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His footsteps echoed across the hall. It was dark and quiet in this part of the castle. The silence was scary, downright eerie. He berated himself for such thoughts. Imagine a saiyan like him being afraid of the dark. It was embarrassing. The hall lead to a large mahogany wooden door. An inscription in saiyan was carved across the door. It read: KING VEGETA. A large fist knocked. Though the male used little strength the door nearly fell off its hinges. "Come in," called a strong, husky voice from inside. The door slowly allowing the tall saiyan to enter. He stood still with his legs slightly apart and his arms behind his back. His tail was wrapped tightly around his waste to reduce any movement from it. "Third class Saiyan Kakarot is here King Vegeta," reported the bald Saiyan that had spoken just moments ago.

"Thank you Nappa." The owner of the voice sat atop a seat with velvet linings sheets. His gold pin glinted showing his importance. the cape wrapped around his back ruffled with his every movement. "Now Kakarot," boomed the voice, "as you know we have been sending our saiyan warriors to a planet called Earth so it could be purged and sold. it seems as though the saiyan we sent as a baby was killed. There is no evidence that it is still alive. We originally thought the humans inhabiting the planet were weak. We were wrong." King Vegeta stood up from his thrown and turned his head to the window nearest him, gazed at the setting sun. " The two saiyans we sent were killed. At first my warriors thought it was an explosion in space that killed them so we sent two more to Earth. They, too, were killed. The last batch of saiyans to be sent left us a message before leaving to the next dimension(Damn Funi dubbing gets to you). Nappa, put it on." The King turned to his assistant who in turn pushed a button located on a device on his wrist. A transparent screen appeared in the middle of the room. The screen became black. A young man stood in front of the screen. His eyes looked tired. The pupils were gray and bleak. Either he was losing hope or he was dying. It looked about even for the young saiyan. The youth must have been in a harsh battle for cuts and scraped adorned almost every part of his naked flesh. The clothes he wore were ratty and torn. Half of his saiyan armor was torn off. His left eye was bleeding and his right cheek had a nasty gash that was becoming infected. " K-king Vegeta, this is Saiyan Zerel reporting. Things look bleak. My partner and I were attacked. I'm hurt bad." As if on cue the gash on hi eye began to leak(?) blood. The dark liquid oozed down his cheek like crimson tears. " I narrowly escaped but my partner wasn't so lucky." The picture became fuzzy, nearly going blank. A loud crash caused the ruffled saiyan to turn around. "OH GOD, SHE'S HERE!"

"THOUGHT YOU COULD RUN FROM ME, BUDDY? FAT CHANCE!!!" Screamed a feminine voice from behind. The female was covered by the darkness, only allowing the sound of her voice to give her away.


"WENCH?! WHY YOU BASTARD!!" The screen suddenly went blank and disappeared. King Vegeta descended his pearl stairs, past Nappa and to Kakarot; his chosen warrior. Yes, King Vegeta had personally chosen Kakarot to purge Earth. There was something about this man, King Vegeta knew it. Ever since he watched him beat the other saiyans at the world wide tournament. He and prince Vegeta were shocked to see a third class saiyan win. His thoughts ran back to the young saiyan in front of him. "Kakarot, I want you, Prince Vegeta and Katgi to go and dispose of all of Earth's inhabitants. I don't want to risk it this time. You and Prince Vegeta will be more than enough to take care of the earthlings but if you do need some back up Katgi will be there. And one more thing. If you do find the troublemaker who killed the previous saiyans bring her back with you. She may prove to be useful." A smirk crossed his face, an evil smirk one used before annihilating their opponent. "Yes, sir." Bowed Kakarot. He left the room thinking about the female voice who had been able to destroy the other saiyans. 'When I find her I'll give her something to remember me by. '


On another planet far from planet Vegeta a loud scream could be heard as a young woman swiftly kicked an imaginary foe. With every step she took drops of sweat fell to the floor, she had been training in the gravity room for well over three hours. A small ball of energy appeared in the woman's hand. She threw it, disappeared then reappeared in the direction the ball was headed. Her legs spread apart and her arms became crossed in front of her face. Just as the blast was coming an ear splitting holler broke her concentration. Too late. The ki blast hit her hard. With the blast at her stomach, pushing her faster and harder with every second, the woman was blown back. She hit the round wall behind her. Her arms and legs flung out in front of her. Jet black hair flew in all different directions. A gasp escaped her mouth and she fell to the metallic floor with her arms and knees barley supporting her weight. The door near the lights was opened. A blue hared beauty walked in. "CHICHI DID YOU- OH MY GOD CHICHI ARE YOU OK?!" She ran to her friend who was beginning to get up.

"Yeah, I'm ok Bulma," She coughed, "You know, I think you're the only one whose screams can penetrate the gravity room." Chichi winced as Bulma examined her arm.

"Oh shut up Chichi." Her voice began to rise. " Chichi, were you the one that blew up the moon?!"

"Uhm...." 'Crap. I knew it was only a matter of time.'

"Chichi how could you?! People are becoming suspicious about us." She turned her back and sighed at her friend's nervous grin. 'It's all fun and games until someone gets an eye out. Yeah, then its hilarious.' Thought Bulma as she remembered the time Chichi poked Krillen's eye. 'Wait, wait. I'm getting off the subject here. '

"Look Bulma, those saiyans would have transformed. I couldn't let them do that They would have had a better chance of winning that way. We can't risk anything." It was Chichi's turn to sigh. Those saiyans were becoming a little harder to beat. Plus, they didn't play fair. Anything could be used to their advantage. 'Heh. Even the moon.'

"Well alright Chi, but just be more cautious. Is people found out about you beating up the saiyans then cameras, news reportes and journalist would be all over our front lawn."

"Gotcha Bulma, I'll be more careful."

"OH!" Bulma's outburst startled Chichi. Bulma stood over her, watching her friend lay on the floor with her hands over her ears. "Chichi you have to see the tracker." They both ran outside and into the Capsule Corp. home they shared. Once inside Bulma's custom made laboratory Bulma showed Chichi her intergalactic tracker. "Chichi, the radar found a spaceship heading towards Earth. I think it's a Saiyan ship."

"Damn they're persistent. Alright how long till they get here?"

"They just left," stated Bulma while looking at her radar, "I think about ...11 months."

"Great. That leaves me enough time to train for their arrival." ' Yeah, I'll give them something to remember me by.'


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