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First queen, chapter I: Prue.

My name is Prue, actually, Prudence, but nobody calls me like that except for one teacher and my father. Correction: the only teacher that hates me and my stepfather. Mom told us he isn't our dad and that he knows it, but he doesn't know we know, because he wanted us to believe he is. It's weird, I don't get it...

Well, where was I? Oh, right. I miss my mother...she died one year ago in a car accident. I call it fate. My dad and grandmother died in a car accident too, when I was five years old: that's why mom had to leave our hometown, San Francisco (California), and come here, Las vegas (Nevada). Here she made a new home, and tried to build a new life with me and my two little sisters, Piper and Phoebe. Thanks God she met my stepfather, he's really hard and strict, but a good man. Mom married him and had a baby, Paige, our youngest sister with him, but for some reason, she didn't want them to know he's her father...I'm the only one who knows that and she asked me to keep the secret. My stepdad doesn't know Paige is his daughter, either. I don't know what was through my mother's mind, but I have to respect her will, and will keep the secret forever as she asked me to do.

After my mom's death, he took care of us as our father, of course. We call him dad, father, daddy sometimes, and he acts as one. He has a club that works at nights in the first floor of our house, my sisters and I live in the second floor, each one has her own room that's almost a one-room apartment. It's awesome. He lives in a room he has in the backyard from the club, so he can manage it better. He lived with mom there...

I can't help but shed a tear, I miss her so much!...specially today, October 28, my birthday. She's not here. She didn't wake me up with a hug or kiss, she didn't sing to me or brought me breakfast to bed with a little present...she didn't help me to prepare my sweet sixteen party as she always wanted to. And I sigh, because there's nothing I can do about it, and I don't want to cry, because I don't want my mother to feel sad wherever she is or my sisters to notice I have been crying. I know they miss her too, also that they will do everything to make me feel happy in my special day. I can't deceive them.
So I finally get up from bed and stretch a little. Today is Tuesday and though it's exciting, I can't wait for Friday to come: my party will be that night, and all my classmates will attend. Dad paid a lot of money, although I told him it wasn't not necessary, but he told me that that day was going to be a night that I won't forget and that that worth it. I love him, but I don't stand him most of times. Actually, I was thinking that, as soon as I finish my college and get a good job, I'm leaving this town with my three sisters to a better place...he's not bad, but his words hurt, and his attitude is abusive. I don't want to lose my relationship with my father, or stepfather, so I guess it's better to run and call twice per week. I don't know, I still have time to think about it.

I feel the door of my room opening, and I know who are coming, but I pretend I don't, widening my eyes to their maximum expansion at the view of my three sisters with a cake on her hands, singing to me:

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Princess Prudence, happy birthday yo you".

I hear them laughing and they put the cake in front of me so I can blow the candles. Sixteen candles.

"Make a wish!," celebrates Paige very excited, she loves parties and cakes, as all nine years old do.

"Three wishes, silly," said Phoebe, and makes me laugh. She's in that age, you know? She's ten and believes the world is in her hands.

"Just hurry up, it's heavy," complains Piper trying to not be rude, and I smile.

1) I want my sisters to be happy.
2) I want my sisters to be healthy.
3) I want to be able to give them the life they deserve.

I lean over and blew the candles, while Piper leaves the cake over one of the tables I have in my room.

"What you wished for?," asks me Paige, hugging me from the neck like a little panda.

"She can't tell you, if she does, the wish won't come true," explains Piper sitting in front of me, next to Phoebe.

"I hate that rule, always leaves me curious," complains the little one and we all laugh about it.

"So, we brought you some breakfast to bed," celebrates Phoebe, jumping to cut the cake, "Don't get used".

"You're the best," I say, and they make faces of we know, you don't need to tell us how cool we are.

"Are all things ready for this Friday,?" asks Piper. She's always worried and taking care of everyone, like a mini mom. She's the most loyal face of my mother, I can't believe how similar they're with only thirteen years old.

"All things set," I smile, and Phoebe hands me my slide of cake I eat happily, "This is really yummy!"

"Of course it is, is your favorite," says Paige, proud of themselves.

"Iced mango and frosting," say they all together.

"Weird as you," jokes Phoebe, handing a slice to Paige.

