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Kurt sat at the Cheerio's table, playing with his sticks of celery.

"Have you seen the new kid?" Santana asks as she slicks on lip gloss, not looking away from her compact.

"No," Kurt simply answers and gives up on his food. He couldn't possibly eat since Nationals was tomorrow.

"Well, he's a total hottie. But I think he plays for your team because he has WAY too much product in his hair. See, there he is now," Santana informs the co-captain and points at the boy that walks into the cafeteria.

He was wearing a white shirt, black leather jacket, military boots and wait, is that a BOW TIE? Oh my Gaga, Kurt has one like that, gold with stars.

"Oh yeah. Nice bow tie," Kurt says and looks down at his immaculate nails. Santana laughs, thinking he was being sarcastic and then Brittany started talking about unicorns or something. Kurt didn't really listen, preferring to look back at the new kid.

He sat by himself next to the drinking fountain, not looking shy or lonely but more adventurous and daring. One thing Kurt loved is a badboy.

Kurt excused himself from his friends and strutted over to the drinking fountain, ignoring the cat call that a bi soccer player made. That dude had a girlfriend. If Kurt wasn't at the top of the McKinley High social ladder he would be getting regular slushy facials.

He had reached the fountain and bent over the tap, drinking the water that sprayed out. He could sense the guy's eyes boring into his back. He shifted positions and got back up, turning around to see the new kid watching him. Not in a creepy stalker way but in a way a lion watches its prey.

"Why are you sitting by yourself?" Kurt asks and perches on the cold table.

"Well, no one knows a thing about me so I appear to be dangerous. Plus, you're all stuck in your ways of the social ladder that someone of your high and mighty position would never acknowledge a badboy like me. Obviously I was wrong," he says and raises an eyebrow.

"I'm Kurt Hummel, co-captain of the cheerleading squad," Kurt says and sticks out his hand.

"Blaine Anderson, loser that is going to be in detention by tomorrow," Blaine says and shakes Kurt's hand.

"Gonna spray paint your name on the side of the school? That happens every month," Kurt says flirtatiously. The girls in Cheerios called him Kurt the Flirt since he managed to charm everybody and always seemed to get who he wants.

"I was thinking more along the lines of filling Figgy's office with toilet paper but I guess that would be easier," Blaine laughs.

"Already been done by Noah Puckerman. Seriously though, sit with us tomorrow, it beats sitting by your lonesome," Kurt says, winks at the boy then sashays back to his table where Santana and Brittany are waiting to know everything that was said in the conversation.

-Next Day-

Kurt sat at the Cheerios table, nibbling on a carrot stick. He couldn't help it, Carole had forced him to eat or she would stop his subscription to Vogue. And that couldn't happen.

Right on cue Blaine waltzed into the cafeteria and just got a bottle of lemonade for his lunch. He walked straight over to the Cheerio's table and plopped himself down in-between Kurt and Stacey, a sophomore with dark black hair.

"S'cuse me, love," Blaine says to Stacey and she just glares at him but quickly gets distracted by another girl moaning about her boyfriend/clothes/hair/skin/weight. It was always the same topics.

"Hey gorgeous, fancy seeing you here," Blaine says and smiles sexily at Kurt.

"You took up the invite. So, have you done any graffiti yet? Egged a car? Threw rocks at a teacher?" Kurt asks and goes pink from Blaine calling him gorgeous.

"Sadly, no. I've got plans for tonight. They include watching a sexy boy cartwheel around on stage," Blaine says and winks.

"You're coming to Nationals!" Kurt says, stating the obvious since his brain had kinda died.

"No, I'm going to see Cirque Du Soleil," Blaine sarcastically says and takes a sip of his drink.

"What grade are you in? I'm a junior," Kurt says and watches as Blaine spins his bottle cap on the table.

"Same. I skipped classes today so that's why you didn't see me. But I promise I'll go next week, it'll give me more time to spend with you," Blaine flirts and Kurt's blush goes deeper.

"KURT! IS HE A DOLPHIN?" Brittany yells and both boys jump.

"What do you mean Britt-Britt?" Kurt asks the dim girl.

