Amy Rose's Burping Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: It would help if I actually wrote this earlier and didn't jerk off to Space Ghost Coast to Coast, but hey, not everyone or everything is perfect. Enjoy the fanfic, folks!

Seaside Hill. Where everything in the Sonic universe coincidentally occurs. And we see Amy Rose and... uhh... Tails and Knuckles. Because that's totally original.

"Man, it must be a great day for a picnic!" Amy exclaimed as she looked at the wooden picnic table they set up.

Tails had his arms apart from each other, shrugging. "I hope one of you guys made lotsa spaghetti!"

Amy and Knuckles looked at each other, then back at Tails. Tails laughed nervously, then sighed as he looked down, dropping his arms.

Knuckles stretched his arms. "I wonder when Sonic's gonna get here. He said he would meet us as soon as it turned to noon."

Amy wrapped her arms around the back of her head. "Oh, don't you worry about Sonic. He'll get here when he needs to." Her stomach grumbled, prompting her to look down. Her eyes widened as she burped loudly.

Knuckles dropped his jaw in disbelief as Tails raised his hands together, in suspense. Amy had her mouth wide open, witnessing what just happened.

"Oh no, not again!" Amy thought to herself as her right eye twitched, "I was just free of the burping nonsense earlier!"