You Lied, Just like You Always Do

Pleg: …

Ikuto: See! I knew you couldn't resist your fans! YAY!

Pleg: ….

Amu: What's her problem?

Ikuto: O nothing she's just amazed that people like this story better than Abnormal still…


Ikuto and Amu: 0-0

Pleg: Would someone care to explain to me who the fuck ate my fucking cookie... -_-

(Ikuto starts to sneak away even tho we all know he did it)

Pleg: (looks at Ikuto) Kitty, kitty, KITTY!

Ikuto: SHIT!

Amu: She owns nothing!

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Ikuto's POV


"Unless" I say in the sexist tone I could muster. I hear the bed move.

"You want to join me?" I hear he spring off the bed. She ran across the room and into the bathroom with a big smile on her face. "Please?" she said in the cutest voice ever, that she knew I couldn't resist.

"After you my dear" I said while bowing and then standing up strait. I grabbed the hem of her tank top while pulling it over her head. I let it drop to the floor and just look at her. You know that whole thing on that pregnancy makes your body look horrible? Well that is a lie from hell. Amu looks fucking gorgeous! Her skin is a healthy tan, he chest is 2 cup sizes bigger (Yay), and he cute little tummy is just starting to show. I look at her face to see her blushing again.

"You know" I said while putting my arms around her and pulling her against me.

"I'm breaking a promise to you" I unlatched her bra and it fell to the cold floor. She looked up at me.

"I know" she looked down at her tummy.

"But my hormones are really bothering me…". O great! Now were in that faze! Well…actually…it means more sex for me so what am I complaining for? I smirk at her.

"O really" I bend down so my face is right in front her face.

"Then allow me to make it better, my dear" I pushed my lips up to hers. I know I surprised her, because her eyes are still open. She slowly starts to close them just as I stick my tongue in her mouth. She moans nice and loud. I pull away and look at her. She looks like she's about to give birth…no I'm not kidding either! I start to pull down my pajama pants. Amu just stares at me. After I am completely naked I look at her to see her with a dazed look in her eyes. She's day dreaming again. I smirk as an idea comes to mind. I grab her hand while opening the shower door with the other. I push her inside and I turn the water on.

"Fuck!" I smirk…I'm pretty sure I woke her up. I turn on my heal and walk back over to the bathroom door and shut it. I don't want my sister or parents walking in my room, I mean they know that Amu's pregnant and there happy for us. I'm just doing it because I don't want to embarrass Amu. I turn back around to see Amu poking her head out of the shower glaring at me.

"Hey baby. What's with the face?" I said while leaning against the sink. She just glared at me. She then turned and closed the shower door. I could still see an outline of her and I watched as she took off her shorts and underwear. She then opened the door and stuck her hand out with the clothing and dropped it on the floor, then shut the door. O so were playing that game. Bring it on.

I walk up to the door and open it stepping inside to see Amu washing her hair. I close the door and turn back to watch her. Her body is perfect in every way… God I am soo lucky. I grab the bottle of shampoo and squirt it in my hand and start to wash my hair. I see Amu look at me out of the corner of her eye. She turned back around and reached up to grab the nozzle to the shower to wash the soup out of her hair, but I grab it first.

"Hey!" she screams at me. I wash the soap out and then start washing it out of her hair. She has that adorable pout on again. I then got an idea. I took the nozzle away from her hair after all the soap was gone and grabbed her waist pulling her to me.

"Ikuto!" I took the nozzle in my right hand and put it right up against her pussy. She almost jumped. I started rubbing it against her.

"I-Ikuto" she moaned while tilting her head up to look at me.

"What's wrong baby?" I said while smiling down at her. "What did I do?" I stop moving the nozzle and she groans.

"Ikuto.." she whines at me. I just smirk.

"What do you want" I say while licking her lips. She jerks forward trying to catch my tongue. I just smirk.

"Y-you" she whines again.

"But I didn't do anything" I say in the most innocent voice I could muster at the moment. She turns around in my arms and grabs my dick in her hand.

"Yea right" she gets down on her knees and starts to lick the tip of my dick.

"Shit Amu" I drop the nozzle and grab her hair with both hands. She hasn't done this in forever, and yet she is still the only one I know who can do this, this well. I start to push her head down as I feel her teeth graze my 11 inch dick. (Pleg: Shut up fan girls! I am NOT nor ever will make Ikuto have a 15 inch cock! Ikuto: Even I think that's ridiculous… just a little.. XD ) she starts to bob her head. Fuck, she need to stop before I lose it. I was about to pull her up but then she started deep throating me.

"Holy Shit" I groan. I look down to see her looking up at me. She pushes off me and smirks. She then turns around, grabbers the bottle of conditioner and starts to wash her hair again. Bad idea baby. As she was rubbing her hair with the liquid I took both my hands and ran them threw her hair. "Ahh" I hear her moan. I then take two of my fingers that are now covered in a white liquid and start to rub her vagina. She tilts her head back in pure estate. I then grabbed her waist turned her around and crashed my lips against hers. I push her up against one of the walls of my shower. I then grabbed her cute little ass and lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I then took my right hand and ran it threw her hair again while my left hand was massaging her left ass check. I coat my fingers with the gooey liquid again and start to rub her vagina again. She breaks the kiss and tilts her head back again. I smirk. I pull my fingers away and bend down to grab the nozzle. Amu moves her head to look at me.

"What are you doing" she said while tilting her head to the left. I just smirk.

"O nothing" I then take the nozzle and put in on her vagina.

"I-Ikuto! N-no don't do that, y-you….Ahh...Goanna….mmm...make me…cum" she leans her head on my shoulder and starts to pant. I pulled the nozzle away and put it back on the shower head. I smile.

"Do you want more, Amu?" I said while biting her neck and sucking on it. She just moaned in response.

I then grab my dick and position it at her waiting pussy. "Ready?" she nods her head. I start to push in but I feel her tense up. "Baby, calm down, we have done this before. You know if you tense up, it's going to hurt" I started kissing her neck trying to get her to relax. "I know, I know" she starts to relax and I smile. "Good girl" I then pull out and slam back in, hard. I start to set a fast pace. The water is raining down on us making it easier on Amu. I fell her heart rate speed up and so does her breathing. "I-Ikuto…hmmm…I'm goanna..". I feel her wall clench tightly around me. "Come on baby, come for me". And that did it. "I-Ikuto!" she screamed my name over and over again. Her orgasm finally starts to calm down. I start to go faster knowing my climax is just as close. I then feel Amu bite my collarbone.

"A-Amu!" I scream as I came deep inside her. As I am coming of my orgasm I look to see her smirking.

O it's on like donkey Kong now.

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