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"These wounds won't seem to heal.
This pain is just too real.
There's just too much that time cannot erase."

~My Immortal


The voice had led her to a small clearing where Naraku was waiting for her—with Kanna bound tightly and Kohaku standing right behind him. Somehow she had been abducted from her honey moon. The demoness fought to get to the innocent girl.

Present POV

Her small body shook as the swords clashed against each other. Kanna's eyes were wide as she watched the battle from behind Wen.

Both of them pushed against the other in an attempt to gain the upper hand. The swords were in an "x" like shape between them; and the sound of metal sliding against metal was loud.
She let a small smirk form on her face. "Why don't you give up now, Naraku?"

A loud laugh boomed in the silence. "Never."
She wanted to roll her eyes and shake her head; but remained frozen where she was. She could feel the sharp pangs along her torso; but ignored them.

"You won't harm her, Naraku! You've done enough! Leave her alone!"

He threw back his head and laughed intoned with evil.

"Do you think I would give up my toy, Wenomaru? Do you actually think you can defeat me in your current condition? After all, your Youkai cannot absorb anymore injuries for you..."

She smirked. "And you are weaker as well, Naraku."

Shifting the blade to her left hand, she used the right limb to bring forth her whip; and it immediately cut the left arm of Naraku off. He dropped his sword, hissed and then sent a massive mess of demons at her.

She sliced at the disgusting excuses for demons as best she could; but the pain was almost too much to bear. The bandages had bled through. Even if she were to win this battle, she would bleed to death.

"Kanna! Get out of here! Call Satoumaru to pick you up or something! Just get out of here and don't turn back!"

The girl nodded and ran off as quickly as she could. Wenomaru finally allowed herself to fall to one knee as she whirled the whip around; slicing demons in every direction. She raised her sword above her head and sliced the air; making the sword perform an action similar to the wind scar that her brother's blade possessed.

Naraku was knocked backwards as the mess of demons around him disintegrated. She painfully rose to her feet and strode over to her fallen opponent.

She pointed Tetshinga directly at him and glared.
"This is for my family."

She raised the sword into the air, and as the blade came down, it was surrounded in blue fire. The sword cut across Naraku's torso and caught him a blaze. He screamed, and in seconds was nothing but ash.

Or so she thought.

She sighed in relief and allowed the sword to transform into its dormant state.
She clutched at her side; and felt blood stain her arm as well as her hand. Tetshinga pulsed wildly at her backside, but she ignored it.
She made it to the edge of the meadow and collapsed.
She heard shuffling and Naraku's voice.
"Kanna! Now!"
She looked to see Naraku standing awkwardly-due to the fact he was injured-and also Kanna with a gun and a sword upon her hip.
Her eyes glistened with tears as she stood there. A hand grabbed her by the shirt collar and dragged her up into the air so she was on her knees.

She met the girl's with a gentle gaze. "Do it, Kanna. I forgive you."
The girl grabbed Tetshinga from Wen's hip and watched as Naraku spoke ancient words with the blackest sacred jewel that Wenomaru had ever seen. Blue inscriptions appeared upon the sides of the blade; and then burned a deep red shade. Naraku handed the sword back to Kanna.

"Do it or else."
Her eyes glistened with tears and then were blank due to the sacred jewel.
'That is what gave him control over Kanna! How on earth did he find it?' Wenomaru thought to herself as the girl drew closer.

Inuyasha's eyes snapped to his sword as it pulsed at his side.

He grabbed Kagome's hand and together they ran out of the party.

Sesshomaru looked up from the refrigerator to see the door being opened quickly and slammed into the wall.
Rin's eyes were as wide as saucers as she spoke hurriedly.

"Sesshomaru! Wenomaru is on trouble! Hurry!"
After alerting Inutaisho and Izayoi, they all ran off.

The blade went right through her abdomen and her back. Blood seeped from her wound; but she ignored the pain.

Kanna came back to her senses and began to cry.
"I'm so sorry! I know it isn't an excuse, but he has my family's' lives on the line! Forgive me for everything! You have given me security with Satoumaru...Wenomaru... I still caused you pain even though I took...him away from you...I'm so sorry!"

Her breathing was faster as her body rested against Kanna's. "I know...you must know what he will do should he be allowed to succeed..."

