So I decided to re-start the Stratogale story all over again. Change things, add things, everything. Hopefully I can have more readers this time. Well thank you and enjoy.

Stratogale's Story:. Just because your a super teen dosen't mean you don't have normal teenage girl problems.

Anneliese Nikholle Parker woke up to the sound cars honking and loud screaming from her neighbors. Stupid Italian! She thought. They just don't know when it's time to shut up! At least they aren't like Nana and Papa. They're Greek so they were more louder than these guys. Well I guess I can candle them.

Anne got up and notice the time. It was seven forty. Crap! She was going to be late to school and her first class was math. Not the best teacher to deal with. Especially on Monday morning. Quickly Anne got up from her bed, rushed to put on a pair of bottoms, her sneakers, a shirt and her school bag. As she left her bedroom she heard her father on the phone, yelling at his boss, as her little sister was sitting on her high chair playing with her food.

"Hi Dad! Bye Dad!" She ran passed him.

"Annie!" Her father, Johnathan Parker, called her. Her father had black hair with green eyes. "Annie! Why'd you wake up late!"

"Sorry, over slept."

"You sneak out again?"

"Uh..." Anne thought. What was she suppose to say? She was out kicking some random kids butt for messing with her earlier that weekend? "Maybe?"

"Annie," Her father sighed, "Please stop sneaking out. We're in Metroville for crying out loud! There are villains out there for goodness me!"

"Dad, I'll be fine. I promise. I've got to go now!" She gave him a quick peck on the head. "Bye Dad! Bye Jane!" Anne proceeded to leave her apartment, shared with her sister and father. She lived on the top floor, there were five floors in total. She lived in an area full of loud, lively and extraordinary people. The apartments they lived in were similar to hers. There five in total. Two on each side and hers in the middle center. Of course being in a neighborhood that, on the outside, looked like total crap was due to those loud and lively people causing problems. Yelling at one another and blaming one for another. Yet, just one of those places you can imagine.

Metroville's traffic was bustling along, as usual. People were all over the place, busily hurrying about. Anne didn't mind though. She was just another brunette, vivacious and bubbly girl living in the moment. Highly extraordinary. Anne ran through the crows on the city hoping to get to school on time. Being forced to wait at one stop as the walking sign was red, she listned to both birds and human conversations.

Anne was different from them. She was stronger than any other female, should could talk and understand many birds and best yet, the one thing almost everyone envy and dreams of having, she could fly. She knew where her gifts came from. She known since she was three and now, at fifteen, she could...still not control them as much as she wanted. She would catch herself having a ten minute conversation with a bird or lifting up a very heavy object. The worst was when she was feeling happy and she started to float off her feet. Twelve years of self practice had gone well but still suffered.

Anne had just crossed the street when she heard a whole bunch of screams from down the street. She followed the screams and notice that the crowed was pointing up to the building in front of them. Up there was a little boy, hanging on to dear life to a beam. Crying harshly for his Mama. Anne glanced between the child and the clock next to her. Seven fifty-five. "I've got time." She smiled.

Quickly Anne discovered a quiet area where she could dig through the garbage. She found an old black mask with a few tears on the side and one straight down the middle. Quickly she placed that on her face, along with tying her long dark hair up in a ponytail and hiding her bag in another trash barrel.

Anne left the area, looked towards the sky and smiled. Head in the clouds, feet off the ground. She thought. In a matter of seconds she was floating up in the air. She flew towards where the small boy was now holding on with only a few fingers left. As soon as the boy had lost his grab he was falling rapidly. Anne flew faster to the child and faster until she caught him. The crowd cheering and the small child hugging Anne blissfully, Anne flew back down to the ground and handed the child to his mother. She thanked Anne, Anne smiled and left again to where she had changed. When she returned she took the mask off and ran towards the school.

Arriving fifteen minutes late to school, due to two more hero works that happened on the way, Anne rapidly entered the school and ran down to her first class. She entered the room as quiet as possible and sat down at her seat, in the direct middle of the class.

"Miss Anneliese Parker?" Mrs. Quinn, not facing the students but knowing who it was, "I expect to see you after school."

"But I—"

"No 'But!'s" Mrs. Quinn snapped, turning around and giving a death related glare to the young teenager. "Or you could see the principal and see what he thinks, hmm?"

"After class seems good enough for me." Anne stated. Once the teacher turned her back Anne sighed, falling her head onto her desk. "This will be a long class, I just know it'll be long."