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On the first day of classes, I woke up before anyone else did. My mother had told me about the Room of Requirement, which is where I am going to set up my base. I just had to see the room that Mother set up as a base for us. After surveying the area, I returned back to the dormitory without waking any of the other kids.

I talked to the other Slytherin kids my age, but I will definitely not use the word "friend" to describe any of them. Just like my mother, I don't see any use for that kind of friendship, and it would just make me look weak. No one can ever try to tell me otherwise. The day I change my mind will be the day muggles learn how to use a wand.

Speaking of friends, I see my sister made one overnight. I think I heard her call the girl "Alanna", but I'm not really sure. I really don't care what the girl's name is, because I'm pretty sure she's a mudblood. I watched from a distance as those two walked into the Battle of Hogwarts memorial. Seeing that made me realize how much I wanted to burn that room down before my mother takes control of the school. Every person who that room is dedicated to was either a mudblood or a blood-traitor, and deserved to die. In fact, there should've been a lot more losses on that side too.

One of my last classes for the day was Herbology, and it just happened to be with the Gryffindors. I decided that would be the best time to make them realize that we're coming back, and this time they won't be so lucky.

While Longbottom was still talking to Alexandra and her two friends, I decided it was time to be known. I had roped two Slytherin boys my age into knocking over a tray of biting roses. When they did, the roses lunged for us, and we had to step away. I don't know or care about the other two boys, but I jumped up onto a chair in order to avoid being bitten.

The crowd's reaction though, completely hit me in the face. They were laughing at me, making me look like the stupid one. Worst of all, I saw that the blood-traitor Weasley was laughing the hardest. It was time for me to regain the upper hand, and wipe that smile off of his stupid face.

"Shut your face, Weasley!" I spat in disgust. "Why don't you and your mudblood pals of yours go back to your pretty little flowers?" Yes, I called my Alexandra a mudblood. While I know that she really isn't, I can't let her find out that she's my sister yet. I need to give her time to figure out who Claridina really is before letting her find out she's related to us.

Hearing what I said, Weasley pointed his wand at me and yelled "take that back!" Does he know who I am? I would never take back what I said, even if only half of it was true.

Longbottom heard us, and of course confronted me for saying the word. I completely ignored everything he said, except the part that I would be serving a detention with him for using the word "mudblood". I just said okay and stalked off.

Oh, and to everyone who laughed at me today, let's just see who's laughing in a few years, when the world falls under my mother's control.

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