Series Title: The Five Stages of Love

Chapter One: Attraction

Pairing: Slight Sunny/Bee, eventually Sunny/Bee/Sides

Rating: PG-13, will be R

Warnings: creative language

Summary: The sweetest bot on the Ark is bound to be able to love anybody, right? Even two violent minibot hating toughliners.

Bumblebee hummed softly as he stacked the last few boxes on the top shelf in storage room 13. There would usually be a spotter at the bottom of the ladder, to make sure that whomever was on the ladder didn't drop something, or worse, but nearly every other bot on the ship was down in the rec room celebrating an amazing victory over the Decepticons. But Bumblebee had been one of the only bots who hadn't finished putting everything away, mostly because he had been helping Windcharger stack his alphabetically, which is how the boxes were supposed to be.

Pushing the boxes back slightly, the yellow minibot smiled and started to climb down the ladder. His pede slipped on a rung halfway down and Bumblebee flailed slightly, trying to grab the ladder, but he only managed to push himself away. Spinning in the air for half an astrosecond, the minibot hooked his left pede on one of the rungs to the ladder and a loud 'CLICK' echoed in the storage room. Suspended, Bumblebee tried to twist around and grab for the ladder.

His pede slipped out of it's spot and the minibot went crashing to the ground, the following 'THUNK' just as loud as the previous click. Bumblebee laid on the ground and shuttered his optics, trying to figure out if he was hurt or not. Running a short diagnostic on his helm and processor, the minibot was relieved when he realized that he wasn't hurt. Standing from his spot on the floor and stretching lightly, the little yellow bot started to leave the storage room.

A soft twinge of pain in one of his stabilizer's made him pause, a sigh echoing from his vents. "Of course..." He muttered aloud, then bent over to check for any damage. When he didn't find anything visibly wrong with his stabilizer, Bumblebee started humming again and left the storage room, heading towards his room for some well-deserved recharge.

His roommate, Cliffjumper, was at the party in the rec room, even though he had a shift in the monitor room in only a few cycles. Limping slightly, Bumblebee wondered if he should head to the medbay just to be sure that he was alright, but quickly remembered that Ratchet, who had been working plenty of overtime recently had probably already gone into recharge for the night and considering the CMO only got the absolute minimum required recharge due to his flux of patients, the minibot absolutely refused to wake him up unless it was necessary.

Besides... The minibot keyed in the code to open his door, his recharge cycle starting up. It's probably just a kink. Glancing at his roommates empty berth as the door slid open, Bumblebee wondered if Cliffjumper would be overly grouchy after his moniter shift. If he did go straight from the party to his shift, the red minibot was likely to run his mouth off at his two least favorite bots, Sunstreaker and his twin Sideswipe.

Sighing happily as thoughts of the handsome toughliner's trickled through his processor, the minibot slowly laid down on his berth and stretched out, ignoring the twinge from his stabilizer as he did so. He would just go see Ratchet in the morning.

Sunstreaker stared down at his brother in the relatively empty medbay, Ratchet had gone into recharge earlier and forgot that the toughliner could pick a lock. Sideswipe had been thrown during Jet-Judo and landed hard on his helm. He was perfectly fine, according to the medbot, but would need to spend the night in the medbay. His brother's optics slowly onlined, the blue shade dim even in the dark of the medbay.

"If Hatchet catches you in here, he'll slag you." Smirking softly, the golden warrior moved away from the bed. "I'll be fine, you heard the Hatchet. G'night Sun."

"G'night moon." Hearing his brother chuckle, Sunstreaker shook his helm at their newest inside joke and started back out of the medbay, keeping an eye on the door to Ratchet's office. As he left the bay completely, he glanced back at Sideswipe, but his brother's optics were already dim as he slipped back into recharge.

Not wanting to attend the party in the rec room without his brother as a buffer to his overly abrasive personality, Sunstreaker started towards their shared room instead. Rounding a corner, his optic caught Bumblebee slipping into his room, but the minibot didn't notice the toughliner. He was stumbling slightly, no doubt heading to recharge, and the golden warrior didn't bother to call out to him as the door slid shut.

As much as the toughliner wanted company right now, he had a reputation to maintain. That, and he was certain that the sweet yellow bot wouldn't want to spend the night with him, even if Sideswipe wasn't injured.

