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"Just a little further…" Klaus said in Caroline's ear as they walked through Stephens woods.

He had intercepted her after their respective funerals when they had returned to the Salvatore Mansion and taken her hand gently without a word before coming behind her and covering her eyes with long and slender, but strong hands.

"You said that like a million steps ago!" Caroline chuckled, bringing her hands up to his, "Can I look yet?"

"No!" Klaus retorted with a smile, "Patience is a virtue."

Finally, they came to a halt and he slowly removed his hands and she opened her eyes.

She gasped and he smiled, standing next to her as they looked out onto the collection of waterfalls that spilled into the quarry below from a beautiful meadow spot that he had circled with lit candles.

"It's beautiful…" she said, still awestruck

"It was my favorite spot when I was a boy," Klaus said softly, walking into the lighted circle, close to the cliff's edge, his gaze fixing on the rushing water, "I used to come up here to get away from everything…mostly from my father."

There was a moment of silence then he continued, "The only other person I've ever confided in about this spot was Elijah." He turned back to face her, "And now… you."

Caroline smiled as Klaus held out his hand to her and she stepped forward into the circle of light, taking it.

"Your secret is safe with me." Caroline whispered, her grip tightening on his hand and as she looked up at his face, noticed a single tear come down his face in the candlelight.

"I know," he replied, running the index finger of his free hand along her jawline and Caroline stepped closer, wiping the tear from his cheek with her free hand before their lips collided softly.

# # # # # # #

"So, what now?" Rebekah asked, laying back on the leather couch in the back parlor of the Mikaelson Mansion, her legs crossing over Misha's lap where he sat at the end of the sofa, and her gaze turning to Kol as he plopped down in the nearby recliner with a heavy sigh.

"Now, I'm going to have a drink…or maybe twenty and go to sleep for a week." He replied closing his eyes

Rebekah smiled

"Great plan! Let's get started, shall we?!" Kaspar called, stepping down the steps from Niklaus' study into the room, carrying four glasses methodically in one hand and three liquor bottles in the other.

"Amen!" Misha said, clapping his hands together as Kaspar handed them each a glass and set two of the bottles on the coffee table, then opened the third and one by one, poured everyone a drink.

"A toast," Kaspar said as he poured his own drink and held it up in the air, "To those we loved, those we lost, and present company…."

Rebekah and Kol nodded solemnly and Misha smiled

Then Kaspar threw back his drink and they all followed

"Alright, now give me about nineteen more where that came from!" Kol chuckled and held out his glass.

"You got it," Kaspar replied, saluting with the bottle before filling Kol's glass again.

" So, where's the rest of our riff-raff?" Misha observed, looking to Rebekah, "They should be here with us, celebrating, mourning...whatever this is."

Rebekah smirked

"Nik is out snogging Caroline somewhere, I'm sure," she replied as she watched Kaspar fill her glass, "Jeremy took Bonnie home to rest, the Salvatore's are coming over here for our little victory party slash wake and Elijah said that he wanted to find Elena."

# # # # # #

Elena sat on the stone vault in the center of the dark mausoleum.

Her only light was a pair of candles Caroline had left on one of the stones nearby and the small flashlight in her hand.

Everyone had already gone back to the house, but she just didn't feel right leaving Matt alone…not yet.

She told Stefan and Damon she would back home later.

And though Stefan protested, Damon only nodded, understanding her wishes and pulled his younger brother out the door with him when Matt's funeral had ended.

It was, now, here in the darkness with her oldest friend…her first love…that she found peace from all the things that seem to be swirling around her since she turned.

Her whole life, he was the one person she could always count on—even after her parents died and they broke up—he was always there for her to be a shoulder to cry on, to give advice, but also to listen.

And she found that wished more than anything that he was there at that very moment to guide her through the emotional turmoil she was now in.

And not just the grief she was experiencing, but the emotions that were coming forth—emotions she couldn't quite make sense of.

It all jumbled in her head at once.

Becoming a vampire had changed everything—and not just that she had become a vampire—but how and why.

