The hug-a-war

it is a long day for han, leia,luke,and chewie as they all do their jobs on the hoth han solo and his pal luke were in the lunch line when they sat down in front of the icy cold princess leia who yet again was in a bad mood "hey your worship" han said with a smirk "what do you want han" she asked "luke and i were gonna go out and have some fun in the snow want to come?" "sure why not han it's better than doing nothing i guess"

later that day han and his friend were all in the snow han and leia were on the ground making snow angels like was building a snow man and chewie was throwing snowballs at threepio trying to knock him over when han reached over and grabbed leia giving her a hug "what was that about han?" she asked a little frightened "well corellian tradition says when someone has a bad day you give them a Hug-A-War" han said laughing "what's that?" leia asked blushing as red as a beet "you'll see" han said grabbing her off the ground

i will not play a tug-a-war
i'd rather play corellian hug-a-war
where everyone hugs
instead of tugs
where everyone giggles
and rolls on the rugs
where everyone kisses
and everyone grins
and everyone cuddles
and everyone wins

by this time han , leia luke and chewie were all in a big group hug cover in snow for head to toethey walked inside and leia gave han a kiss on the check "and what was that for sweetheart?" han asked "for making my day han thank you i needed a hug-a-war" she yet again gave han another peck "and that one" han asked again "just because" she said walking away with a secret grin on her face