"Whatever..." Muttering softly, Sunstreaker continued down the hall, softly touching the minibot's door as he passed it. As he continued on to his room, he couldn't help but think about how much he wished Bumblebee would spend the night with him. He had never met a bot as caring or sweet as the mini and even though Sunstreaker despised minibots with a passion, he could never hate Bumblebee. If he didn't know that the rest of the Ark would beat him to death for it, he would gladly admit how he felt about the sweet yellow bot.

Sideswipe smiled as the doors closed behind his brother and quickly commed Bluestreak. :Blue, my bot! What's going on at that party? What am I missing?:

He heard the grey Datsun snigger through the link, obviously enjoying whatever he was seeing. :M-mirage and Hound sort of vanished earlier, can you guess why? Jazz and Blaster are having another dance battle. Prowl just pulled Brawn away from the high grade for the second time and Cliffjumper and Tracks are arguing over Bumblebee's aft.:

Nealy jumping off of the berth he was on, Sideswipe sent a ping to Bluestreak to keep him from rambling too much. :Wait, Blue, who's arguing over Bee now?: Sniggering again, the grey Datsun went quiet.

:Tracks was talking about how hot Bee's aft was. He was Bee's spotter on their storage shift earlier and said he got a good long look at it and wouldn't mind seeing it again, but Cliffjumper jumped up and told Tracks that he better not even think about it because Bee's aft belongs to him, which I only heard because I'm sitting right here next to them and the music tonight is so loud, I bet you can hear it in the medbay!:

The red twin's processor was reeling, despite the pain killers he was on, and he couldn't help the surge of anger that pulsed through his spark. How dare he? Who does Cliffjumper think he is? Bluestreak continued to ramble as Sideswipe tried to calm himself down. I'm so sick and tired of not being able to have Bee! Thoughts of the minibot soared through his processor and the prankster settled back onto his berth as Bluestreak continued to relay the happenings of the party.

I have to figure out something to do. I won't be able to sit by if another bot gets to have him just because I wasn't mech enough to stand up and get what I want. Sunstreaker flashed through his processor and the red twin let his helm thunk against the berth. "Oh yea..." His brother's hatred for minbot's stemmed from a cruel prank played on him as a youngling, although Sideswipe had never understood why he hated every minibot for something one did to him.

He had been in love with a neighbor of theirs, a minibot with the designation Softspeed. Sunstreaker was very young at the time and gulliable. The older bot made Sunstreaker believe that he loved him and his brother ate up the affection, despite Sideswipe's warnings, and was horrified when he found out how much of a fool the older bot had made him out to be, using him like a cheap thrill bot and telling anybot who would listen all about his clever ploy.

Sunstreaker had closed himself off from everybot but his brother after that, unable to handle relationships and slowly becoming more and more violent. The toughliner's hadn't had a serious relationship in their life, tending to only seek a companion when they wanted to spice up their interfacing. Maybe if I ease the idea of being with Bee into Sunny's processor, he won't outright reject the subject when I bring it up?

Cycles later, Bumblebee came out of recharge with a sharp pain in his stabilizer. He had decided to forgo attending the victory party last night and go back to storage room 13 to finish his shift, or at least put everything away where it was supposed to go as opposed to the haphazard piles that he and the others on shift had left behind. Falling off a ladder certainly hadn't been his idea of fun, but Bumblebee was regretting not getting it checked out before retiring for the cycle.

He had been certain that Ratchet had already slipped off to recharge and knew better than to bother the bot with unfounded fears, but they seemed to be rearing their ugly heads now, as the human saying goes. The yellow mini rolled out of his berth slowly, his stabilizer aching, and a warning in his HUD flashed up to tell him that he was running very low on energon and needed to refuel heavily before the cycle really got started.

A secondary warning popped up just beneathe it, informing him that he hadn't had a proper recharge, something that hadn't happened in a long time. Checking his chronometer, he realized he was actually up late, which was unusual for him. He normally would've been up and about two or three cycles ago, but none of his alarms had woken him up and his self-repair system was sending a repeating message of 'Refuel Immediately' through his HUD.

Sighing softly, the spy pushed himself up off the berth, glancing over at Cliffjumper's empty one. He knew the red minibot had a monitor shift that would be ending soon because Bee had picked up the second half, but according to a note on his berth his room-mate would then be heading into town with Tracks, of all mechs, to pick up something for Perceptor. The science bot was working on a new formula for energon that would let it be more heavily concentrated and easier to transport in mass quantities.

