I wriggled in the car seat, barely able to control myself, as I pulled up into my work place. Pain was shooting up my abdomen in waves, and I crossed my legs and squeezed tightly. C'mon, Emily, I thought. It's just a little farther, up the stairs… I flinched involuntarily at the mention of stairs. I really was in a mess.

Uncertainty flooded me, threatened to drown me, as I wondered how I had forgotten to go this morning. It was part of my schedule! How could a person as intelligent and punctual as I was forget my own schedule?

I gazed hopelessly up the flight of stairs, wondering if I could bunny-hop my way up without uncrossing my legs. Heat rushed to my face. What would my team think of me now, as I struggled to climb the stairs?

At last, I reached the top of the stairs. I let out a deep sigh, then dashed toward the ladies' room. If I could get there fast enough…

I burst in the door. Every stall was full. My stomach quivered with need to make room more the breakfast I had recently ingested.

"JJ?" I cried out brokenly, recognizing her shoes. "Please, let me in!"

"Sorry, Emily. I think I'm going to be awhile," she replied, sounding slightly puzzled. I wanted to bash her door down, but there were still more options.

I backed out of the door, turned, and galloped awkwardly with my legs clinched together. The door was clearly labeled "Men", but I still slowly peered in. No one was at the urinals, but the single stall was filled.

I squeaked in fury and turned to limber my way to Garcia's office. She had a private bathroom! She could help!

I bashed her door when I found it locked. "Garcia! Pen, let me in! Garcia!" I shoulder it roughly. It wasn't opening!

"Uh, Prentiss?"

I turned to stare at Hotch. His chocolate brown eyes were confused, his brows were furrowed, and he gawked at me in a way that I didn't even know Hotch's face could properly portray.

"Oh, Hotch, thank goodness it's you." I stumbled forward and nearly fell on him as the pain in my lower belly grew slowly stronger. "You have to help me, please!"

"Sure, Emily, whatever I can do." His face recovered its stoic appearance.

I could only imagine how terrible I looked, with my hair frazzled crazily and my eyes demented because of my full bladder. "You have to order JJ out of that bathroom stall," I begged, trying to pull puppy-dog eyes. I'm sure it just made my face depict deeper desperation.

"Why?" Amusement was beginning to play around the edges of his lips and twinkled in his eyes. He just wanted to make me admit it!

"You can't tell me that you have never been dying for the need to go to the bathroom!" I whined. "Order her out, Hotch! Please!"

He looked leery. "I'm sure JJ has as much right to be in the bathroom as you do—"

"No, she doesn't, not in an emergency like this! Order her out, Hotch, please! Coffee for a week!"

Hotch shook his head and rolled his eyes. "C'mon, let's go to the bathroom."

I nearly squealed with happiness and followed him.

He knocked on the bathroom door before opening the door. "JJ, I need you out here."

"Wait a few minutes, Hotch."

"See?" I whispered. "She's been in there forever, and some of us have to pee!" I squeezed my legs together and bounced up and down, as if it helped.

"Agent Jareau, that's an order." I could tell Hotch was trying to sound gruff, but humor was leaking into his voice.


"An order, JJ."

She sighed and walked out. "What was so important?" she asked, before I squealed and bounced onto the toilet.

"Thank goodness!" I sighed.