"This is such a bore. I shall finish this."
Naraku took the gun from Kanna and threw her to the ground. "Your service is no longer required."
He shot her in the chest.
The girl let out a blood curdling shriek and fell silent.

"Kanna!" Wenomaru screamed as the girl's eyes were closing. "Stay with me! Kanna!"

Naraku turned his attention to her and Kohaku. "As for you, it is long overdue that I got rid of you."
He raised the gun pressed it to her temple.

It merely clicked.

He cursed and raised the other gun from his pocket when another body flew across her vision.

Another gunshot sounded and she could hear Kohaku's body hit the ground with a sickly thud. She heard footsteps and looked up to see him next to her.

"Time to get rid of you."

He shot Wenomaru in the chest as well. The bang echoed eerily in the silence. She clutched her chest and bent over in pain with the sword still intact.

"It is such a pity for you to have to die, isn't it? You must be bleeding to death by now. Such a pity. Well, I am feeling merciful enough today; and I shall end your pathetic life here and now instead of letting you pass on agonizingly slow. You seem to have a knack for escaping death. When you die, your powers shall be transferred into the blade that was designed to protect you and to protect; but it is instead one designed to bring destruction."

He yanked Tetshinga from her; which resulted in a blood curdling mix of growls and screams from her lips. She felt the cold metal of the gun directly upon her temple.
"Any last words?"

She looked directly at him.
"Yeah...think fast!"

She slammed her hand against the gun and sent it flying. She raised her small fist and slammed it into his face as she forced herself onto her feet. Naraku stumbled backwards a few feet from the blow; and regained balance only to find the cold metal of the gun pressed directly against his forehead.

He smirked at her tauntingly. "You can't do it."

She fought against her own body to prevent herself from shaking.

"Yes, I can."

She knocked him out with the butt of the gun. Grabbing her sword and raising it over her head, she brought it down upon the fallen body and incinerated it.
She allowed her tense body to relax; and then walked a few painful steps away from Naraku...and collapsed upon her knees.

Kanna was breathing heavily beside her; and a scarlet stain marked up the front of her shirt.


The demoness crawled over to Kanna and collapsed. "Kanna...take...Tetshinga and get...out of here...please..."


"Please Kanna! For me!" Wenomaru cried out as she sensed a powerful force coming towards them.

"Tetshinga!" The sword landed on Kanna's body and glowed blue.

'Let us...help you...'her Youkai whispered weakly.

An immense power surge coursed through her and both Kanna and Kohaku were gone.

She sighed in relief and screamed as the pain ripped through her.

'We are going to die.' Her Youkai sighed as it growled in pain.

"I'm afraid that cannot happen just yet." A sinister voice commented from behind them.

Within seconds, a demoness with long, black hair with a beautiful blue and white kimono appeared before her. A pale hand shot out, grabbed Wenomaru's throat, and hauled her poor body into the air.

The dying demoness closed her eyes in defeat as the other taunted her. "Ah, the Great Wenomaru is giving up? How pathetic."


The woman's smirk grew wider as she tightened her hand around Wenomaru's neck. "Gladly. But in return, I wish for your flesh and the destruction of your family."

"Never, you bitch!"

She gasped as her body sailed through the air and attempted to dance with nearby trees.

"You dare disrespect me?!" A woman's voice screeched. "When your master orders you to do something, you do it! But poor, little, broken, Wenomaru doesn't have manners!" She mocked.

The demoness looked up from her collapsed position. "I'm not broken."

The woman, as she came into view, threw back her head and laughed. "You will be, my dear, when I am through with you."

Her eyes narrowed. " Who are you?"

"I am Kaguya. Since Naraku and Kagura failed at our little deal, I am using you to bring me my riches. Through you, I will receive power and money, while society views you as murdering your whole family. Then, Ms. Rin shall be profitable in the music industry. You, I'm afraid, will be removed from this world once and for all. Without further delay, let's get this show on the road."

She began chanting in a strange language; and as she did so, a burning sensation brought her curse marks to light.

The chanting forced her to kneel. "You…will…never…get…Rin." She forced out through clenched teeth.

A shrill laugh disrupted the chanting. "I already have her."

A large tentacle appeared from the woman's back to reveal the struggling form of her best friend. A gag of something silver covered half her face.