Bumblebee stood up slowly, the pain receptor's in his stabilizer nearly overloading from too many signals. Venting harshly, the minibot stumbled towards the door and forced himself to stand up straight. He would head to the rec room to refuel, then go to see Ratchet about whatever was wrong with his stabilizer. Even though he knew it was a stupid thought, he hoped the medbot didn't bother asking him what had happened.

Bumblebee knew that while some bots, like Sideswipe, would find it funny how he had gotten injured, the medic would probably hit him with a wrench. Bee stumbled out of his room, forcing himself to walk slowly to hide his limp as much as possible.

Of course, now that he had started thinking about Sideswipe, he couldn't stop. And thinking about Sideswipe brought up thoughts of Sunstreaker, then thoughts of the twins together and Bumblebee was suddenly thankful for the pain because he didn't have to concentrate on keeping his cooling fans from turning themselves on.

Speeding up a bit as his HUD flashed another warning, Bumblebee wondered if he would ever be more than friends with the twins.

Sunstreaker hated the uncontrollable feelings he got whenever the bot was in the room. He hated the way his spark soared when that slagging adorable giggle left the bot's vocalizer. He hated how he could never decide if his optics were sky blue or cornflower blue. But mostly, he hated the fact that he was lying to himself about how much he hated the bot. There was nothing to hate about the sweet sparked mini, and the golden toughliner knew that.

Bumblebee, of all mechs, had somehow or another managed to grab Sunstreakers attention. And the mini didn't even realize it! He was still so slagging happy and friendly and giggly all the fragging time, because he didn't know that minibot hater Sunstreaker had a thing for him. No. The golden warrior thought, as the minibot he was thinking about walked into the rec room. It's more than a thing.

The yellow bot glanced around the room and smiled at him, waving softly. He smiled back, though it was more of an upward quirk at the corner of his mouth. The bot started towards the energon dispenser and Sunstreakers optics dropped to take in his frame.

Anybot would tell you that yes, Bee was physically attractive. As opposed to most mini's, the spy was slender. His frame was built more for speed and sneaking around as opposed to intimidation. Not that Sunstreaker could ever find a minibot intimidating, but it was the thought that counts, or so the human saying goes.

He had known a while back that he was falling in love with the sweet yellow bot, especially because it seemed that no matter how mean the twins were to the mini's, Bee never treated them like they were evil. The spy greeted the twins kindly whenever he saw them, asked them if they were alright when they seemed down, and seemed to make a point of telling jokes and keeping a light-hearted mood when tensions got too high between the twins and other members of the ark

Why is he limping? The golden twins thought process ground to a halt when he noticed the jerking motion of Bumblebee's stabilizers. Although the mini was doing a very good job of hiding his pain, he didn't realize how closely Sunstreaker was watching him. The toughliner stood up and made his way towards the little yellow bot who had retrieved his energon and settled down at a table. He slid into the seat across from the mini, making his optics widen in surprise.

Sunstreaker was suddenly glad that there were so few bots in the rec room, because what he was about to do was surely going to ruin his reputation as a minibot hater. "What are you thinking? Limping in here?" Bee's optics seemed to get even wider and he openly gaped at the mech. "Yea, I noticed. You may be Ratchets favorite bot, but if he finds out you were walking around with a limp and hadn't seen him, he's liable to hit you with his wrench. And that hurts."

One of the corners of Bee's mouth quirked up at the comment. "I know. I mean, he had a late night last night and I didn't think it was such a good idea to bug him this early, especially with it being his day off." The spy seemed uncomfortable, but he didn't move from his seat. The toughliner's optics narrowed and he leaned forward across the table.

"Did that happen in the battle yesterday?" Bee shifted and smiled. It was a guilty look, but it made Sunstreakers spark flutter. If he wasn't concerned about how badly Bee was injured, he might've grabbed the mini and kissed him. And if he wasn't concerned about what the other's in the Ark would think. Why should I care about them?

"No, but it's kind of stupid how it did happen." Startled from his thoughts, Sunstreaker just raised an optic ridge as he waited for the yellow mini to elaborate. Shifting again, Bee glanced away. "It was an accident-" Before he could say any more, a loud voice interrupted him from the other side of the room.

"What the frag are you doing sitting with Bee, ya creep?" Cliffjumper nearly stomped over to their table, glaring and snarling at Sunstreaker. The red minibot sneered at the golden warrior, puffing up and trying to make himself look bigger. Normally, Sunstreaker would beat him to the pit, but he didn't want to be overly violent in front of Bee.

