Chapter 5

The next morning, Casey quickly gets dressed into his uniform and grabs his school bag before heading downstairs quickly, aiming to get out of the house beore anyone noticed. But of course, that didn't happen. As he walks towards the front door, Brax appears and grabs Casey's arm before he can run off, ignorning Casey's complaining. Brax shoves Casey into the car, slamming the door so that Casey can't get out. "Brax, what the...", Casey starts to yell but Brax cuts him off. "Shut up and tell me what's going on", he snaps and Casey glares at him. "Do you ever listen? I already told you. Get it through that thick head of yours!", Casey yells at Brax, surprising him. "Case...", he murmers. "No. Just drop it, ok? It's none of your business anyway!" Casey yells, "I can walk to school by myself. I don't need you to drive me."

Casey stomps out of the car and starts furiously walking away. He looks back at Brax to see that he was watching him closely. Bra then gets out of the car and follows his little brother quickly. "Casey, come on", Brax says as they walk. "Brax, don't make me hurt you", Casey growls and before Brax can stop it or prepare himself, Casey's fist collides with his face, successfuly knocking his older brother out. Casey takes a deep breath, before dropping his bag and pulls out a black hoodie, then running of, pushing his guilt away.