Me.

"DON'T YOU EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN"! She screamed at me. Then she whispered something that I couldn't hear. "What was that, Amu?" I said leaning down so I could hear. "…I thought you were dead." She said in a low tone but I heard her. "O so I was dead Hun?...well are you sure about that"? She turned around and I pinned her to her bed. I kissed her roughly and she kissed back. Her hands instantly wrapped around my neck and gripped my midnight blue hair. I licked her bottom lip and she opened her mouth, granting me access. I start to run my hands up and down her sides. I pull away and smirk at her.

"Are you still a virgin?"

She nodded her head and that was all I needed. I took the towel that was covering her body off and just stared at her. "W-what's wrong?" She stammered. "Damn Amu, you are gorgeous." I said as I started kissing down her neck. She moaned quietly. Not good enough. I grab her left breast and start to massage it. She moaned even loader. O, I shall enjoy this. As I'm ravishing her neck and groping her chest, I take my other hand and start to run it down her stomach. I touch her womanhood and she moans. I start to finger her and she moans even more. I move my mouth to her right breast and start to ravish it but then she stops me. "I have been waiting three years for you to fuck me and if you don't do it soon, you're the one who's going to get raped". She said, smirking at me.

O, how I've missed this girl!

PG156: Soooo? :D What did you think?

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This story is dedicated to MireneLove as an apology.

MireneLove: I forgive you! :D BTW, I edited this. (;