"Let her...go!" she tried to fight off the control of Kaguya, but it was too much for her weakened state. She managed to get to her feet, take a step forwards, and fall to the ground on her side. The marks burned and restricted any other movement. Her youkai realized her family was in danger, and it was pissed. Her anger at the other demoness, the sickness, the threat to her family, and her own weakness caused her blood to boil under her skin. Red eyes replaced the golden, and a dark aura no one had ever seen on the demon before appeared around her.

"You evil bitch! You dare touch my best friend? I will kill you!"

Kaguya smirked. "Hn. I'd like to see you try, but this is a waste of time. Your family is paying a dear visit for us."

She raised her hand towards the demoness and surrounded her in a spider-web like substance as her body became paralyzed. Her youkai was screaming in her head; and she clenched her teeth and closed her eyes tightly to prevent herself from doing the same.

The dog demons, along with Sango and Miroku, followed the aura of Naraku far into the forest after the disappearances of Rin and Kanna. Izayoi and Kagome stayed at the house to prepare the infirmary with Aroshi—but they suspected the over protectiveness also played a part in the boys making them stay home. When they reached the location, a voice spoke from behind them.

"I see you have come to me like dogs to their master. Lured right into my trap."

Inuyasha growled with impatience. "Give us back my sister and Rin, you disgusting bastard!"

Kaguya smiled in the darkness. "You want your precious Wenomaru? What is she to you Takahashis? A poor soul that was used to protect the family and destroyed by fate. If you want your beloved pup...she is beyond your reach now."

A web pushed a pale body with long silver hair covering a beautiful face with a crescent moon upon her forehead and blueish- turquiose streaks on each cheek out into the open; protected by a barrier. Rin was not far from her. Golden eyes widened in shock along with four other brown eyes.

"Let them go."

A deep baritone voice boomed.


Her family and friends stood not far behind him.

"I do not really like to use these, but in this circumstance I will."

He pulled out a small black gun and shot Kaguya in the abdomen.

" Wenomaru!" Sango cried out.

"Your cries won't wake her no matter what you do. I control her soul now. Before I destroy you all, I might as well tell you what she suffered from- the rare sickness Eshida. (ee-shy-duh). It is killing her slowly-the soul and her body, giving me full control over her. Since she is nearly dead," she said the last word louder. "And since I will allow your last wish, let's bring her back, shall we?"

She put her hand put towards her and spoke her name. "Wenomaru. Awaken. Your time has come."

Pale eyelids opened to reveal blood red eyes. "Yes, master." she growled. When she looked into the eyes of her family, she hesitated and stopped her advances.

The red eyes cleared to golden briefly and locked with the golden and brown eyes of her family and friends.

"I won't do it. I won't!" she said as she tried to move.

"You will do as you are told." an excruciating pain erupted in her body; feeling like she was burning head to toe in fire.

"Wenomaru fight it!" Satoumaru yelled. "Fight her!"

"Wenomaru! Attack and bring me the flesh of Sesshomaru."

The curse marks brightened. "Yes, master."

A blue whip appeared from her left hand as the demoness moved towards her elder brother with incredible speed. Sesshomaru immediately sheathed Baksaiga and reached for his Tenseiga.

"Dammit!" Inuyasha moved to tackle his sister. "Sesshomaru help Father with Kaguya! I'll handle Wen! Sango try to hit the wench! Miroku stay out of this and take Rin, Sango, and yourself out of this once I bring her over!"

Inutashio and Sesshomaru moved to attack Kaguya as Sango threw her weapon.

"Wenomaru disengage! Protect me!"

The demoness dodged her brother and immediately reappeared in front of Kaguya.

Blood continued to seep through her dress; but the demoness ignored it. She drew Tetshinga to deflect Sango's weapon and rushed towards Sesshomaru and her father.

Her brother dodged every strike until she released the twin version of wind scar on her brother and father. A deep wound appeared over his torso and he plummeted to the ground before gracefully landing on his feet. A few seconds passed before he moved to attack. Inutashio received a deep stomach wound before he could escape the blow.

Sango's weapon hit the ground and cracked in half due to the force of Tetshinga.

The scent of two other demoness and a human came into the clearing. "My, my, Kaguya. What an incident is going on here!"

