Sherlock pokes his head out of the joint sitting and living rooms upstairs and sees John struggling with the trunk. "Good grief Watson let me help you with that. You shouldn't be carrying that heavy trunk by yourself with your bad leg. Give me one end."

"Thank you ever so much Holmes. I don't see why the trunk should be so heavy. She's only here for two weeks." John says taking a deep breath.

"If she's anything like the women I've known she packs more than she actually needs. Men, on the other hand pack less than they need and then complain that their trip is ruined because they've forgotten that one thing." Holmes smiles as they put the trunk in Sylvia's room.

Sylvia immediately turns her beady eyes on the tall lanky gentleman who helped her son bring her trunk in. "I suppose you are Mr Sherlock Holmes. I am Sylvia Watson."

"A pleasure to meet you, madam." Holmes says using his best manners and bending over and kissing the proffered hand. "Watson, you and your mother should come upstairs. I've just ordered tea from Mrs Hudson so I'm sure she'll be up shortly."

John smiles at Sherlock over the top of his mother's head. This is exactly how he wanted Sherlock to present himself to his mother. The trio troop upstairs to the sitting room. "Holmes, please tell me you've managed to keep this room tidy in the hour I've been gone." John says a silent prayer to a higher power.

"Of course I have, Watson. You told me your mother was coming today and so I tried very hard to keep it clean. Besides, I didn't have any clients in the time you were gone, so I didn't have anything I needed to find." Holmes says cordially.

John tries not to smirk at Sherlock's words. His statement is far from the truth he would normally speak that John can hardly believe it. Sherlock doesn't care a jot if the room is messy when they have company normally. John knows Sherlock' doing this to try and please him.