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Can You See Me Now?

Sometimes you forgive people
simply because you still want them
in your life...Unknown

Seven years gone by peacefully, Chichi lived happily raising her two children. Though it was rather hard without Goku, she had gotten by somehow, by raising her intelligent eldest son, Gohan, who has now gone to high school. And her youngest, energetic, and hyperactive child, Goten, he was a bundle of sunshine for her, even when she had her moment where she thought of her deceased husband, Goten simply would pop out of nowhere smiling brightly at her.

Although she was content with her life, she still missed Goku.

Right now Chichi was overly excited that Goku was returning to for a day, Goten would finally be able to see his father now. Even if he was only returning for the World Martial Arts Tournament, it was all that she hoped for Goten to meet Goku.

She was overjoyed when her youngest son and husband had small father/son moment before the tournament started, yet she was terrified when they all went to fight the bad guys who were known as Babidi and Majin Buu.

She was deeply hurt when her eldest son had been killed. Would her youngest be next?

He was leaving again, she couldn't bare it. She ran to him, and although he had a sad smile on his face, his arms opened for her, holding her closely. Why must he leave so soon? She looked at him while he spoke, he was cautious with his words, knowing that she might throw a tantrum since her youngest was going to fight.

She didn't like it, but she understood.

"It's going to be alright." He murmured softly to her. She merely nodded and looked away. He held her chin to make her look back at him, the look in his eyes made her relax just a bit, everything will always be alright whenever he was around, but he couldn't be around anymore. He brought her into a last embrace and whispered into her ear.

Chichi's eyes went wide. Goku smiled sadly at her and released their embrace as Baba seemed to rush him.

She watched him as he began to disappear above the Look Out. How could she be such a fool to never notice that he always had?

The battle had ended in their victory, the evil Majin Buu was dead and the original was on their side. Goku was once again alive, everyone was overjoyed with the news, Bulma planned a party a month from now, and Goten finally got the father he always wanted.

Everyone had went their separate ways for the moment, before they all went and showed up at the Son house. Chichi was happy to be carried in the arms of her husband, and he himself seemed very happy to her in his arms again.

Their family was whole again, he wasn't leaving this time, he was staying for sure. Always.

"I see you. I always had been. I've been seeing you for the past seven years.
I'm sorry if it never seemed that way. I love you." - Goku.

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