Series Title: The Five Stages of Love

Chapter Five: Commitment

Pairing: Sunny/Bee/Sides

Rating: R

Warnings: MechxMech, heavy petting, creative language, slight angst

Summary: The sweetest bot on the Ark is bound to be able to love anybody, right? Even two violent minibot hating toughliners.

((AN: I would like to mention that while this has only 5 chapters, following the stages of love, there will be a second story uploaded with short stories/drabbles that go with this series))

Bumblebee groaned softly as his internal alarm told him that he only had a cycle before he would be needed down in storage room 17 to help organize datapads of old reports. He was comfortable, squeezed between the twins on his tiny berth and certainly didn't want to wake them up, but he didn't want to be late for his shift either.

He also didn't want to show up for his shift covered in red and gold paint streaks or with any of the various dents he knew he was sporting across his frame. This all meant that he had a cycle to get to the washracks and clean himself off, then head to the rec room where he would no doubt be interrogated before he could retrieve his energon or even head to the medbay so he would be late anyways.

So, logically, he shouldn't bother getting up, right? He chuckled to himself and snuggled further into the two bodies pressed against him. Sideswipe had his backplates to the wall, his arms flopped over 'Bee with a serene smile on his lips and Sunstreaker was laying almost on the edge of the berth, his arms wrapped tightly around the minibot.

Smiling happily and wondering, not for the first time, if this was all a dream, Bumblebee offlined his optics and put himself in standby, the Cybertronian equivalent of dozing. His snuggling just astroseconds before had woken up the two toughliner's and they quietly onlined their optics, both smiling down at the minibot.

"What do you call the emotion where you're really happy and really scared at the same time?" Sunstreaker looked up at his whispering twin, raising an optic ridge, unaware that Bumblebee could hear their conversation. "I'm really happy for obvious reasons, but really scared for obvious ones too... He's Prime's favorite minibot, everyone's favorite minibot! We are so slagged!"

Sideswipe gripped the minibot tighter, pouting at his brother when the golden warrior laughed. "We're built for battle, you dumb-aft. We'll survive." Processing that line, the red twin nodded in agreement. "Of course, I'm a cycle late for that patrol I'm supposed to be on... And didn't you have a monitor duty shift earlier?"

Bumblebee slowly onlined his optics, pretending to be just coming out of recharge, and the two toughliner's grinned down at him. Flushing, the minibot smiled and squirmed, unintentionally arousing his companions. "I'm not trying to kill the mood, but... I have a shift in about a cycle and I think I should head to the washracks first."

He glanced down at his chassis when the two warriors pulled away from him a bit. "As much as I love the color combinations, I don't want to get you two in too much trouble..." Pouting adorably, Bumblebee leaned his helm back to stare at the twins as they pushed themselves up to loom over him as they had the night before.

"What's with the look 'Bee? We can get some of the paint off you here, ya know. You don't have to leave just yet." The spy had to work to keep the pout on his face, though he darted his tongue out for an astrosecond to run across his lips, startling the toughliner's and arousing them even more. But, pouting heavily, Bumblebee pretended to sniffle.

"Our color project's going to be ruined." Sideswipe had to bite his lip to keep from laughing, humor brightening his optics. Sunstreaker didn't bother being quiet and cackled loudly at the minibot's comment. "It was so much fun and it just isn't right that it has to be wiped away. Although, it'll probably be okay so long as there's a sequel."

The red twin couldn't hold it in anymore and laughed loudly, his vocalizer letting loose with a burst of static. "There will be many sequels 'Bee. As many as you're willing to participate in, in fact." Sunstreaker leaned back and pushed his twin out of the light, snapping a quick photo of the mini and storing it in his databanks.

The minibot was laid out on the berth beneath him, his optics dim and that adorable pout on his faceplates. Streaks of red and gold paint criss-crossed on his frame, seeming to appear like fire across the spy's chassis. "Although I will definitely be painting this later."

Flushing brightly, Bumblebee moved his arms above his head and pushed his chassis up a bit, a sultry look in his optics, and licked his lips again, slowly. Two engine's revved loudly, but before they could do anything to the delicious looking minibot the door slid open.

Cliffjumper stood frozen in the door, staring at the toughliner's with his roommate, the position they were in and the obvious evidence from the previous nights activities. Quickly moving into the room, he grabbed the cleaning case for his rifle from beside his berth and went right back out the door. The red minibot paused in the doorway, glancing back at the twins.

