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French Twist:

7. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Remus knocked on the open door to Sarah's flat before sticking his head inside, "Hello? Sarah?"

She walked out of the bedroom wearing only a jogging bra and shorts and Remus felt his heart rise into his throat as she smiled at him. For the past two years every woman in the building had taken to seeing who could get the best reaction out of Remy. At first it had been fun but eventually they all settled into more of a routine. Remus learning to control his reactions somewhat had led to the drop-off in over the top attempts but on the inside he still cringed. Especially in Sarah's case, she'd been fifteen when he met her and had greatly enjoyed joining in on the game with her former room mate, whether she was allowed to work or not.

At least she was seventeen now, or so he told himself, and he felt much less the pervert for seeing her in such a state of undress. She pulled him from his thoughts, "What brings you by Remy?"

He ventured further into the room and leaned casually against the door frame, "Oh, I just got off my shift at the pub. Sirius is still there working his tail off trying to make it the premier English Pub in Paris. I keep telling him it's a lost cause but at least it is breaking even now, we might even turn a profit next quarter... So I figured since I was home I'd go ahead and take Harry back to our place." He looked around a bit, "So um, where is the little monster anyway?"

Sarah smiled and for some reason that made him nervous, "Oh Angelique is bathing him, I don't hear the water running so they should be out soon."

The door to the bathroom opened and Harry came running out with a towel tied around his neck like a cape and not a stitch of clothing. Upon spotting his Uncle Mooney he tore across the living room and into the mans arms. "Uncle Mooney!"

Remus grinned, "Hey there cub, you have fun with Sarah and Angelique?"

He nodded enthusiastically, "Angel took me for a bath 'cause she said I was sticky."

The bathroom door opened again and Angelique stepped into the room, toweling her hair and in the exact same state of dress as Harry. Her nude fifteen year old body put his mental image of the twelve year old he'd met when they moved in permanently into the "long term memory" section of his brain, replacing it with mental scarring enough to make him think he was a pedophile.

He quickly turned around, covering Harry's eyes as he did so, "Angel-" he cleared his throat, as that had come out as a squeak, "Angelique! Would you please put some clothing on?"

Angel grinned at Sarah conspiratorially behind his back, "But why Remy? It isn't like every woman in this place doesn't go door-to-door in not much more than this all the time."

Harry was squirming to get away from the hand over his eyes and laughing at the game, "That may be, but you are underage and you are not...well that is I mean..."

She rolled her eyes at him as she wrapped the towel around herself and secured it before walking into the bedroom to find some clothes. Leaving the door open so she could hear him, and conveniently forgetting the full length mirror on it. "Harry needed a bath, so did I so we took one together, isn't that right Harry?"

Harry nodded and finally got Remus' hand off as the man turned around cautiously, catching sight of the girl in the mirror and quickly looking anywhere but that direction.

"I thought we'd spoken about that as well, you are not...that is you are a bit too mature to be bathing with him any longer don't you think?"

She finished putting on her pajamas, a silk camisole and cotton pants, and reentered the room. "Oh please Remy, it's not like anyone will remember being four...well except for me but I have an amazing memory."

"Yes...well..." He relaxed noticeably now that she was dressed, "Still...you should comport yourself with somewhat more dignity. I understand the effect a place like this could have on you, but you only have a few years until you will be moving out into the rest of the world and I can tell you they do not look too favorably upon young women who act in such a manner."

The girl smiled and walked over to him before kissing him on the cheek quickly, "Don't ever change Remy." She turned her attention to the struggling four-year-old, "Why don't we go get you dressed?"

Harry nodded and climbed down with assistance, taking her hand and going back toward her room leaving Remus and Sarah alone once more.

"Ever the gentleman hmm?" She asked.

"Indeed, I'll leave the catting around to Siri thank you very much. As for your attire..." He began.

She laughed, "Please Remy, this is considered almost frumpy at the gymnasium I go to, why don't you worry about you and I'll worry about me hmm?"

"Yes well..." He searched his brain for a change of subject, "I hear you have gotten enough scholarships to attend oxford next year?"

She grinned as she plopped down on the couch, "Yes, I was a bit worried about making up the difference between my academic scholarship and the tuition, but apparently someone applied for a grant from the Midnight Foundation for me. I wonder who that could be?"