Only she knew the real reason she had turned, forsaking all of the conditions she had told Stefan and Damon about two days ago.

She didn't regret turning, though she wished it hadn't been an option to begin with.

Being a vampire somehow made her feel free, but at the same time conflicted her emotions.

Everything she had once felt so sure of when she was human, now seemed to waver.

She couldn't tell the others about her feelings…they all aseemed to have sides and motives.

The only one who had always stayed impartial through it all had been Matt.

She smiled to herself.

Matt Donovan was indeed the man who couldn't be moved. He did what her Dad always said any decent person would do in life.

He chose where he stood from the very beginning—what he believed—and planted his feet.

Even when he didn't quite understand her actions or the feelings that she confided in him –especially when it came to the Salvatore Brothers—Elena always admired him for that.

"I wish you were here to tell me what to do, Matt…" Elena whispered

She closed her eyes and bit her lip.

It was then that she opened her eyes quickly, her vampire hearing picking up footsteps on the leaves outside the mausoleum.

She turned to look over her shoulder just in time to see the heavy metal door open and Elijah Mikaelson step inside.

# # # # # # #

"Alright…here we go…" Rebekah slurred, before licking the back of the piece of paper Stefan gave her and stuck it to her forehead.

Damon had to chuckle a little when he saw the name Kol had written on the paper: Jesus Christ

"Am I a famous person?" Rebekah asked, taking a drink of scotch from her glass

"Most definitely," Kol said with a smirk

Rebekah pursed her lips in thought, then smacked them, looking over to Misha and Kaspar who were hanging on to each other trying desperately not to laugh at the paper on her forehead.

"Hmmm…I sense that this is all somehow, ironic…" Rebekah said with a raised eyebrow

"Just a tad…" Stefan said with a wink

"Am I an artist?" Rebekah asked

"You are very talented in creating landscapes… But, no." Damon answered, his glass at his lips

"Am I… a woman?" Rebekah inquired

"Umm…debatable…" Kol grinned

"Okay…" Rebekah said, trying to concentrate, looking down into her glass as she took the final swig from the tumbler, "Am I from the ancient world?"

"Yes." Kaspar said, pouring himself a drink from the selection of bottles now on the coffee table.

Rebekah straightened in her chair, proud of her achievement.

"Am I present now?" Rebekah asked, holding out her glass for Kaspar to pour her another drink

"Yes…" Damon smirked as Kaspar handed Rebekah her now full glass, "Always…"

"This is really hard!" Rebekah suddenly complained, her patience and alcohol induced lack of concentration failing her, "How come Misha got an easy one?"

"You mean Mozart? He was easy?" Misha replied

"Well, that was the rumor around Salzburg!" Kol quipped with a smile and they all burst out laughing.

# # # # # #

"Elena," Elijah said with a soft smile as he walked inside, bringing the moonlight with him.

"Elijah," Elena whispered as their eyes locked

Suddenly, a thousand memories rushed past her again—every moment they had shared—just like those moments on the basement stairs before she turned.

They made her skin tingle and a warmth spread through her body unlike she ever felt before.

She sucked in a deep breath as he approached her stealthily, finally coming to sit beside her on the stone vault.

"I'm sorry," he said, his face mirroring her sadness, "About Matt."

Elena nodded, her lip trembling

"I miss him…" she finally whimpered, her face crumbling as Elijah wrapped an arm around her and brought her to his chest.

"I know…" he whispered

"Stefan and Damon said that he sacrificed himself to save us," Elena said softly against the original's shirt, a little confused, "That he let Kaspar take his life to resurrect Klaus and keep his entire line of vampires, including us, from dying."

"And you find this martyrdom startling?" Elijah asked

"What do you mean?" Elena sniffed, pulling back to face him

"Elena, you never think twice about sacrificing yourself when those you care for are in danger, why would you question why Matt would try to do the same for you—all of you?"