"Prowl's looking for you two, about your shifts." Without another word, Cliffjumper left the room, the door sliding shut behind him.

"Well that killed the mood." Pouting, Sideswipe pushed his brother off the berth and moved to stand up. "We should all head to our shifts, after we clean up a bit, before we get into anymore trouble." There was a loud clang as Sunstreaker hit the ground, but the golden mech quickly stood up and looked himself over.

"Don't you have a mirror in here, 'Bee?" Bumblebee slowly started to sit up, a smart comment on the tip of his tongue, but an extreme burning pain from his interface components made him pause. His optics widened and he laid back down, a single whimper making it's way past his lips. "What's wrong?"

Smiling despite his pain, the minibot decided it was best to turn it into a joke. "You know how if you over work a system, especially one that hasn't seen any action in a few vorns, it tends to hurt a lot the next cycle?" Both toughliner's shuttered their optics at him before immediately bending down to check out his equipment.

"Ooo, it's swollen and inflamed and Hatchet is going to deactivate us for real this time..." Sideswipe muttered as he lightly ran a digit over the lips of Bumblebee's valve, pulling back and apologizing when the minibot hissed in pain. "I'll carry you down to the medbay." As he reached forward to lift the smaller mech up, Sunstreaker batted his servo's away and reached down.

"You're late for your monitor shift and I know Prowl has already replaced me on patrol, so I'll be taking 'Bee down to the medbay, thank you very much." He grabbed the yellow minibot and slowly lifted him up, muttering an apology when Bumblebee hissed in pain again. "That, and I run faster than you so I'm less likely to get hit by a flying wrench." The red prankster laughed.

"That is so true. See you later 'Bee!" Kissing the smaller mech goodbye, Sideswipe left the room, no doubt heading for the washracks before bothering with going to his shift.

"We were too rough." As the golden mech took in more of Bumblebee's frame, he began to notice that there was quite a lot of evidence of just what they had been doing. Hardened purple fluid, lubricant from the minibot's valve, was decorating yellow thighs and Sunstreaker knew he had to get some of it off of 'Bee's frame before they went to the medbay.

Not just to save the minibot from embarrassment, but also because he didn't want any bot to know what his little spy looked like after a night of passion. Taking a cleaning cloth out of his subspace, Sunstreaker went to work buffing out the most obvious of the streaks, smirking as his minibot wiggled and moaned at the pleasing sensation.

Ratchet muttered in his usual grumpy way as he went about the medbay, fixing the last few problem spots on Wheeljack's frame so the engineer could get back to blowing himself, and the rest of them, up at random intervals.

He chuckled when the engineer flinched away from his red servo's, but that didn't stop the medic from closing up the last bit of his neck to ensure that the repaired vocalizer was in place. Sending a surge to activate the components, Ratchet chuckled again as Wheeljack twitched and hissed out a short stream of static.

"Ra-ratchet-t-t-t..." He reset the vocalizer quickly, his optics widening at the two who had just walked into the medbay, although, technically, it was a larger bot carrying a smaller one. "You have, uhh... guests?" The medic turned around to look at the doorway, but he had to offline his optics and bring them back online, the sight was so unbelievable, even though something similar had happened only yesterday.

"Sunstreaker and... Bumblebee?" The minibot was flushing guiltily, looking anywhere but at the two mechs in the medbay.

"Hey Ratchet!" Sunstreaker, the violent, scowling frontliner, was smiling brightly, more than one streak of yellow and red on his chassis, and holding Bumblebee closely, almost lovingly. "You know how you don't use a component for a while and then it gets a really good workout and it ends up swollen and inflamed?" Speed-walking at the look on the medics face, the golden mech placed Bumblebee down on one of the berths closest to the door. "I guess you do, so I'm going to go away now."

A wrench came flying out of nowhere and nearly smacked the toughliner as he bolted for the doors, but he made sure to pause before going around the corner and blow Bumblebee a kiss. "Get back here, you fragger! I told you that if he ended up in my medbay because of you aft-heads I was going to slagging remodel you!" The medic stomped towards the doors, ignoring the laughing engineer and the blushing minibot completely.

"Ratchet you need... a good fragging." Wheelack was getting used to his repaired vocalizer, spacing the words enough that he didn't stutter and smirking happily at Bumblebee. "So you... got laid?" 'Bee had to bite his lip to keep from laughing, but nodded at his best friend as Ratchet turned around and headed towards his berth.