Remus grinned, knowing that the Midnight Foundation was just a front for some of Sirius various projects. He knew that Sarah would have figured that out as well and played along, "Yes well apparently the chairman of the Scholarship Committee took a liking to you for some reason."

She nodded and winked at him, "I won't tell if you wont."

Remus nodded, "So that means you will be leaving in only a few short months then?"

"I do not know, I may stay the summer but I have a few friends who want to move early to get to know the place before classes start."

"Well we will miss you whenever you decide to leave, but don't let that stop you."

Angel and Harry walked back into the room, Harry dressed in his own cotton pajamas with snitches patterned on the fabric. Rather than zooming around as you watched, they had the curious effect of only moving when nobody was looking at them, leading to lots of corner-of-your-eye head turns only to find them stationary. Remus stood and picked Harry up who was already beginning to look tired.

"Say goodnight to the girls Harry." He waved cutely even as he rubbed his other eye with a fist. "We'll see you girls tomorrow I'm sure."

"Goodnight Remy, goodnight Harry" The girls chorused and the boy smiled over Mooney's shoulder as they walked into the hall and toward their room.


"Siri's turn to take the night shift again?" Victoria asked with a smile from her doorway.

"Yes, to tell you the truth I didn't think he'd actually buy the Pub too, but I guess he wanted the whole neighborhood."

"It is really quite amazing what the two of you have done for this whole area. Siri is the best landlord anyone could ask for, surprising considering how childish he acts at times."

Remus smiled at the look on the womans face, he'd suspected or over a year now that she and Siri were either together and hiding it pretty well or close to becoming an item. His keen nose couldn't pick the scent of each of them off of the other so he was leaning toward almost-an-item. Meanwhile he and Monique had a...unique relationship. It had really come as a surprise to him considering his moral objections to the line of work she was in, but she'd won him over somehow. He enjoyed their time together, but neither of them pressed the issue of just what it was they were to each other, for different reasons.

Harry beat on his uncle moony to let him down, who allowed him to run into the apartment leaving the door open.

"Well, the 'Wolf and Hound' is doing marvelously, much thanks to the upgrade in residents in the area. The seedier elements seemed to wash away along with the scourgify on the buildings and the park. I have to admit, when we started this adventure I expected it to end up much differently. I'm rather proud of what Siri has accomplished."

Victoria nodded, "Not only has he cleaned up the neighborhood, but did you hear that when his French Citizenship becomes official there are those who want to bring him in to the ministry. He has becoe a very influential land owner, not to mention having the ear of the magical worlds dirty little secret."

Remy grinned at her, "I had not heard quite that much info all together, but the general idea has been floated. I swear that man can make money out of nothing, and then get people to praise him for it. It's like one huge prank on the magical government of France. But I know he actually put in the capital and the work to get to where he is now, it's a bit awe inspiring."

She grinned, "It is isn't it?"

Remy grinned back, "And just what are you still doing in this place? I know you were traveling when we met you and this was more of a hostel than a home."

Any other woman would probably have blushed, but Victoria was very proper and had very good control of her body's reactions. All she allowed was a small smile, "Perhaps I just enjoy the atmosphere?"

"I'd say you enjoy the company." He answered her, detecting as light tint to her cheeks.

She sobered a bit, "Are you two really moving out soon?"

He nodded slowly, "The flat above the pub is all ready for us, three bedrooms instead of 2 that way Harry gets his own, and we get out of Monique's hair finally. It'll be a nice change of pace." He realized what she wasn't asking when the look on her face froze, "Don't worry Victoria, I know we will still be over here all the time. Where else are we going to get free babysitters?"

She smiled at that, "Indeed, I hadn't thought of that."

A/N: I KNOW! Okay? I know its really too short...but this is the last chapter I had precanned, and I kind of pulled that last section out of nowhere...

The time skipping is throwing me off I think, but there is no way I'm writing one day at a time for Harry's entire childhood.

Hopefully, the next chapter will go well...I think in it Harry will be 9, and then after that off to school... I just need to find him some kids his own age to play with ponder I wonder who in all of France, Harry might hang out with. Especially with an adoptive father who is active in ministry politics. hmmmm