Elena thought about this for a moment, then nodded

"You should know…" Elijah said, trying to meet her gaze, "That his spirit came to me after we sent my Mother back. He wanted me to tell you that he was alright…at rest…and that he didn't regret his decision."

Elena closed her eyes, a sad smile crossing her face as she opened them again and looked over at the vault that now held Matt Donovan's body.

"That sounds like Matt," she whispered

There was a moment of silence, then she turned back to the original

"There is something I don't understand... The spirits came from the talismans we put around your neck, right?"

Elijah nodded

"Why did Matt's spirit appear with all the of the others?"

Elijah smirked, "You know, I asked him the same question and he told me that in my heart I would know the answer…and now I do."

Elena raised eyebrow

"It was you," he said softly, bringing his hand up to stroke the side of her face gently, "It was my connection with you."

Elena smiled, closing her eyes as she felt that same connection now humming between her skin and Elijah's.

And for the first time, she was able to realize how it really made her feel...


Her body had changed…she was now a vampire.

Was Liliya right?

Was it alright to change her mind, too?

To admit that there was something else she might want?

Someone else she might want?

And somehow, in that moment, with Elijah's skin touching hers, she decided she wanted to find out.

She would stick with her original plan—the plan that she had decided on two days ago when she told Stefan and Damon she was going to turn-but this would also give her time to figure things out.

She owed herself and Elijah that.

When she opened her eyes, she brought her hand over Elijah's, bringing it into her grasp in her lap as she met his gaze head on.

"Elijah, there is something I want to ask you,"

Elijah's eyes searched hers for a moment with a soft curiosity before he leaned forward.

"Anything…" he whispered with a smile

# # # # # # #

They had finished their fourth round of "Who Am I?" and their sixth bottle of Klaus' best scotch, when the vampire hearing in the house picked up a noise upstairs.

"Ah! Elijah must be home," Kol said, taking another swig of his drink, then licked the back of the next piece of paper and stuck it to his forehead.

It read: Vlad the Impaler

"Well, if Elijah's home, that must mean Elena is too." Damon said, looking over to Stefan and slapping his brother's knee, "We should go check on her—take her some blood."

Stefan nodded as he drank the last of his glass and set it down on the table, following Damon as he stood from his place on the couch between Stefan and Rebekah.

"What? You're leaving now? Just when it's getting interesting?" Rebekah smiled, pointing at the piece of paper stuck to Kol's forehead.

Damon smirked and shrugged, then put his hand on Rebekah's shoulder and turned to everyone in the room, "Good fight, today, all."

They all nodded solemnly and Kaspar raised his glass in salute, then they watched as Stefan and Damon headed toward the parlor doors.

When they had gone through, Kol spoke up, breaking the silence.

"Alright," he smirked, "Am I…a lunatic?"

"Yes!" Misha, Rebekah and Kaspar all answered in unison

# # # # # #

"Elena!" Damon called as he walked down the upstairs hallway, giving a quick knock on her bedroom door before entering, three blood bags in hand, "I thought you might be hungry—"

Suddenly, he stopped and looked around, finding the room empty.

He quickly looked toward the adjoining master bathroom, peeking around to look inside the door.



Damon furrowed his brow as he backtracked back into the bedroom, noticing that there was an envelope on the pillow of the unmade bed.

Setting the blood bags quickly on the bedside table, he picked it up and noticed that his name was scrawled in Elena's handwriting on the front of the envelope.

Taking a deep breath, he opened it and read the letter inside.

# # # # # # #

'Dear Damon,

Somehow, I knew it would be you who would find this.

I hope you can forgive me for leaving this letter instead of telling you this all face to face.

I mentioned before, when I decided to become a vampire, that I had some conditions that I wanted to be met before I turned, but that the final one was more of a request—one that I did not want to reveal until after I had transitioned.

Well, as it turns out, nothing on my "Bucket List" was completed before I became a vampire out of time restrictions and necessity, but the time has come for me to reveal my the final request I told you and Stefan about.'

# # # # # #

'Becoming a vampire has been a surreal and profound experience and one I want so badly to do on my own terms and do right.