I laugh. My birthday can't be better. Well, actually it can, if only mom, dad and grams were here...but I can't cry for what it's lacking, but enjoy what I have, right?

"Is the birthday girl awake already?," asks my father, Nicholas, with a little box in his hands.

"Hi," I say smiling and he kisses my cheek.

"Happy birthday baby girl, I hope you like this," tells me while I'm opening the little golden box with red decorations I'm unfolding slowly.

"That's so beautiful!, Isn't it daddy?," asks Paige covering her mouth with her hands, overreacting as always.

I take the gold chain in my hands, and I can read my name on it, and I start crying non stop.

"You didn't like it?," asks Paige with a sad face, hugging me tight. I accept her embrace and kiss her cheek, I love my baby sister, she's such an angel.

"I love it. Thank you dad," I say, and if I don't hug him, is because Paige is almost glued to me.

"Your mother prepared this for you long ago. If you pay attention to the letter, it's her..."

"Handwritting, I would recognize it anywhere," I complete for him, he nods.

"That's cool. I want one too," says Phoebe taking the chain in her hands, pretending I'm not crying. Pretending mom is not dead, or in the worst case, that she doesn't care that she is.

"Her handwritting was really sophisticated," comments Piper, with her eyes watered also.

"I miss mom...," says Paige crying on my shoulder, and I don't know what to tell her.

I see that dad is getting uncomfortable and tries to run. That's what he does: escape from problems.

"Okay girls. You can talk and play only twenty more minutes, school is waiting for you and you know I don't like girls late, bad grades or behavior," he tells us with a serious tone before leaving my room and I thank God, I hate how insensitive he can be.

"Take this, I know you liked it," says Phoebe approaching Paige and giving her a flower of candy that was decorating my cake.

I can't help but try to hug her, she's sweet, she has a golden heart and tries to be strong, but she doesn't let me. She's too hard with herself, that worries me.

"Yes I loved it!, thank you Pheebs!," claps Paige and suddenly, she forgets about her crying and mine, and I can see her face is getting spotted with candy.

"Who wants more?," asks Phoebe, and gets back to cut more cake. And she cuts one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight slices only to do something. I know that's her way to cry her heart out.

Piper stares at me, she has her eyes red and her face wet, makes me feel better that at least two of us show our feelings freely. I do it sometimes, like today a while ago...I hope Phoebe does it when she's in her room and nobody can see her, at least.

"Well, today I'm taking care of Paige though is your turn," says Piper, taking our baby sister's hand and leading her to her room. Isn't that Paige doesn't know how to do her stuff by her own, but we help her anyway...we try to be the mom she doesn't have.

"I will put this here," says Phoebe, opening the mini fridge I have near my TV and leaving there the cake.

I know she wants to complain about us helping Paige, but she doesn't because that would mean us taking care of her also, and tough she wants us close, she doesn't let us. She acts as she were older than she is, Piper says it's just a phase. I want to believe her.

And again, I'm alone in my room. I take my necklace and look up.

"Thank you for being here today. Thank you for being here everyday" I say to my mother, wherever she is.

I move and I see that there's something in the upper side of the box, it's, a letter?

"To my dear Prue. Happy sweet sixteen my baby. I can't believe you have grown this much, I still can remember how small you were when you were a newborn...my first born...I couldn't be more proud of you than what I am. Thank you for existing, you changed my life. You and your sisters are my whole life.
Love, your mother, who can't live without you, because nobody can live without their heart."

I put my chain and go to the shower, and then sit while the hot water flows. And now, that I'm alone, no one can see me and dad won't ask me to stop crying and get ready for school, I cry. I cry hard, because I miss her, because I need her and because my sisters do. Because Paige is too young and have memories she will soon forget, because Phoebe is closing her heart a bit more everyday, because Piper feels insecure and needs a mother's hug, and because I...because I'm not as good as she was taking care of this three beautiful girls. I can't take care of myself, I don't understand my own feelings...she always did, she always knew what was happening to me even before I could.

"Happy birthday to me," I whisper, and shut my eyes tight, trying to hear her voice before time manages to make me forget how it was.

Ok, nex chapter is where all the sweetness is over so, yeah. I won't stop warning you, guys.

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