Hi everyone. I know I haven't updated in a while but I have been very busy. With what? Uh...stuff. OKAY, I GIANT RADIOACTIVE FISH IN A BEAR SUITE WAS ATTACKING ME!!

Goku: Call me stupid, but I think you're lying.

chibi Zayla: ...*It's a sad, sad day when you can't even fool Goku..* Ok, I wasn't attacked by a fish but I was very busy with school. See, my classes have become a bit much for me to handle and what with the work and tests I just didn't have the time to write. I've also been looking at my chapters and I don't know if these stories are crap or beyond crap. Here's what I'm asking. If ya guys want me to continue the stories them e-mail me. If ya don't then that's fine with me cuz I'll be workin for nothing. Hm..I'm hungry..*burp*

Vegeta: *disgusted* You do know you haven't logged off...

chibi Zayla: .....gottaemailmebye!!*runs off*