Her green hair flew about her as she landed in the clearing. "I shall join you. We all have a score to settle with this family. Dear old 'Tasho stole that pitiful human from Takemaru, Tamari wants to destroy Satoumaru for rejecting her, and I want to destroy Inuyasha for breaking Kikyo's heart!"

The other demoness with pale blond hair landed just behind her sister. "He will pay dearly." Tamari growled as her violet eyes narrowed.

Kaguya laughed in delight. "Welcome, Tsunime, Takemaru, and Tamari. Please join us."

While Tsunime, Takemaru, and Tamari kept Satoumaru, Inuyasha, and Inutashio busy, Kaguya moved to attack the other seriously injured Taiyoukai.

He hid Tenseiga in his arm sleeve as he allowed his sister to come closer and closer. As she raised her weapon to deal the killing blow, he struck her in the abdomen with Tenseiga. The pureness of the blade only broke through Kaguya's power over the demoness temporarily as Wenomaru yanked the sword out of her body.

A violent rush of wind surrounded the demoness as she changed to her true form. She growled a challenge to her elder brother; which his Youkai answered.

The two dog demons violently attacked each other in a fight to the death.

Inutashio cut down Takemaru after receiving several other wounds. Tamari and Inuyasha both had suffered severe wounds; but when she moved to block Miroku from retrieving Rin, she was soon cut down after Sango struck her in the back with her sword. Satoumaru easily defeated Tsunime and only suffered minor wounds.

Sesshomaru and Wenomaru, however, were literally tearing each other to pieces. Inutashio finally was able to intervene after striking her with Inuyasha's sword. The two huge dog demons disengaged and later collapsed in a large pool of their own blood. Rin was released from her bounds once the demoness was destroyed.

Wenomaru turned her head to see Izayoi and Kagome come back to the battle even though they were told to stay away. Wenomaru's heart tightened when she heard the anguished screams of three girls.


They all ran to the injured demons' sides; encircling them in their arms, and holding them.

Wenomaru's eyes watered. "I'm so sorry…"she whispered.

She looked at the girls holding their lovers. "What have I done?"

"Wenomaru!" Satoumaru screamed her name as he rushed to her side.

"Kanna...needs...help..." She said between the clenching of her jaw in agony.

His eyes widened. "Where is Kanna? Wen we need to get you out of here! Tell me where Kanna is as I get you help!"

She shook her head. "It's...no use...final stage...leave me. I do not deserve this. Kanna is…at the…house…I sent her there…with Kohaku…"

He brought her into his arms. "I'm not giving up on you." He looked into her eyes. "You're not going to leave us, okay?"

Her eyesight was blurry. "Too...late..."

Her eyes closed...

And her breath halted.


-later on-

They had laid her upon her bed after Aroshi had healed her injuries. The mark was fading, but still prominent against her skin.

She had been in a coma for two weeks now.
Aroshi shook his head in confusion as he checked up on her from the ICU.(intensive care unit) Due to his vast medical knowledge, the hospital had employed him with certain tasks to do-such as the care of the ICU patients. He had moved her there last night when she had not woken up since the incident.
"How is she?" A soft voice asked from behind him.

He looked at her sadly. "Izayoi, she died once already. We need to let her go. Prolonging her suffering...it's...it's cruel. We should take her off life support and let Kami decide. "

She nodded and silently let tears fall from her eyes."Alright. I'll get the family together and we will let the doctors know our decision tonight. But why has she not woken?"

"Her body is exhausted from fighting, Izayoi." He replied back softly. "She has cheated death multiple times."

-later on-
Izayoi walked into the room with the rest of the family. Their faces looked grim and empty. "As a family...we have decided...to...to...let her go." Her voice broke; and she turned her face away from Aroshi.

Tears ran down his face as he nodded. "Very well. I advise you to wait out in the waiting room. You should not have to see this."
Satoumaru shook his head as everyone turned to leave.

"I'm not leaving her. I promised I wouldn't leave her-and I'm not going to now."

Aroshi sighed and nodded. "Very well."

-In the room-
He held her hand as she was disconnected from the machines. Her hand was cold to the touch; and he watched through tears as the heart monitor went down.


It had ...

She was gone.

Tears ran down his cheeks as he bent forwards to hide his face in her lap as Aroshi silently left the room.


Flashbacks ran through his mind.

