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Can You See Me Now?

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you straightforwardly, without complexities
or pride; so I love you because I knew no other
way than this, where 'I' does not exist, nor 'you'.
So close that your hand on my chest is my hand, so
close that your eyes close as I fall asleep...Pablo Neruda.

Chichi sighed as she stared out into the window. She had just gotten her husband back and he was already training to save the world yet again.

He had finally come home after a year and a half after the whole Planet Namek incident, only to return with not only their son, but with Piccolo as well. It had confused her at first why he had even bothered to bring the namekian, but after he had explained everything to her, she didn't know whether or not to be sad, or angry. She was disappointed that he had to continue fighting, there was hardly ever the chance that he could relax a little, or even spend time with her. Then again, did he even want to?

Chichi sighed once again, she took one last look at the sky where all three fighters trained before she got up from her seat on the chair, she needed to start preparing for dinner.

It had stopped bothering her that she had an extra mouth to feed, she no longer cared that Piccolo was staying with them, nor did care that her son enjoyed spending time with the green man. If her son was happy knowing that he wasn't in danger being near him, then she was fine with Piccolo being around. She no longer feared him, instead it seemed that he feared her whenever she became angry at all of them.

Chichi chuckled lightly as rinsed the vegetables. She guessed it was okay to scare them for a little bit. But even then, what good will it do her? She'll yell and shout at them, they will listen, for moment anyway until they go and it all over again.

"COME ON GOHAN! YOU CAN BETTER THAN THAT SON!" She heard her husband encourage their son. She smiled slightly, he always watched out for their child, always seeing him and watching him. But does he see her?

Chichi frowned. Does he ever notice her besides her cooking? Apparently he doesn't. It's the same routine for him. Wake up, exercise, eat, train for a long period of time, eat again, relax for a few minutes, train again for another long period of time, eat once more, bathe, then sleep. It was a whole cycle for him. Gohan was there with through everything, and where was she? She was in the kitchen cooking or she was off cleaning something.

She knew that he knew she was there, so does he see her? Notice her? No of course not. It would be to complicated for him to get use to, fitting her into his routine cycle would not even happen. Not even for a miracle.

Dinner was finished, she called them in. They ate. Goku having consumed most of the food, at least Piccolo and Gohan some manners. She never minded Goku's though, she was use to this, she will always be.

Once dinner was finished, Piccolo had flown off to find a waterfall near by and stay there the rest of the night, even if he was offered to stay at their home. Goku and Gohan would then go and bathe for as long as they wanted seemingly as they would loose track of time. And she, she would be in kitchen cleaning the dishes.

They were there. But where was she?

When she finished her cleaning, she went to her bedroom where she shared with her husband. She wanted him to see her, to notice her, but the only he can notice is her cooking and shouting at him. Was there anything else?

She would try something different. Normally she would sleep in a very long night gown that reached her ankles, and it had sleeves all the way to the wrists. The gown was rather thick enough to hardly feel anything under it. This time however, she would wear a gown that given to her by Bulma as a gift. This gown was a light lavender color, it was a very thin, silk material, it went slightly above mid thigh, and sleeveless.

Would this make him see her?

She comb her long hair while looking out into the night sky.

He entered their bedroom.

She watched him from the corner of her eyes, he looked up her. She felt her heart beat a little faster. What would be his reaction? What would he say?

He didn't say anything, he simply shrugged his shoulders and lay down on their bed, his back to her. She felt crushed. Not even this revealing night gown had gotten his attention. She sighed inwardly and climbed into bed when she finished combing her hair. She turned out the lights and lay there, her back to him.

Was there anything else she could do to get his attention?

She couldn't fall asleep, no matter how many times she closed her eyes, sleep would not come to take her. She listened as he slept, the sound of his even, but soft breathing. His body shifted, his arms circling her waist.

So she could only get him to see when he was asleep?

She was angry. She felt the sudden urge just tear herself from his hold and slap him across the face and give him an earful of her feelings. She felt so sadden that this was the only attention that she could get from him.

Before Gohan was born, Chichi had to ask herself, what happened to 'You and I'?

That was gone now. They had son that needed their attention. Well it seemed that he wanted his father's attention, but what about mother's? Apparently not because she couldn't get him to study, no matter how angry she became with him. He was always rescued by his father.

Was her shouting at them and being angry driven them away? She was constantly yelling at both of them, even if it was something so small. She couldn't help it, she felt so useless, so frustrated at every little thing. But mostly she was frustrated with herself, for not being to help. All she could do was watch and wait.

She frightened them whenever she was angry. If her constant yelling, shouting, and screaming was what kept them away from her, then she was sorry.


In real love you want the other person's good.
In romantic love, you want the other person...Margaret Anderson.

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