Chapter 1

Charlie walks into the kitchen, glancing around her new house when two strong arms wrap around her. "Goodmorning", Brax murmurs and Charlie smiles. "Got anything planned for the day?" Charlie asks Brax. "Getting the last of our stuff from our old house, then I've got to work 'til eight, sorry." Brax replies glumly and Charlie sighs. "What about Case and Heath?" she asks and Brax shrugs. "Heath's working and Case disappeared last night. He said he'll be back this arvo". Charlie looked confused. "Casey is always missing these days". Brax looked up from the newspaper he was reading. "Yeah, he is. He said it's for a school assignment". Charlie pulled a photo frame from a box and carefully placed it onto a shelf. "Are you really going to believe that, Brax? He's been pretty quiet lately. He told Bianca it was chemistry but he told me it was history", Charlie says, glancing at Brax who frowns. "Maybe he has a lot...", Brax says doubtfully and Charlie sighs. "What if something's wrong?" Brax runs his hand through his hair. "I'll talk to him".