"And you! What did they do to you? I want details." Grinning slyly, the medic leaned against the berth-side table, much to the surprise of the smaller bot. "No, seriously. I've heard plenty of things about the twins and I want to know what they're like." The yellow minibot couldn't hold it in anymore and he laughed, his vocalizer barking out static as he twitched on the berth.

"Ow, it hurts to laugh..." Laying still at the burning reminder of pain in his interface components, Bumblebee smirked at the medic. "Can I tell you after you take a look down there? It really has been out of use for a while so..." Unable to keep himself from laughing, Ratchet unhooked the berth from the wall and pushed it towards one of the exam rooms.

"We'll be back out in a bit Jackie." The engineer just nodded. "After I get all the juicy details of course!"

Ratchet 'hmm-ed' softly as he looked over Bumblebee valve. The walls were swollen and inflamed, just as they would be if the minibot were a virgin who had been taken too roughly, but he knew Bumblebee wasn't a virgin because he had done check-ups on the minibot's interface components before, just as he had to for every bot on the Ark. Oh the joys of being a medic...

He knew that no mini would ever want to spend the night being fragged by Optimus Prime or Ironhide because they were both larger bots with larger than average equipment. And that Cliffjumper was, in fact, a virgin. The only bot on the Ark with that particular issue, but it wasn't something Ratchet would tell any bot anyways. Doctor-patient confidentiality.

"Ratchet?" He looked up at Bumblebee when the minibot pushed himself up into a sitting position. "Is it supposed to hurt this much? I mean, they did prep me, ya know." Unable to keep himself from grinning, the medic moved over to a set of drawers and pulled out a small tube from one of them, before leaning over the minibot's open interface panel again.

"If a valve hasn't had a spike in it for a while it becomes difficult to stretch and shouldn't have any spike bigger than it's counter component shoved into it. How long has it been?" He squeezed a little of the gel from the tube onto the tip of a digit and slowly pushed it past the rim of Bumblebee's valve, muttering apologetically when the minibot whined in pain.

"Since before we went into stasis." Widening his optics at the mini, Ratchet began to spread the gel around the inside of the valve, finding himself heating up slightly at just how tight it was around his digit. "And then the actual last time was a few vorns before that." Making a choking sound, the medic paused, gawking at the spy who shifted uncomfortably.

"Bee... Why didn't you say something? There are plenty of bots on this ship that would have loved to interface with you." Bumblebee flushed at the unexpected compliment and Ratchet elaborated. "You're a favorite, you know that. Just about every mech on the Ark loves you in one way or another."

He pulled his digit out of the minibot's valve and coated it with more of the gel, smiling when Bee moaned at the cool, numbing sensation. "I didn't know that... I mean, I haven't had very good relationships in the past and-" He stopped, glancing at the door and fidgeting before looking back at the medic.

"Most mechs who would get into a relationship with me only did it for the interfacing. Not that it wasn't great, but I wanted something more serious. At least once. And no bot had ever approached me about starting a relationship before, so I always did the asking. I just haven't bothered since I joined the Autobots." Shrugging at the medic's affronted look, the minibot continued.

"I mean, a lot of times, Minibots are seen as nothing more than tight valves, that's why they act so tough, to try and get people to take them more seriously, but I could never act like that. I can't be mean, I just can't." Ratchet smiled as he pressed the digit back in, a heavier coating of gel on it, and the lips of the valve spread more readily because of the numbing effects.

"I know you can't be mean, it's adorable really and one of the main reasons you have so many admirers. I bet you could even find something nice to say about Megatron, of all mechs." Bumblebee laughed, leaning back on the berth and moaning softly as Ratchet removed his digit and the pain in his valve dimmed down to a slight ache.

"He's a very determined sort. And inventive. And seems to take in strays a lot." He smiled as the medic snorted softly, trying to hide his chuckles. "He's a kind bot at spark, I know it. He totally cried when Bambi's mom died." Getting the reference, due to a Disney movie night in the rec room, Ratchet couldn't hold the laughter in any more, throwing his helm back and stumbling away from the berth.

It took him a few astroseconds to collect himself before he stumbled over to the sink and washed the gel from his servo's, chuckling softly. "Primus 'Bee! I would say I enjoy your visits just for the laughs, but I don't like to see any bot injured." He turned back to the minibot as he dried his servo's, his smile quickly shifting into a grin.

"So how did your night with the twins go? Were they insatiable kink fiends, like everybot says?"

