Time Has Changed Us

By ImmahBack


Rin and Sesshomaru have been friends since childhood. Now that they're older, everyone expects a certain girl to be engaged—but it turned out to be the wrong one…but who is it? Will Rin and Sesshomaru ever be together? Or will their love be left forsaken?

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Wenomaru- (When-Know-mah-roo)

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Chapter 1- Shattered

"The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have."


Wenomaru swallowed with a lump forming in her throat as she opened the door to Rin's apartment. Her silver-white hair swished around her as she walked into her best friend's living room.

Putting on a fake smile, she greeted her. "Hey...Rin!"
Rin looked up from her magazine and set her warm, brown-eyed gaze upon the stressed form of her friend . "Hey, Wen! What's wrong?"

"Rin…have you ever had your heart broken…?"

Rin's eyes looked confused. "Well…there were the times when I was abused by my family when we were younger…but other than that…no. Why do you ask?"

"Nothing. Just curious." Awkward silence fell between them.


Last night at dinner.

Wenomaru walked into the dining room for dinner as the rest of the Takahashi family seated themselves, waiting for the maids to set dinner on the grand cherry wood dining table. Inutashio was seated at the head of the table, with Izayoi on the other end. Inuyasha sat near the middle with chairs spacing him between his father and mother with Sesshomaru on the opposite side of the table with the same arrangement. Wen sighed mentally. They always were seated like this—far apart from each other with many empty chairs for guests who weren't there, and speaking formal talk. Sometimes she just wished that they were a normal family with a modest sized house and not people who were rich and famous. It wasn't that her parents were formal and didn't spend time with them, it was just that sometimes, showing off your money with big and grand things made it seem like they were distant and arrogant. She walked towards her twin brother Inuyasha's side of the table and sat down next to him.

"Hey, Inu." She greeted him.

"Hey, Wen." He said in response to her.

Tonight something seemed off. She sensed Sess had something to bring up and was probably thinking of how to present the subject to Father. Her parents greeted her as she sat down as well, and then the food was brought in.

After a few moments of silence, Sesshomaru broke it.
"Father…I am twenty-five now in "human years"…and I think it is time to settle down."

Wenomaru and Inuyasha choked on their food slightly as they heard the news.

Inutashio looked at his daughter with a look before looking at his son. "Oh, really? Do you have anyone in mind, Sesshomaru?"

He nodded. "Yes, I do. I am already scheduling a party tomorrow night. There she will be proposed to."

His father nodded. "Wonderful…"

End of flashback

"You know...curiosity is what killed the cat." Rin said, trying to break the ice and breaking Wenomaru from her reverie.

She had to crack a small smile for both the corny joke and for the sake of Rin. "Well, Rin, I'm not a cat so it looks like I'm safe."

She was saved answering Rin's questioning expression by the phone ringing.

Wenomaru's voice was thick as she answered. "Hello?"

"Wen?" a girl's voice asked on the other end of the line.


"It's Kagome. I wanted to let Rin know that Sesshomaru's party is tonight at 7. It is dressy, so you and Rin need to dress up nice. Tell her the info please! See you there!"



She hung up the phone and walked over to Rin.

"Rin…there's a party later that we have to attend. Let's get ready."

Rin got up from the couch confused but walked to her closet pick out the girls' outfits. She reasoned that since the Takahashis were famous in the area for their big party bashes, it wasn't going to be any different than this one.

One hour later….

Rin was dressed in a black strapless dress with high heels and her hair down to her waist with a little make up, and Wenomaru was dressed in a one shoulder tight blue dress and high heels with her hair down and no makeup, for she didn't need it.

They still had an hour left before they had to leave. "Hey, Rin! There's going to be a karaoke thing later on tonight. Let's look at some of the songs you and I wrote in high school and improve them. If we can fix a couple of them up I'm sure they can be sung tonight—and no one's ever heard you sing but me. I'll get the band together. Let's do this!"

Two hours later they had the songs down and the band ready.

Rin and Wenomaru drove in Wen's red Alfa Romeo (A/n the one with doors that go up vertically XD) while the band drove in a van behind them to conceal their surprise songs. When they drove up to the big mansion-castle 'house', they were shocked: it was a BIG party—bigger than Wenomaru had thought. Their backyard and ballroom (with its French doors opening to the backyard) was turned into a nightclub with music blasting. The girls walked into the yard, stunned. People were everywhere. Rin could barely mask her surprise on her face.

They walked over to the group in the center of the dance floor: Inutashio and his wife Izayoi, Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango, and Miroku. Sesshomaru and his unnamed "intended" were nowhere to be found. They were off to 'get' some mikes and stuff like that.

"Hey, Wen!" Inuyasha greeted her. He was dressed in jeans and a hoodie. Wenomaru smirked. Knowing her brother, he dressed in whatever he wanted—but not in party clothes. "Hey, Rin!"

Rin flashed a smile. "Hey, Inuyasha."

After a bit of awkward talking, Sesshomaru and his "intended" appeared. Rin saw him with Kagura and her heart broke. 'What is he doing with her?' she thought to herself. Once the couple appeared, the DJ played some songs.

"Are you ready to celebrate?" The DJ yelled.

"Yeah!" the crowd cheered.

The dancing and celebration began. People began dancing, but Rin stayed to the corners where she couldn't see him. Wenomaru eventually got fed up with seeing her sulk in the corner and tugged Rin over to the refreshment table. She got some wine out and poured them into two wine glasses.

"To us!" they cheered, and Rin couldn't help but crack a smile at Wen's enthusiasm. They went to the dance floor and began dancing. Even though the party was for Sesshomaru, Rin and Wen still enchanted the crowd with their dancing. All turned heads to watch the beautiful girls dance. Time was lost when suddenly the time for the karaoke seemed to come right out of the blue.

"Alright. Time for the talented to come up here and jam out with me! I'm gettin' kinda lonely up here…" the audience grew silent from his corny joke. He changed the subject quickly. "If you want to show your talent, come on up!"

Wen pushed Rin towards the stage. "Come on, Rin! Let's do this!"

The DJ saw them and gestured them towards the stage. "Now here are some brave ladies! Let's see what they got!" the audience started screaming Wen's name as they recognized her.

Wenomaru took the mike and spoke to the crowd. "Hey, guys! We have an original song here…written by one of my best friends—which you will meet in a moment. Right now, I would like to invite the band Without Love up here to join us!"

The crowd began to cheer wildly. (Without Love is Wen's band and is really famous….)

The band went onto the stage and set up the instruments as Wen kept talking.

"And here she is! Give it up for Rin Riarnara!" (a/n- RYE -AH-NARNar rhymes with BAR-Uh).

The crowd cheered and waited for Rin to sing.