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"Mommy, the poem, please?," asked Paige with a big, cheery and toothy smile.

"Please!," insisted Phoebe, making a pot and pulling her mother's white shirt, as her baby sister.

Patty giggled and made sure she had grabbed the basket she was carrying right, as she looked back to check on Piper and Prue who were behind, carrying a bag and a bottle respectively.

"Of course sweetheart, just give me a second to get things set," smiled the mother of the four, six, eight and eleven years old.

It was the first day of summer break and the weather seemed to be as happy and in good mood as all children, allowing them to have a nice day to play and enjoy their free time. A warm sun was caressing the five women skins and the wind let them enjoy the delicious aroma coming from Patty's basket that contained exquisite food cooked by herself. She left the object on the grass.

Phoebe sat butterfly style, or with the soles of her shoes together and her legs flexed and with her hands around her feet. Paige lay down with her stomach to the ground, leaning her head between her hands and playing to shake her feet, competing Phoebe, who was rising and lowering her knees, just to rise them again non-stop. Both were resting under the shadow of a big willow tree alongside of a river not very abundant, but enough to play and swim in it; as every time their mother brought them there.

Piper and Prue left what they were carrying on the floor. Piper found a little space among the flowers that were around, but without the tree's shadow protection, and she didn't care: she liked the sun, and it wasn't really strong. She put her hands on the grass, behind her back, and lay down with her head over them.

"Sunblock, Piper," said her mother, taking the cream from the bag that her daughter had carried for her, spreading it over her arms that were exposing from her sleeveless yellow dress.

The girl wrinkled her nose when she felt her mom's hands spreading the sunblock on her face, and smiled when she kissed the tip of her nose.

"Careful when climbing, Prue," said Patty, not needing to look forward to know that her eldest daughter was climbing to a branch of the willow to lean her back on the trunk and let her legs hang from it.

"Are we ready yet?," asked Phoebe, insisting, making her mom giggle again.

Patty sat on a rock that she used as seat when she recited them her favorite poem, which, from habit, had became also theirs, and that, without knowing it, would seal their fates forever.

"We all were going to be queens, of four kingdoms above sea..."

"Prue with Piper!," said the older ones.

"And Phoebe with Paige!", added the younger ones.

Patty nodded, laughing to herself; the original poem had different names, but the girls loved listening to stories with their names, so, as they were being born and growing, each one had adopted the name of a queen, and was for that that the poem was so special for them.

"With braids of seven-years-olds, of the four kingdoms, we said, undoubted as the Koran, that for big and full they would reach the sea".

The girls smiled, relaxed, and Patty couldn't be happier; having her daughters with her was the best that could have happened to her in her whole life, which was tough, really tough. The father of her first three girls had died in a car crash when Phoebe was barely one, and with him, the girls' grandmother. The dad of her youngest, Paige, didn't exist to her. She was alone: Patricia Halliwell was alone.

"Four husbands they would marry, and they were kings and singers, as David, Judah's king".

Piper took off her shoes and put her socks inside of them, and her younger sisters imitated her in an action that Prue had made before climbing the tree. Nature and the family were one, and there was nothing they loved more than that little secret place that was only theirs.

"And as being big our kingdoms, they would have..."

"Not missing!," yelled Paige, standing up with a little jump.

"Green seas," said Piper in a low voice, smiling.

"Algae seas!," added Prue from her branch.

"And the crazy bird of pheasant!," sang Phoebe as she started chasing Paige while making noises, laughing with her, pretending she was one of those.

Prue and Piper were laughing at their sister's laughter, and Patty, she was so proud of them.

"Be careful with the lake," said standing from the rock and getting closer to the tree to help Prue getting down from the tree, but without taking an eye from the others.

"Go on mom, please," asked Piper.

"And as having all the fruits, tree of milk, tree of bread, the guayac√°n we wouldn't cut nor we would bite metal..."

"Tickles!," shouted Prue, Paige and Phoebe, at picking the relaxed and calmed Piper as target of their games.

"Wait, no!," she squealed, standing quickly and running as fast as she could.

The skirts of the girls' dresses were going up and down while running, and although Patty knew that the pastel colors they were wearing would end up dirty with grass, mud and tree bark, she didn't stop their adorable games and, with love and dedication, she watched the girls running, rolling over the flowers and also, playing in the lake. Prue and Piper, for being the oldest and more responsible, were each one in charge of a little sister in a tacit agreement, what didn't mean that Patty didn't take care of all of them as they deserved.

"And in the Elqui valley, were there are thousand of mountains or more, those who came are singing, and those who are coming will sing," said Patty, finishing the poem, smiling from the bottom of her heart at seeing how united and protective over the others were her daughters, "On land we will be queens, of veridical reign, and being big our kingdoms, we all to the sea will arrive".

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PS: This is a short (and translated) version of Gabriela Mistral's poem, "Todas íbamos a ser reinas".