"Why are we cleaning the washracks again?" Sideswipe pressed the extend on the cleaning tool in his hands and waited for it to hit something solid before enabling the grabbing mechanism and initiating the retract. A large green and brown lump of gunk came out of the tube and the mech couldn't keep himself from making a face as he deposited the filth into a bucket by his pedes, grimacing as it splashed up onto his stabilizer's.

"Because you never finished cleaning the washracks to begin with and that is simply unacceptable." The black and white Datsun standing by the door watched the twins as they continued to wipe up muck from all over the room, groaning and complaining the whole time.

Several bots had come down to the washracks, under the guise of cleaning up, just to talk to Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, but Prowl wasn't allowing anybot to engage the two trouble-makers in conversation.

"And Sunstreaker, for failing to call ahead of his shift and mention, perhaps, that he would be late, will be heading down to the training hall to help Ironhide set up drones for the upcoming drills." The golden mech sneered at Prowl, scrubbing a little too hard against the floor and nearly snapping the handle of his brush. "You, Sideswipe, will be reporting to Red Alert for whatever punishment he has come up with for failing to show up for your shift."

Angry, but keeping himself from saying anything, the red mech bent to reconnect the pipe in his hands to the stall, grumbling and kicking at his brother to move on to the next stall. "Is there a particular reason why you're supervising us, Sir? We know how to clean the washracks. We're experts."

The black and white mech raised an optic ridge at the question before glancing around the room at the few stragglers pretending to shower. "I am aware of that fact Sideswipe. It's one of my favorite punishments to give out." Sunstreaker let loose with a short stream of curses, looking down at his still streaked chassis and the muck covering it.

"The reason I am here supervising is because you didn't finish last time. I want to make sure you don't run out on the job this time. I have a very busy schedule, but I can bring my work with me." His optics darted down to a datapad he had in one servo, forcing himself to keep his faceplates blank when the twins moved on to the last stall.

"You are very lucky that I decided you should only have to finish where you left off as opposed to cleaning everything all over again." Quiet snickers came from the door as Bluestreak wandered into the washracks, catching the end of Prowl's statement. The grey Datsun had streaks of mud on his stabilizer's and more than one small branch stuck in a seam.

"Hey Mechs! You look like you're not having any fun." He snickered again and was about to open his mouth, no doubt to start talking somebot's audio receivers off, when Sideswipe smirked.

"When was it that you and 'Bee got slagged on high grade and 'faced?" The red mech wondered when the washracks had ever been so quiet, as Bluestreak went pale and glanced around the room. He rocked on his pede's uncertainly and reset his vocalizer before launching into a long explaination.

"You know, I liked 'Bee for a long time before that but after it happened I realized it wasn't the same like as what you obviously have for him and I don't mean to rude about it, ya know, but I don't think it was right of you to make that announcement, just because it not only surprised a bunch of bots, but I don't think it was very nice to 'Bee.

"I know he didn't complain about it, but he was up in the medbay for a lack of energon, he had a disconnected main line! And he really didn't need the stress at the time, although I'm sure he wasn't stressed by it, more flattered or embarrassed, but you know how 'Bee is! He never says what's bothering him, even though bots talk to him about their problems all the time.

"I mean, it's not like he and I stopped being friends after that happened. Sure it was a little awkward at first, but we got used to each other again and 'Bee had to have had someone else between then and now, so why aren't you talking to them? I mean-"

"I think that's enough Bluestreak. Go wash up." His lips clinked together and he nodded at Sunstreaker before shuffling over to one of the empty stalls, shutting the door behind him. The tense quiet in the washracks could have been cut with an energon blade, but Wheeljack, who had followed Bluestreak into the washracks, stepped forward to break it.

"This isn't a subject I'll stand for should somebot care to continue it. That bot might find a surprise hidden in their room, courtesy of me, if you get my meaning." The engineer straightened up and walked over to the twins. "But I would like it if you two stopped by my lab before continuing on to whatever other punishments you have to sit through. I have a present for you!"

Wheeljack's last statement was practically sung as he turned and sauntered out of the room. The twins went pale at the comment and glanced up at Prowl, who was finding it very easy to not pity the troublemakers.

"He's not allowed to blow us up on purpose, right?" Sideswipe shuddered at Prowl's uncaring shrug as he disconnected the waste line and got to work cleaning it out. "Of course, whatever he does give could be something that isn't intended to blow up, which means it would be a catastrophic explosion that would probably level everything for miles."