"I mean, is he a unicorn? Lie you!" Brittany says and twists her high pony.

"I'm gay, yeah. Oh, look! There's a fairy on that windowsill! Go catch it!" Blaine says enthusiastically and Brittany jumps up, running for the window with Santana following her, in case she harms herself or others around her.

"Us dolphins must stick together!" Kurt jokes and they both laugh. Kurt realises that his hand had been creeping towards Blaine's. He allows his fingers to slide across Blaine's skin, tracing swirls.

Blaine blushed for what seemed to be a second then went back to the conversation.

"Meet me after Nationals. I'll be outside the stadium," Blaine whispers in Kurt's ear and sends shivers down the Cheerio's spine.

"Okay," Kurt whispered back and Blaine leaves.

-Next Day-

"The first performance of the night… here is William McKinley High's Cheerios!" the announcer says enthusiastically and a spotlight goes on Kurt and Santana. They were the star performers and co-captains plus they were the lead singers. So in Coach Sylvester's book they were okay.

Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars blasted out of the speakers and the Cheerios began their routine.

Santana sang the first verse while Kurt did his special move: cartwheel into splits.

They both sang the chorus while cartwheeling with the Cheerios doing some extravagant moves behind them.

Kurt sang the first line of the second verse and bent down suggestively. He got up and walked over to the audience. He found Blaine in the stands, cheering surprisingly. He pointed at him as he sang the last line then turned straight away, back singing with Santana. They were jumping around and getting the crowd worked up.

When they had finished Kurt held his pose in front of the pyramid. Then the next song came on; Fireworks by Katy Perry and the girls pressed the button on their tops that made the flames to appear to be shooting out of their boobs. Coach Sylvester had wanted Kurt to have it too. Kurt opted out of this; instead he twirled two flaming batons.


Kurt walked out of the stadium after their big Nationals win. Songs and a gay singer work every time.

He huddled into his Cheerios jacket and looked around for Blaine. There he was, leaning against the wire fence with a smirk on his face.

"Here is the champion!" Kurt said, high on the big win.

"There you are. I saw you," Blaine says.

"A bit hard not to see me when I'm singing and acting like a human pinwheel on stage. I saw you too in the- hmph!" Kurt says, cut off by Blaine crushing his lips to Kurt's.

Kurt went limp and fireworks exploded behind his eyelids. All he could smell was the scent of Blaine's cologne. Like cinnamon. It made Kurt feel crap about his boring raspberry smelling face and hair. He smelled fruity, Blaine smelled spicy. Of course that would happen.

All Kurt could feel is Blaine's rough but gentle arms around his waist, his hands moving up and down Kurt's hips.

Kurt held onto the curls that had escaped their gel prison and his tongue attacked Blaine's.

"PORCELAIN, GET YOUR LADY LIPS OFF THAT HOBBIT'S MOUTH AND GET YOUR BUTT ON THE BUS!" Coach Sylvester yelled and Kurt jumped, turning around to see the woman in a black tracksuit waiting at the bus.

"Sorry Coach," Kurt says and quickly passes Blaine his number, holding up a mime phone to his ear and mouthing 'Call me.'

Kurt slid on the bus seat next to Quinn, who was texting Finn about the championship.

"Hey Quinn," Kurt greeted and the blonde girl looked up at him with a smile.

"You and Santana killed it as always! Congrats," Quinn says and hugs the pale boy.

"What's with you macking out with Danny Zuko out there?" Santana asks from her seat in front of him. Brittany sat next to her, listening to her 'Magical Unicorn' playlist.

"Oh, you mean Blaine? Yeah, he's cool," Kurt understated and blushed a little. Yeah Blaine was cool. And hot. And sexy.

"My life motto is turning into 'All the good ones are gay'!" Santana laughs and goes back to Brittany who was starting to put stickers on the bus seat.

"So you're an item?" Quinn asks.

"I guess so," Kurt assumed and hoped that they were. Blaine was WAY nicer and hotter than any of Kurt's exes.

"Cool! We could go on a double date!" Quinn said and then went back to her phone.

No thanks, Kurt thought. He was NEVER going to show Blaine how his stepbrother eats. Or should he say DEMOLISHES.

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