"I was having a conversation, you pit-spawned glitch." Forcing himself to stay seated, the toughliner watched Bee set down his energon, preparing to do damage control. Seeming to swell even more at Sunstreakers comment, Cliffjumper grabbed Bumblebee's arm.

"Come on, Bee. Let's head to the medbay." He pulled the mini up out of his seat, optics flashing in confusion at the sudden look of rage that formed on the golden twin's faceplates. He started to pull the slightly protesting mini away from the table, not even realizing that Bee's cube was still full. They were out of the room before the golden toughliner had reined in his temper enough to keep from lashing out.

When he realized that they were already gone, Sunstreaker sat and fumed. How dare Cliffjumper take Bee away from him? He wasn't the mini's keeper, and besides, Bee didn't protest when Sunstreaker sat down and he certainly didn't seem to mind the conversation they were having. He sat still for a few more kilks, trying to calm down, before grabbing Bumblebee's cube, sub-spacing it, and making his way out of the rec room. As he stomped towards the medbay, his thoughts began to drift.

How did Cliffdropper know he needed to go to the medbay?

"Fraggin' Decepticreep wannabe..." Bumblebee sighed at Cliffjumper's mumbling, knowing the red mini wouldn't listen to him about how the Twins weren't evil. "Fraggin' planning some prank, just narrowing down his victims." Having been a target for more than one of Sideswipe's prank, Bumblebee knew that CJ's ranting was somewhat justified, but he also knew that the twins did it out of a need for entertainment and not cruelty.

A sharp twinge of pain from one of his stabilizer's made him stumble as the red mini continued to drag him along. Cliffjumper stopped suddenly, turning to look behind him. "Sorry." He said gruffly at the look of pain on Bee's face. "I didn't mean to pull you along Bee, honest! I was just mad that that creep was talking to you." He sneered again and Bumblebee sighed.

"He's not evil, ya know? And if I hadn't been okay with talking to him I would've gotten up and left." He had to shift to the side to keep himself from grimancing at the pain in his stabilizer. "And I'm sure Ratchet's not even up yet and you know First Aid was one of the mech's damaged yesterday. With Perceptor just coming back from that convention and Wheeljack suffering from his last experiment-"

"You're going to the medbay if I have to carry you." Both mini's jumped at the harsh voice, Bumblebee more-so than Cliffjumper. Sunstreaker had somehow managed to sneak up behind them, an angry glint to his optics.

The golden toughliner had heard the tail-end of what Bee had been saying and he knew the spy was hurting a lot more than he let on. The yellow bot was going to put off going to the medbay, despite his pain, until it was convenient for everyone else. It was one of the things Sunstreaker adored about the mini, despite how annoying it was.

"No one invited you into this conversation." Cliffjumper's voice was tight and controlled, but Bee knew he was very close to starting something with the toughliner. Sunstreaker just sneered at the mini. "Why don't you head your dull aft back to the rec room, oh violent one?" The golden warrior's sneer was quickly becoming a glaring look of rage. He advanced on the two mini's, though he didn't seem to notice Bumblebee was still there.

"You must be fragged in the processor to talk to me like this. I'm going to break your slagging faceplates!" He grabbed out at the red mini, but Cliffjumper managed to get away from the servo's reaching for him. Bumblebee knew that if he didn't stop the two, they were both going to end up in either the brig or the medbay. He went to step between them as CJ opened his mouth to say Primus knows what, when something gave out in his stabilizer.

He listed to the side for an astrosecond before collapsing to the ground completely, unable to keep a sharp hiss of pain from escaping his vocalizer. The searing pain had nearly doubled from what it was when he had onlined this morning and he tried to push through the pain and stand back up, thinking that neither bot had noticed him fall.

"The frag Bee! Why didn't you say something?" Cliffjumper and Sunstreaker were both at his side in an instant, reaching down to help him up.

"Sorry, sorry!" He hissed again as the two larger bots set him on his pede's, feeling himself list to the side once more. "It didn't hurt this bad earlier, okay?" Sunstreaker steadied a hand against his backplates to hold him upright, earning a hot glare from Cliffjumper.

"What the frag are you apologizing for? Let's just get you to the medbay already." He went to pull Bee away from the golden toughliner, only to stare in wide-opticed amazement as Sunstreaker lifted Bumblebee off the ground completely.