'A young six year old ran about the playground dressed with an adult elegance yet childlike at the same time. It was her first day at school but another regular day of kindergarten with Ms. B.

A young boy with long grey hair sat alone on the swings with tears in his eyes. His little face was slightly bruised; and his clothes were muddied.

"Hey! Wen!" A young girl named Maddie called from the slides. "Don't hang out with that weird kid! He's odd!"

The demon child heard this very clearly and twisted his swing around away from the group.

"What is wrong with being different?" She said clearly. "I don't see anything but a person."

She walked over and sat next to the demon child. She held out a hand.


A small voice answered. "Satoumaru."

She smiled her breath taking smile.
"Want to be friends?"

He nodded happily and she hugged him immediately.

"I'll always be here for you." She whispered. "I promise. But will you never leave me?"

The little boy nodded. "Never, never, never! Best friends forever!"'

She had always been there for him; and he was to return the favor. It was indeed late, but he would not leave her.

However, she left him.

"Wenomaru..." He sobbed into her shoulder as he rocked her body in his arms.

Beep! Beep...Beep! Beep!

His eyes snapped open to see the machine functioning. Within seconds, her eyes snapped open to reveal blood red eyes. She was pissed; or rather her Youkai was.

It growled ferociously at him until it realized who he was. The red slowly faded to soft gold. Her breathing was heavy; but she was alive.

"This is dragged out..." She whispered softly. "How long must I suffer?"

A single tear ran down her face as her body relaxed. "End it. Please."


Wenomaru opened her eyes to see white. Pain erupted as she gained consciousness and almost wished to die as the mean hands of reality jerked her back from the realm of the dream world. She moved her head slightly, which was one of the few parts of her body that didn't hurt like she was burning in hell and looked around. Her vision was blurry as she made out his face.

Normal POV

His eyes widened. "What?!"

Another tear escaped her eye as she locked gazes with him. "End it. Please. I can't take this anymore."

"I can't lose you! I love you, dammit! Why do you keep pushing me away?"

"Because you belong with Kanna."

His eyes widened and then saddened. "Kanna...is in a coma...she only asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend to free herself from Naraku-it was an arranged marriage I guess that she was trying to escape. I...agreed because I wanted to see if you reacted...I love you...but I wasn't sure if you loved me. I kind of liked her...but it wasn't what I feel for you."

She closed her eyes. "I love you...but..."

"But what?" His voice cracked.

"I can't be with you."

He gripped her shoulders gently and gazed into her eyes. "It doesn't matter to me if I only get a short time with you. I love you for who you are-not your appearance or health issues. As long as I'm with you I'm happy."

She smiled and sobbed-but not for happiness; rather, it was for sorrow.

"I can't…Kanna."

'Why do they even try...?' She thought mentally to herself.

She wished she was alone in the room; not that she minded company after all. She just did not want them crying over her...but sadly and secretly she wished she had passed when she was fighting.
It would have been easier on them...
They wouldn't hear her screams...
Her Youkai was nearly dead; as was she.
When she was unconscious, they had told her things...what they had done that day, and the wedding that was soon to be-in a week in fact, as her mother had said just this morning-and how everyone was doing. Satoumaru shook his head at her.

"Why do you never allow yourself to be happy? I'd rather see you dead then this way."

He stormed out as Aroshi came in and looked surprised to see that she was awake.

"Ms. Takahashi?"

Her golden eyes snapped up to the startled doctor. Aroshi rushed to her side and checked the machines.

"Simply a miracle...can you tell me if you know where you are?

"I am in the hospital..." She softly said.

Aroshi's eyes widened as he entered the room. "She defeated the sickness..."

Golden eyes snapped to his face. "What do you mean?"

Aroshi's eyes were wide. "I have done some research...Because you are spiritually half human, half demon, both sides were fighting for control of your soul; thus allowing Naraku to infect you through the sickness. Although the human side and the demonic side will always be at war, their combined power has pushed the sickness from you...which has also allowed you to die several times. The immortality of your demonic side keeps bringing you back. I have never seen anything so strange in my entire existence!"

Disbelief clouded her eyes. "That is...amazing. But what are the side effects?"

"There is none physically; but there will always be a possibility that the demonic side will override the human blood."

They all knew what that meant: she could go on a killing rampage in demonic rage if she was not careful.

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