Sunstreaker chuckled at Sideswipe's rambling and stood off to the side of the stall. He was waiting for his brother to finish pulling out the line so he could get started on the floor, when Hound walked up to the two of them closely watched by Prowl.

"I'm only saying this once, but I'm saying it. I know you guys love playing pranks and you're not the nicest bots- just an astrosecond, Sir." The SIC had moved forward to intercept the green scout and wave him along, but he knew it was inevitable that more bots would start trying to get a moment with the twins.

"As I was saying, I know you're not the nicest bots, but 'Bee is. He's one of my best friends and I care about him a lot. You heard it from Wheeljack and now I'm saying it; You hurt him, I'll hurt you." The normally calm and friendly green jeep said all of this with a very cold tone to his optics, glaring at the two toughliner's who quietly nodded.

"Good! I've got to head out now to make my shift, but you mechs are doing a great job!" He smiled happily and left the washracks, humming a tune from a show on the human drama network. After that, the rest of the bots that had been waiting to talk to them all said something similar, much to the amusement of Prowl, before the twins could escape.

Both headed off to their next punishment, wondering if 'Bee was getting lectures from anybot.

"I just asked how you know you can trust them. It was not meant as an insult or an allusion to a lack of intelligence, 'Bee, I swear." Mirage leaned away from the minibot as Bumblebee hissed out a few curses.

"I know they're not angel's in armor or whatever, but I know they're serious. I wish mechs would stop asking me that..." Having limped into the rec room just a few kliks before, the yellow spy was getting his fair share of questions and concerns tossed at him by various bots that he was proud and happy to call his friends.

Mirage had sat down in the seat across from him when Powerglide said, quite loudly, that he needed to head back to the medbay and get his processor checked. The noble, who had just asked 'Bee if he was sure he could trust the twins, was quiet across from him, a soft contemplating look on his face.

Sighing, the noble leaned forward, which he normally wouldn't do as bad posture was considered a crime by the Tower's mech. "'Bee, if you're sure and you're serious, then I have nothing to say against your affections or your acceptance of their affections. But I'll be here if you ever need to talk, alright?"

Smiling at the support of at least one friend, the yellow bot sipped at his energon, nodding. "I didn't mean to snap at you. Just too many bots asking the same questions, you know?" They shared a short chuckle over that before a small smirk worked it's way across Mirage's faceplates.

"Were they as insatiable as everybot says?" Bumblebee laughed, feeling a small ache in his numbed out components, and stood up.

"I am so not elaborating on that..." Snickering quietly he stretched and smiled at Mirage. "Thanks for not calling me crazy or stupid or gullible." The noble smiled back and nodded at the minibot, who was turning to leave the room. "And if you're planning on lecturing the twins, don't bother. I'm sure they're getting an audio-full anyways."

"I don't doubt it..." Mirage muttered quietly as his optics took in the lines of Bumblebee's frame, then he sighed. "Too slow, noble. You missed the shot."

'Bee was heading back to his room, humming happily. He hadn't been bothered more than once during his shift in the storage rooms, although Bluestreak and Tracks had helped with that, redirecting questions and shooing at bots.

Tracks had made a bit of a game of it, pretending to grab at 'Bee's aft when the mini bent down to get something and laughing when Bluestreak loudly warned the yellow minibot. He knew the twins were probably out to get him anyways for his comment from the victory party, so he was just trying to have some fun before he was beaten to death.

Stretching as he rounded a corner, Bumblebee froze. His door was wide open and Cliffjumper was standing out in the hallway glaring at something or somebot who was in their room. Oh no... Picking up his pace to make sure he would be able to stop whatever chaos was about to erupt, he nearly skidded to a halt when the red minibot turned to glare at him.

"You gave them our key code?" Bumblebee shook his head and warily stepped beside his roommate, glancing into their shared room. A gasp left his vocalizer as he stared at the far wall.

A beautiful painting dominated the far wall, a play of gold, red, and yellow that seemed to chaotically condense in the center to form a circle of flames. Unable to help himself, the minibot slid into the room and walked over to touch the painting. "Wow... This is..."

"Frag were you thinking, giving them our key code? Slaggers probably had their hands all over my stuff..." CJ stomped in behind him, but the yellow minibot wasn't paying attention to his grumblings. He ran the tips of his digits around the edge of the painting, his optics wide, and tried to control the pounding of his spark. "You gonna move in with them?"