"He can't walk on that stabilizer, you aft-head." Bee seemed just as surprised as Cliffjumper when the larger bot began to carry him down the hall. He felt like he weighed nothing while in the handsome toughliner's arms and the thought almost made his faceplates flush.

"U-um... Thank you." The politely whispered words seemed to pull CJ out of his state of shock, and he began to follow after, watching the golden twin for any sign of mischief. He expected the violence prone mech to chunk Bee at the wall or drop him, just to see if he'd bounce, but Sunstreaker simply carried the yellow mini to the medbay and through the doors.

Ratchet was checking on Sideswipe when the golden toughliner glided in. "Ratchet?" The medic snorted and waved Sunstreaker away.

"Your brother will be fine. He'll be on light duty later today and pulling pranks by tomorrow. Now get out of my-" He finally turned to look at the golden warrior, only to gawk at the bot in his arms. "Bee? What's wrong?" Bumblebee shifted uncomfortably and tried to avoid looking Ratchet in the optic.

"He's limping pretty bad. In fact, his stabilizer gave out on him on the way here." Concern immediately replaced the surprise in Ratchet's faceplates before he motioned for Sunstreaker to set Bee down on a berth. Cliffjumper snorted at how slowly the golden warrior laid Bumblebee down and glared at how his servo's hovered over the yellow plating.

"What did you need Cliffjumper?" Ratchet's gruff question brought the red mini out of his less-than-polite musings about Sunstreaker and he moved past the mech to get to Bee.

"I have to get back to my shift in the monitor room. Saw Bee limping his way to the rec room and decided I had to make him come here." The medic glared at the yellow mini, who had the decency to flush shamefully. "Knew he wouldn't come on his own until he was sure you were up." Snorting, Ratcher shook his head and waved Cliffjumper towards the door, and the red mini took the motion as his cue to leave, though he continued to glare at Sunstreaker, who had moved to stand by his brother.

"He's here and not leaving until I'm done." Cliffjumper nodded and left, glad that the Ratchet was aready running scans on Bee's stabilizer's, but concerning what he found, the medic felt like smacking the small bot. "You do realize one of the main lines in your left stabilizer is completely disconnected?" Bumblebee's optics shot wide and Sunstreakers helm snapped around to gawk at the spy.

The golden warrior had had a main line in his stabilizer disconnected before and it had hurt like the pit. How had Bumblebee, of all bots, kept from screaming in agony? Not that Sunstreaker had been screaming, but he had a very high tolerance for pain and he hadn't been aware that the yellow mini's tolerance was that high.

"Uh... N-no, I didn't. I thought it was just kinked last night-"

"This happened yesterday? It didn't show up when I scanned you after the battle." Bumblebee quickly shook his head, noting the appraising and expectant look from Sunstreaker, who had settled in a chair next to his brother's berth, watching the two of them converse.

"It's kind of funny how it happened..." He cleared his vocalizer and shifted as Ratchet began opening panels on his leg. "But it was an accident." Snorting, the medic stood straight and looked Bee in the optic.

"Are you going to tell me what happened or keep stalling?" The golden toughliner couldn't keep a smirk off his face as Bumblebee shot Ratchet a cheeky grin.

"Oh, caught me, huh?" Both larger bots snorted humorlessly at the remark before the white medbot brought his attention back down to Bee's leg. "I was putting some things away down in storage, which is what I was doing before the alarm sounded and I slipped on the ladder."

"What?" Bee seemed to shrink in on himself at Ratchet's tone, not even bothering to glance at Sunstreaker. He expected the larger mech to be laughing, but he would have been incredibly surprised at the mixed look of concern and anger. "Why didn't you come straight here?"

Clearing his vocalizer again, the yellow mini tried to shift further away from the angry medbot. "My pede got caught and I was suspended for a couple astroseconds, then I fell to the ground. It didn't hurt until I stood up and walked around a bit, so I thought I had just kinked a wire. Plus, I knew you had gone into recharge only a short time before and I really didn't want to wake you if it was just a kink." He shuddered and smiled up at Ratchet. "It would have been The Wrench of Doom for me and you know it!"

Sunstreaker couldn't keep himself from laughing this time, though he was angry at 'Bee for not bothering to wake up Ratchet. He would have been beating down the medic's door if something like that had happened to him or Sideswipe. And if it happens to 'Bee again, I'll make sure to wake Ratchet for him. Slag what the rest of the Ark thinks.