You and Stefan have been my strength through all of this and have a history of giving me total love and protection whenever I need it, but when it comes to being vampires, you both have a history of falling off the wagon more times than staying on. Truth be told, I decided early on, that if and when I turned, I would need to be around someone who could teach me all the things about being a vampire that you both can't.'

When the fuel gauge clicked, Elijah pulled the fuel pump from the gas tank and hung it back up. Then, after retrieving his receipt, crossed in front of his Mercedes and opened the driver's side door and climbed inside.

He adjusted himself in the leather seat for a moment before turning to face Elena in the passenger seat next to him.

'So I'm leaving Mystic Falls…with Elijah.'

"Are you sure about this?" Elijah asked

Elena smiled softly and nodded

"I'm sure," she said in a resolute voice

Elijah took in a breath as he sat back, his eyes studying her for a few moments, still seemingly amazed by her decision.

Then he shook himself out of his trance and nodded to himself

"Alright, then…" he said with a soft smile, turning forward in his seat and bringing his seatbelt across himself before putting the key in the ignition.

'I know you are probably fuming right now, just as I had guessed you would be when I made this decision two days ago, but Elijah is the only person I have been able to trust, besides the two of you, to get me through this.

You see, there has always been this connection between him and me—something I felt from the first moment we met and something that seems to cross both time and space.'

As Elijah pulled out onto the main highway, Elena turned her head toward original as she rested back on her seat, her eyes roaming over him while he drove…as if seeing him for the first time—his face, his eyes, his mouth, his chin, his muscled chest under the white t-shirt, his strong arms and hands guiding the steering wheel.

'I always thought of it as a kinship or perhaps even friendship that bound us, but, recently it's grown into more than that. Before I transitioned, everything seemed so clear and I thought that, with time, I would be able to finally make a decision as to where my heart truly lied when it came to you and Stefan. But, now that I'm a vampire and I'm filled with all these new emotions, it seems like everything has changed—like all the cards on the table have been thrown back up in the air again.

And right now, I'm not sure when or where they'll land.

All I know is that I've felt things—things that I never thought I ever would for Elijah—feelings so intense and so magnified that they almost scare me.

I haven't told anyone this, but something clicked inside of me last night when I knew he was in danger. There was a reason I transitioned and you should what it was.

It was him.

I realize now with absolute clarity, that he was the reason that I took that final step and drank the blood—because I knew I had to do something to help him, save him—because, I couldn't imagine a world without him.'

Elijah caught Elena looking at him out of the corner of his eyes and turned his head slightly toward her, causing her to immediately give a small smile and shift her eyes shyly forward toward the windshield and the open road laid out in the headlights in front of them as they passed the sign on the side of the highway.



'I think I could love him, Damon…

So, I'm going on this journey not just to come into my own as a vampire, but to sort out my feelings and decide what I want my future to be and who I want it to be with.

Before you were anything else to me, you were my friend and I need you to trust me now, Damon, please, as I follow through with this decision.

I'll call you when I can to let you know I'm safe.

Until then, please don't come looking for me.


# # # # #

Damon closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as he lowered the letter from eye level.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of footsteps on the stairway and turned around to see Stefan in the doorway.

"Where's Elena?" Stefan asked, his eyes surveying the room quickly

"Gone," Damon sighed, holding up the letter as he walked over to his brother, "Long gone."

Stefan furrowed his eyebrows as he immediately took the letter from Damon's hand and scanned over it quickly.

"She left with Elijah?" Stefan asked, immediately raising his eyes from the paper to meet Damon's

"Yep," Damon replied matter-of-factly

Stefan shook his head in disbelief

"Keep reading," Damon said, nodding toward the letter still in his brother's hand, "It gets worse."

"What do you mean?" Stefan asked narrowing his eyes

"Well, you know that little love triangle we had going on here with Elena?" Damon said with a small smirk, motioning between himself and where his brother was standing.

Stefan nodded

"Well, thanks to our favorite original," Damon added, "It's now become a square."

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