Bumblebee didn't hear his roommate as he continued to look over the painting, noting a slight pattern to the way the colors twisted around each other. Every time he recognized a pattern, a twist of gold and red surrounding yellow, he softly brought his servo up to hover over the spot.

"'Bee!" He jumped, spinning around to face Cliffjumper. "Yea, it's pretty, but what's going on, seriously? You mechs just got into this relationship and Mr. Violent is giving you paintings?"

"Don't call him that." The red minibot scoffed. "I'm serious. He's not violent, just..." Smiling as several words came to mind to describe the toughliner, Bumblebee lifted his servo to touch the painting. "He's just Sunstreaker. Proud and a bit volatile, but not violent." Cliffjumper scoffed again.

"Whatever. Are you moving in with them?" Raising an optic ridge as the red mini pointed at something on his berth, Bumblebee turned and blushed. Bright pink words were painted on the wall, although they looked like it had been done by a sparkling with a bad brush.

'Get your stuff together. We'll pick you and your berth up when we're done with our punishments. Love, the twins~' Rocking in place for a klik, 'Bee pondered the possibilities.

On one servo, they had only been dating for a day (although they had already interfaced) and the minibot didn't know if they were ready to move in together. On the other servo, they had differing schedules and wouldn't see each other all the time anyways. He sighed, quickly coming to a decision and turning to face his roommate.

"Aren't there five stages to love?"

The twins were dragging themselves to Bumblebee's room, although neither felt like they would be able to help him move all of his things tonight. While Sunstreaker had been used like a pack mule by a gleeful Ironhide, Red Alert had given Sideswipe the task of checking and resetting all of the camera's in their security mainframe, under the SD's supervision of course.

The twins had then managed to successfully avoid both Wheeljack's lab and said scientist, but both mechs were tired and sore, wanting nothing more than to curl up around their minibot and recharge.

Cliffjumper grumbled as he walked past them, shooting both mechs a sneer. They shot one back, never being too tired to insult the red minibot, when he said something surprising. "I'm headed off to my temporary room so you mechs will have 'alone time', but don't touch my stuff."

They nodded, confused, and watched the mini walk away, still grumbling. Heading into 'Bee's room, they noticed that only a few of his things were packed, which was a bit discouraging to the toughliner's.

Of course, the fact that Bumblebee was bent over, his aft in the air as he placed things in a box on the ground, helped keep the twins from thinking too much. They moved forward and both grabbed either his aft or his thighs, chuckling when the minibot squeaked and jumped. He turned around with his faceplates flushed and a slightly horrified look, which quickly changed to one of relief.

"Fraggin Primus! I thought you were CJ for an astrosecond. He just left, right?" 'Bee brought his hands up to his audio receivers and turned the music he was listening to off, smiling at the obviously tired toughliner's.

"And I figured you would be tired after all of what went on today so I haven't packed everything." He grinned and slipped past the twins to shut the door, then turned to face them. "Sit down, sit down! You bots look like you're about to fall over!"

Chuckling, Sideswipe and Sunstreaker complied with their minibot's request and, while sitting down, they found that they were face to face with the bubbly yellow spy. Bumblebee was smiling happily, but shifiting in place as well, making the toughliner's take note of the tense set to his shoulders.

"I realized something earlier, something kind of upsetting- not about you!" He quickly held his servo's up when the twins started to pout. "No, it's just... You've both confessed your feelings to me and I haven't said much of anything back and I wanted to apologize for that and ex-explain something."

He reset his vocalizer, avoiding optic contact with the toughliners. "I haven't had very good relationships in the past, which is why I tend to not pursue bots and I wanted to apologize for thinking that you two were joking at first." Bumblebee glanced up as Sideswipe shrugged, a tired smile on his face.

"I love you. Both of you." The twins felt their sparks speed up.

"I love how you're so upbeat, even after being at war for so long. How you, Sunstreaker, can turn just a few colors of paint into an absolute masterpiece." Bumblebee glanced over at the painting on the far wall, loving the proud smile that lit up the golden toughliner's face. "I love how creative and hilarious the pranks you play are Sideswipe." The red mech swelled with pride, a smug grin on his faceplates.

"But mostly, I just love you." He blushed and giggled at their happy expressions. "So go to sleep and we'll move my stuff tomorrow, right mechs?" Sunstreaker grinned, grabbing one of 'Bee's arms and pulling the minibot closer.

"I am suddenly not tired."