E/O Challenge: Drug - 100 words on the dot! Just some lighthearted fun! To my fellow Canadians - Happy Canada Day! :D

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"Dude, seriously?"

"It helps me relax."


"We'll stop at the next one, promise."

"Drug addicts say that."

"Hilarious. Why don't you bite me, Samantha."

"You're defensive and sensitive? Must need a fix."

"Maybe. I bet it'd help get that stick out of your ass."

"Nice. There's another motel, pull over."


"Ohhhhh yyyyeah."

"Really? Magic Fingers?"


"You look ridiculous."

"Annnnnd yououou lllllook jjjjjealllous. Wwwannna trrry?"

"You're so weird."

"I'lllll lllennnnd yououou a quarrrrter."


"Mmissssssing ououout."



"If you promise to stop talking."



"Yououou wwwwin, fffeeeels gggoooooood."

"Welcome to the dark side, young Winchester."


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