He never noticed the soft smile the yellow mini shot at him when he laughed and Ratchet was already cleaning up the energon leaking from his busted line, fingers quickly shifting to solder what they could reach and put the line back in properly. "Well, 'Bee..." He smirked when the mini turned back to look at him, a look of dread on the adorable faceplates.

"You'll be happy to know I have to put you on light duty for a few shifts." Pouting cutely, the yellow mini nodded, having already figured that that would happen. "And-"


A wrench had seemingly appeared out of nowhere and smacked 'Bee upside the helm, making Sunstreaker flinch in sympathy while Bumblebee grabbed his helm and leaned away from the medbot. "Do you realize that you were seriously injured? You could have died while you were in recharge! A disconnected line is not something to ignore, ever!" He stepped back from the apologetic mini, his red servo's on his red hips.

"Next time something like this happens, you will come straight here, is that understood?" Bumblebee nodded, keeping his optics on the medic for any sign of another incoming wrench. Sunsteaker, meanwhile, was laughing loudly next to his brother, so glad he had recorded that moment so he could show it to Sideswipe whenever the red twin onlined again. Both toughliner's loved it when another bot felt The Wrench of Doom.

Snorting, Ratchet went to set up an energon IV drip. "I think that's the first time I've had to smack you in vorns." Smirking, the medic turned to look at Sunstreaker and jerked his thumb at Sideswipe. "You got a vid of that for your brother, didn't you?" Both mechs noticed 'Bee's faceplates flush and barely stopped themselves from teasing the little bot.

"I did get a vid of that. Would you like a copy?" Ratchet nodded, a chuckle breaking free from his vocalizer.

"And Jazz will want a copy too." The yellow mini's faceplates were a bright pink by this comment and he was pouting adorably, but any reply he would have made was drowned out by a loud rumble from his tanks. Ratchet jerked to look at him at the sound, humor and concern battling for a place in his expression.

"Here 'Bee." Sunstreaker had retrieved Bumblebee's energon cube from his sub-space and set it down beside the yellow spy, much to the surprise of both bots. "You left it on the table when Cliffhopper started to drag you here." Ratchet smiled softly and went back to setting up the IV drip, hoping that he could bribe Red Alert into giving him a copy of the security vid from the morning so far. All these strange and funny things going on just made life on the Ark more interesting.

Bumblebee smiled brightly at the golden toughliner, aching to hug him, but he knew better than to touch the handsome mech. "Thank you, Sunstreaker! I was afraid I'd have to go all the way back and get it. I'd feel bad if it was left there all day and someone had to toss it out or something." Ratchet snorted again as he came over to 'Bee's berth, hooking the IV line into the minibot and motioning for him to lean back.

"Sure, you'd be upset about someone else having to clean up after you, but not about being hungry. That's just like you, 'Bee." The medic had a soft smile on his face as he patted the yellow mini's helm where his wrench had made contact.

"Yep!" He began to giggle, the lack of energon making it difficult for him to sit up straight, but he grabbed for his cube anyways. "I like to be inconveniently convenient." Both larger bots laughed out loud at this comment, the medic's vocalizer releasing sharp bursts of static as well. Sunstreaker looked up at the mini, a bright smile on his face, which only got bigger when 'Bee smiled back. The yellow mini was glad that there wasn't a scanner hooked up to his spark chamber or Sunstreaker would have seen how fast the orb was pulsing.

Neither noticed Ratchet off to the side until he reset his vocalizer, smirking at how both bots jumped guiltily and made sure to not look at each other. Sunstreaker quickly regained his air of arrogance and glared over at Ratchet. "How's Sides?" The golden warrior gestured at his brother, who was slowly coming out of recharge. The red twin groaned loudly and started to sit up, noticing Bumblebee sitting on a berth across from him.

"'Bee!" He whined suddenly, both of his arms reaching out towards the minibot. "'Bee, I need a hug!" An empty energon cube smacked him in the faceplates, having been jerked out of Bumblebee's limp hands by an angry Sunstreaker.

"You didn't even say hi to me!" He yelled at his twin and advanced to the berth, shoving him roughly. The red prankster laughed loudly and rolled off the berth, a bright smile on his faceplates.

"Sunny! Aw, you do love me." Sneering at his twin, Sunstreaker smacked him upside his helm and began to leave the medbay. He stopped short and glanced back at Bumblebee with a soft smile, then shot his twin a hot glare.

"Don't call me Sunny!"